[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP10 (3/3) | 여우각시별

[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP10 (3/3) | 여우각시별

They’re asking
for the same counter… as PV Airlines, so… I was just passing by. Bye, then. You guys can get going first.
I’ll be right there. Okay, sir. This is driving me crazy. What am I going to do? I can’t ask him a favor,
but I can’t just do nothing either. What favor? Mr. Seo. Is there something you need
to ask me for? Well, the thing is… (Han Yeo Reum) Tell me. Let’s hear what kind of favor
you need me to do. Well, it’s… Yeo Reum. I can’t. I really can’t tell you. Then how about this? Let’s do one favor for each other. You can do the favor
I asked you yesterday. And I’ll do something for you. I’m sorry. But I don’t think I can do
what you asked me to do. There are so many things
I don’t know about Soo Yeon. I don’t exactly know… how I can help you in the middle. The favor you asked me to do
isn’t something… that’s within my capabilities. What favor? Soo Yeon. Did he ask you… to do something for you? You don’t need to know. She already rejected me just now. I was talking to Yeo Reum. Aren’t you going to answer me? Mr. Seo told me… that he wishes
to reconcile with you. I heard… you guys used to be brothers once. You even told her… that story? I thought she already knew. But once I started talking to her, I found out that she
doesn’t know much about you. About how you and I
were family once, the accident from 12 years ago, and about how you are now. But… weren’t you ever curious? What do you mean? You saw Soo Yeon’s personnel record
on my desk. You probably saw that it said
first-degree physical disability. People with first-degree
physical disability… can’t move by themselves
because they have… severe disabilities
in their arms and legs. But how can he
not show any sign of… disability and walk, and even have superhuman strength? Yeo Reum, weren’t you ever curious? Well… I just thought
he had a reason. Or it could’ve been an error
on the record. I know that there is no error
on the record. Why don’t you give us an answer? How is such a thing possible? What are you… hiding in your clothes? Soo Yeon. I’m sorry. Everyone… has a secret they want to hide. A secret you don’t want
anyone to know. A secret you don’t want
to tell anyone. Welcome. Thank you for coming. Hey. What are you looking at?
How dare you look at me like that? Stomp her. There are memories so sharp that… just thinking about them
still cuts your heart… and pains you terribly. Those memories… sometimes crash into me… in the present
in an unexpected place. (Where Stars Land) Soo Yeon. Where are you? If you hear me, answer me. Please. Soo Yeon. Soo Yeon. So where is your radio?
Haven’t you found it yet? No. Not yet, sir. Okay. Until you find it,
you’ll be on stand-by. Na Young Joo. Be on stand-by with Oh Dae Gi. Support the other teams
when they request help. – Got it?
– Yes, sir. Sir, I’ll be on stand-by alone. Please exclude her. Why? Do you feel bad about her
being on stand-by because of you? That’s nice of you think that way. But a team should be together
through good times… as well as bad times. It should go through hardships
as a team. Good teamwork can come from it. – Do you have a problem with that?
– No, sir. If you feel bad about Young Joo, find your radio quickly. Okay? (My husband) It’s me. I couldn’t pick up
because I’ve been so busy. Did your business trip go well? Okay. Travel safe. It has to be done quickly,
and it has to be done well. Because it’s a staff lounge
for the employees. Yes. Okay. Goodness. Gosh, look at the time. Now that out work is done, why don’t we go out
and have a drink? Pardon? Well… Okay. Let’s go. Let’s order some sea eel
and have a drink. Gosh. Ms. Han, aren’t you going home? Mr. Lee hasn’t returned yet. He’ll come back in time. You should go. Okay. (Fast Track Pass) It’s only 4 for now, but it’ll become 5 next time. If you keep on letting people
push you around, you’ll end up at a place
where you have no control. You can regret it
when you get there, or you can make it stop now. You’re the only one
who can make that choice. Ms. Yang. Soo Yeon will be fine. Don’t worry about him. (Fast Track Pass) Why did you want to see me? You wanted four fast track passes,
right? Gosh. I only needed it
by the weekend. You’re fast. See? I knew you’d get it
if you put your mind to it. Thank you. Let me tell you one thing. Thanks to you, I had zero self-confidence
and zero self-respect… back then. Mom loved me so much, and my dad gave me
so much love too. However, I was blind to their love. You and your friends
would jeer at me, and it hurt so much. I became timid and intimidated. Even I thought I was a loser. Hey. That’s all in the past.
Why are you bringing that up? Kids all joke around
when they’re young. Was it a joke to you? To me, it was terrifying. It was like death. I questioned whether
I should’ve never been born. I questioned if it was okay
to stay alive. That’s how far I went. This is no fun. Stop talking about the past,
and just hand that over. I won’t live like that anymore. Hey! Yeo Reum! What are you doing? You have to go in and out
of the airport… because of your work,
so I won’t let it bother me. But let’s not act like
we know each other. That’s how… I’ll treat you. Are you telling me you’ll ignore me? Yes. Are you sure you won’t regret… what will happen? Yes. That’s why you should
live your life properly. Aren’t you old enough
to stop bullying people? Aren’t you embarrassed
to live like that? Soo Yeon, do you know why
my name is Han Yeo Reum? Because I was born
in the middle of summer. Mom, it’s me. What are you doing? Did you eat dinner? Yes. But… the season I like the most
is autumn. Because it was autumn… when I first met my parents. What about you? Which season do you like the most? Summer. Because that was the season… I first met you. I’m sorry. My heart… fluttered. Thank you. I’m thankful anyway. I was actually trembling. My heart was so full
that it almost exploded. You saw Soo Yeon’s personnel record
on my desk. I’m sure you saw that he has
1st degree physical disability. I got angry enough… to go crazy. What? You found out why? Yes. I think I found out. What is it?
Why do you keep getting an error? Han Yeo Reum. I’m not sure if it’s okay
for me to like you. So, when are we going on our date? Don’t you find me strange? Don’t you find me scary? How does this make sense? It’s Mr. Lee of all people. The money he received
from those men… is still in his pocket right now. Why are you restricting
my working environment? If it can’t be fixed, you must quit. Us friends are going to go out
for something spicy. If you say you like me,
why do you want a break? Why do you like Soo Yeon anyway? I keep on breaking down. I keep on breaking down
because of you.

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