[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP03 (1/3) | 여우각시별

[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP03 (1/3) | 여우각시별

Yeo Reum. At the place where I work, stars land every day. Hundreds of stars land
and leave again. There, I met him. Yes, that’ll do. Then we’ll prepare tensabarriers. A man with an arm and a hand
that can’t feel pain. Is that why? He eats alone. He has never joined a staff party
since he started working. He has no friends
and no friendly acquaintances. I don’t want to be
in the center of attention. I like to work quietly… without being noticed. We’ll bring about 10 of them
to your counter. – Good day.
– Thank you. KR Airlines wants more
tensabarriers. We have extra in the storage. How many do we have
excluding the broken ones? About 15 to 20. Hello. This is Lee Soo Yeon
of Passenger Services. I wonder what happened to him. They want more tensabarriers set up. Please bring 10 tensabarriers
to counter B in departures. Since he was born? – Or did he have an accident?
– Thank you. – Do you need to say something?
– No, I don’t. What is it? Did you make a mistake? Or is there a favor you need to ask? I won’t tell anyone. About the thing you told me before. How can you be okay?
I just spilled boiling water on you. – I can’t feel pain.
– See? I told you… Please check additional facilities
in the airside this morning. (Airside is the area beyond
security checks and customs.) Do you want to eat lunch with me?
I’ll be your lunch buddy. I don’t need a buddy. Doesn’t eating alone every day
make you feel lonely? Just finish up the task
you were given. It’s the last task at T1 today. Pardon? The last task? Didn’t Manager Gong tell you? No, about what? About transferring
to a different team. Haven’t you heard? A transfer? Manager Gong? Those two make
a terrible combination. You mean… – Pack your stuff.
– Pack… – my stuff?
– Yes. Starting today, you don’t need to
work at T1 anymore. So pack your stuff. I’m sorry, but I haven’t heard anything
from the HR. They’ll contact you this afternoon.
So pack your stuff first. Did I do something wrong again? I’m not sure. I don’t know much. It was an order from way up there. – So just follow the order.
– From way up there? – Is everyone ready?
– Yes, Ms. Yang. What are you doing?
Why aren’t you packing up? I need to know why, Ms. Yang. It’s only been a week
since I was transferred… to Passenger Services. I wanted to do really well, so I ran around
until I got blisters. – Hey, Ms. Han.
– Except for the first day, I came to work an hour early
every day and checked the field. – So?
– So… why do I have to pack up again? I know it was an order,
and I need to follow it. But you should at least
let me know why. Does that mean you don’t want to
come with me? – Pardon?
– If you say no, that’s okay. – Let’s go.
– Okay, Ms. Yang. Come with her? Where? – T2?
– What for? I told you I don’t know.
It was an order from up there. We just have to… pack and go
when they tell us to, okay? Are you going too? Didn’t I tell you… that Soo Yeon and I were going too? You were going too? That was the order. You should’ve told me so. I thought I was getting kicked out,
so I got really scared. Won’t you pack up? Of course, I will. Give me a second. I guess I didn’t completely
fall out of favor… since she’s taking me
with her, right? I’ll get going first. No. Wait. Wait for me. (To Terminal 2) Wait! (Airport Shuttle Bus) (Free Shuttle Bus) (Subject to plant quarantine:
fruits and vegetables) (Subject to animal quarantine:
meat, sausage, livestock products) (Firearms, narcotics, knives,
cutting instruments, ammunition) (Goods which exceed the duty-free
allowance of 600 dollars) What’s that? Goodness. Oh, man. What should I do? Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. Dust. You should dust your shoes. Dust. Dust. Gosh. This office is awesome. Welcome, Ms. Yang. How do you like your desk? He is… A company is a hard-headed place. It assesses your competence
and performance review only, got it? If you fail to control
your temper… against a passenger
and create a commotion again, it won’t end with just a warning. That’s when I received the
two-month salary reduction. If you’re not happy
with the decision, you can file an explanation. Why is he… Why is he here? Say hello.
This is Manager Gong Seung Cheol… who came to T2 with me. Gosh. Hello. I met you a couple of times before. Yes, I remember. I’m Seo In Woo, the team manager of
Planning and Operation Services. He’s the team manager? I heard you were consulting at
the Erbil International Airport. When did you come back? It’s been a week. I see. I guess
we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. I look forward to working with you. This is our new addition.
Lee Soo Yeon. What kind of greeting is that? It’s rude to just nod. Where’s my desk? You can sit at any empty desk. Kids these days. They don’t respect
their seniors anymore. When you say something,
they don’t answer. They just greet you half-heartedly. Where’s the other one? What do I do? If he’s a team manager at T2, does that mean I have to see him
every day? What are you doing? Team Manager. Gosh. Are you well? You seem to have grown up. Are you greeting me
while sitting down? This is driving me crazy. You’re late. Do you smoke? I quit centuries ago, but I smoke once in a while
when I’m stressed. But my lighter isn’t working. What brought you here at this hour? Why is your phone off? I didn’t think
I had to take calls anymore. Are you going to end relationships
once you quit work? I don’t want to live trapped… in the wrong image
people have of me. I want to be a nobody. That’s how I want to live. You’re too handsome
to make that work. You’re also cranky. You can’t look like a nobody. I’m not joking. I’m not either. There will be
a big departmental transfer to T2. I’m going to take Mr. Gong and you
with me. Just know that. – Ms. Yang.
– When you get there, you’ll be able to meet the person
you were curious about. Seo In Woo. Hey! Hey! Just come to work normally tomorrow. As if nothing happened. Okay? Do you have some time? No, I’m busy. Can we talk for a minute? What is it? This is an emergency. This is a dilemma. I’m cornered.
I’m closing in. You mean, you’re closed in. Anyway, Mr. Seo of
Planning and Operation Services… and Mr. Lee of
Transportation Services are here. There’s no way
I can get out alive from here. What about Mr. Seo? He is the one who decided
to give me… the two-month salary reduction. He treated me as if I had
a mood disorder. He was cold as ice. Also, Mr. Lee. Gosh. Do you know how much
he hated me as his staff? There was only one reason.
Because I’m a woman. – That’s impossible.
– It’s not. I’m the living proof. He would always say,
“Women this, women that.” If I work hard to make something
work, he’d think it’s a given. If I make a mistake,
it’d be because I’m stupid. He’s a stubborn, old man. He exploits and embezzles
the hard work of his staff. – He’s like Dracula.
– I can hear you. Why would you speak so loudly
while talking behind someone’s back? Why would a woman be so clumsy? Did you hear that? He was judging me for being a woman. Mr. Seo is here. It looks like most of us are here,
so let’s say our hellos. We already
greeted each other outside. I see. This is… Team Manager Lee Woo Taek
of Transportation Services. He just transferred here
two weeks ago too. – Welcome, Ms. Yang.
– We’ll be seeing each other a lot. She’s been at T2 for a long time. Team Manager Heo Young Ran
of Commercial Facility Services. – It’s been a while, Ms. Yang.
– That’s right, Ms. Heo. It must have been tough at T1. You’re not as vibrant
as you used to be. Your skin looks dry. It looks like you’re lucky. Did you skip work
to use all your time and money… on taking care of your skin? Did you not get married yet? You made such a commotion
about getting married. Did you not get divorced yet? You made such a commotion
about getting divorced. I think we’re done here.
Can I be dismissed? We’re waiting for one more person. We got a new team manager
for Security Services. There he is. I’m sorry I’m late. I was training the new person at T1
before transferring. Where did Ms. Han go again? She can catch up later. Why don’t we
introduce each other first? The new team manager
of security was Choi Moo Ja? Gosh, it’s so nice to see you. You’ve gotten even more beautiful,
Ms. Heo. I know. You sure have keen eyes. – Have you been well, Mr. Lee?
– Welcome, Mr. Choi. Thank you. Long time no see. Yes. I look forward
to working with you. Sure. We’ll just have to work hard
in our own departments. Isn’t that right, Ms. Yang? With that, we have… all of the team managers
of T2 in one place. Aside from Ms. Heo,
we had the others… transferred here… in order to make the operations
at T2… go more smoothly. It was hard to get the approval
from the president, so I hope you’ll show me
what you’re capable of. Since you’re all experts,
I’ll assume you’ll do well. Yes, sir. I’ll do my best. By the way, they say
your work follows your fate. You’re stuck with
the most difficult department. Why are you in a bad mood?
Is it because of Ms. Heo? You know very well
that she thinks of you as a rival. She’s always
comparing herself to you. Then why did you follow me to T2? Me? I didn’t follow you.
Mr. Kwon asked me to come. When was that? Was it before or after he asked me? How should I know? You know everything
that happens at the airport. What is it this time?
What did I do wrong? Go back to T1. It’s not something I can control. What do you mean? You can
do anything you set your mind to. Go ahead. Did the meeting finish already? Where’s Mr. Lee? I sent him to Customs… to get warmed up
and to check on the carts. Should I ask him to return? No. Mr. Choi’s interest in me… is making me very uncomfortable. It’ll be fine once we move to T2. Moo Ja won’t follow you
all the way there.

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