[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP01 (3/3) | 여우각시별

[CC/FULL] Where Stars Land EP01 (3/3) | 여우각시별

Dear passengers, we have
an announcement to make. Due to the airport’s situation,
we’re delayed for unloading. Please remain in your seats. I repeat.
Due to the airport’s situation… Wait. Let me check the men’s washroom
again. Stay nearby. (Toilets) Is it his hobby
to order people around? You might as well be my senior. (Toilets) This is KR097. Still no updates on the ramp? KR097, hold in Romeo 2. Please hurry and switch the ramps. There are planes piling up. Tell us the reason. (Gate 6) You have 40 minutes. If you fail
to keep your promise again… or cause a delay, I’ll send an official complaint… to the Ramp Management. – Keep that in mind.
– Open the gate. Hurry! – Yes, ma’am.
– Yes, ma’am. How did it go? Okay. Good job. – Ms. Choi.
– Yes? Open gate 6 for KR097. Sure thing. Gosh. I need sugar. It’s not like I’m their counselor. What’s this? What is this? It’s 80-percent ice. I’m sorry for the wait. I’m sorry for the wait. – Goodbye.
– Have a safe trip. I’m sorry for the wait. I’m sorry for the wait. – Goodbye.
– We apologize. (Toilets) Ms. Han. (Toilets) (Men’s Washroom) Gosh. Excuse me. Why did… the planes change? Pardon? The plane. After that plane finishes unloading,
it’ll move to a different gate soon. The plane arrived earlier
than scheduled… due to the westerlies. There were no available gates. They’re using our gate
for the time being. Who says you can do that? How dare you change planes
without telling me? Well? Well? Sir, are you all right? That looks like our staff
by the washroom near gate 6. (T1 Carousel Management) Can you zoom in on the man
by the gate? Hold on. Back up. Try and zoom in. Is that a yellow shirt
under his jacket? Yes. It’s a yellow shirt. Are you all on the radio? – We found him.
– I’m listening. The man with the yellow shirt
is at gate six. He’s wearing a navy jacket on top. – Gate 6? Gate 6, gate 6.
– Yes, sir. Six. Yeo Reum, you’re near gate 6.
Can you hear me? I think her radio is turned off. Call her on her phone. She shouldn’t make a move
by herself. Security, we need your help. We can see a man… who was reported to have
schizophrenia at gate 6. Can you tell me
Ms. Han Yeo Reum’s phone number? I’m Lee Soo Yeon
from Passenger Services. How dare you change planes? You sold me a ticket! – How dare you?
– Why are you doing this? Kim Geun Woo! Are you Kim Geun Woo? Who are you? Your mother is looking for you
outside. Will you come with me? You… Who are you?
Are you a police officer? It’s not like that. I’m part of Passenger Services. Your mother is really worried. Why don’t you come with me? Don’t come near me. You’re here to arrest me. You’re going to arrest me
and lock me up again! Go away. I said, go away. I’m not here to arrest you.
Please calm down. Calm down and… Go away! I remember now. He’s… He’s that man. Your mother asked me
to give you this. She’s outside… and is really worried. Are you okay? What happened? Are you hurt? I think Mr. Lee got hurt. What? He’s hurt? My goodness. Let me see. You can report what happened later. Let’s go. He’s hurt. My father told me that there’s
no such thing as coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. (Reading passport) All those moments
that seemed like coincidences… and things that didn’t seem
to be related in any kind of way… slowly started to connect
one by one… as time went by. What’s this? Who in the world did this? My gosh. Why? What’s up? You should take a look. Hey, Soo Yeon. We’ve… met before, haven’t we? I told you not to be alone. I told you I can deal with nuisance
but not to cause trouble. I told you not to attract
people’s attention… because I want to live a quiet life. Do you… really not remember? I’m sorry, but I don’t remember
anything about you. Do you want to know why?
Because I’ve never seen you before, and we’ve never met. No, we did meet. We met that day. That day when I was heading
to the airport for an interview. It was you. I’m sure it was you.

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  2. Who acted in this drama, they acted but what we expected not up to the mark.. really I strongly believe more this acter and actress better n talented people you get produce serial

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