Carson City Real Estate Market Update November 2018 | Nevada Homes for Sale

Happy holidays everybody! Phillip Goodman from the Nevada Real estate Group at Keller Williams Group One, Inc in Reno, Nevada. Today I am with Sabrina Carstensen. And I love your Mrs. Claus jacket. Well thank you and I love your “Silent Night” King
Game of Thrones sweater. Last season coming up in April. I’m so excited! I know I know well before before Game of Thrones comes back around let’s take a look at Carson
City. Sabrina is our Minden Gardnerville Topaz expert but she’s close enough to
Carson City that she sees the activity there as well. So we’re gonna take a look
at the Carson City area – what maps that incorporates. We’ll also look at the
November numbers and how that compares to October (of 2018) and November of last year. We’ll look at the available inventory and of course our featured property of the
month. So let’s dive right in. Since this is our first Carson City market report
first thing we want to show you is where is Carson City. It is south of Washoe
Lake and to the east over the hill from Lake Tahoe. And it spreads out pretty far
into these high-value ranged mountains here and then east out towards more of
the desert. We are looking at the November sales activity for 2018 on top
and we’re looking at the October 2018 down here on the bottom. We also pulled
up the November 2017 records for comparison over last year but just not
enough room for three screens on here so Sabrina
take it away. Well we had 56 units sold in November which we broke down to 11
condos, four manufactured and 41 single homes. These fifty-six are down 16
from October 2018 and down 25 from November 2017. Nothing really to worry
about on these declining numbers as sales perennially dip this time of year.
November’s median price is up to about $295,000 which is 6% higher than October and only up 3% over November 2017. The
percent of asked received in November only went up a little bit and is better
than 98% which is a good sign for sellers. Our featured property of the
month is 3753 Lyla Lane in Carson City and Sabrina what can you tell us about this three-bedroom two-bath property? This is
such a great property. It sits on one acre as you said it’s three and a half
it’s three beds two and a half baths. Its 1624sqft. What’s so unique about
this property it’s zoned residential and commercial. It’s across the street from
your major shopping areas: Starbucks Target etc etc. Trader Joe’s. It’s right across the street from a Trader Joe’s. Uh huh. SOLD! It’s very close to the freeway. And it seems to cater to one particular sports team. Yeah he took this room and
uh it was originally the garage and he turned it into a rec room as you can see
and he’s got a little bar area and TV area and there’s a cute little fireplace
in there and he uses his office it’s a multifunctional room. And like I said if
he wanted to run a business that would be the excellent, an excellent space to
do that. Calling all Green Bay Packer fans we
have your man cave. If you’d like more information about the property that you
just saw or if you have any questions about the numbers we’ve reviewed you can contact Sabrina at the information you see on your screen now. So Sabrina, Carson City: the state capital of Nevada what else is there to do around Carson City
if you’re not a politician or in government? This time of year the State
Building has decorated the park there is Christmas lights it’s just a beautiful
beautiful scene. There’s lots of kids museums right now, there’s a mineshaft
you’ve been there at the State Museum – it’s super cool yeah – there’s a lot of
things that are happening right now downtown. There’s plenty of shopping,
restaurants, just if you’re looking for a nice classic cultural feel definitely go
down to Carson City North Main Street. well there you have it that is your
November 2018 Carson City Real Estate market report. Again if you have any
questions contact Sabrina at the information you see on your screen now
for Sabrina Carstensen for the Nevada Real Estate group at Keller Williams
Group One Inc in Reno Nevada I’m Philip Goodman we’ll see you next year. Bye

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