CAREERS IN ARCHITECTURE – B.ARCH,AIEEE,DIPLOMA ,Certification course,Job Opportunities

Hi friends..This is Manju from today we are going to talk about career opportunities in Architecture Hailed as one of the most lucrative and attractive
career, Architecture is a field that pays wells and offer creative satisfaction. A professional
architect has a huge growth potential provided he/she has the knack for designing buildings,
interest in structures and construction aspects. This is a career that is highly demanding
and those aspiring to work in this field require skills and talent. As it is widely known architecture is science and art of designing and conceptualising buildings
and various other physical structures. The field of architecture has undergone a lot
of transformation with the scope expanding to making urban design concepts, construction
of furniture and many public infrastructures to landscape architecture.
Aspiring architects must have a Bachelor’s degree (BArch) or a diploma certification
program in architecture from recognised universities, colleges and school of architecture. The essential
eligibility norm for BArch courses is passing from class XII or corresponding level, referred
to as the qualifying assessment from an acknowledged board/university with a minimum of 50% in
science subjects (physics, chemistry and mathematics). In addition, the applicant has to clear the
entrance exam in architecture which is mandatory to secure admission. Council of Architecture
conducts the All India National entrance exams for admission in various architect learning
institutions. Students at the undergraduate level are given
overview of disciplines like urban building, rural planning, landscape design, sustainable
structure design, architecture history and theory, construction management, transportation
plans and interior design. Now the focus is also to equip students with use software that
architect firms use for designing and planning a floor or building sketch.
Along with educational knowledge and qualifications, the candidate must also possess eyesight to
spot details, analytical as well as observation skills, creativity and mathematical ability.
Most importantly they should have the dexterity in drawing and sketching in order to succeed
as a professional architect. Some of
the well-know institutes offering course in
architecture are Indian Education Society’s College of Architecture (Mumbai), School of
Planning & Architecture (New Delhi), Lucknow University, Govt. College of Architecture,
Punjab University, Chandigarh College of Architecture, School of Architecture CEPT ( Ahmedabad),
University of Mumbai, Goa University and Sir J J College of Architecture. After completing the course a student can work as architect, architect engineer, designer,
interior designer or also try luck in government agencies to work on public architecture projects
as town planner. Companies like, Rafael Vinoly Architects,
Leo A Daly, Zaha Hadid, Atelier Bow-Wow, Erick van Egeraat, Duda/Paine Architects, PageSoutherlandPage,
Gresham, Smith and Partners, and many other have international operations and invite applications
from experienced architects from world over. For a fresh graduate the starting salary package
is around Rs 2 lac and as one grows and gains experience the pay scale increases. The job
does offer high pay but one has to withstand lot of pressure and make do with long working
hours. It can also involve lot of travelling to various locations as well.
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