can you buy anything on the water here in Miami for under a million dollar watch this video and we will now [Music] last night we had something to add I’ll be kissing but I don’t really have a case you don’t have to pigeon you just like their attention it’s written all over your face I don’t wanna play no messages on my phone every time I [Music] that strategies good morning bosses how are you doing once again we are here in our house in Hollywood where today we have four teams working at the same time one of them is these two coaching we are putting this two Co all over the house so on the front we already have it on this side we already have it and now they are working on the north side of the house and sorry on the west side of the house and the south side of the house so once this is done we’re going to start painting and basically we are going to be just as we are in our house all the way there in Lighthouse Point so here we can see that this part we still need to put this to Co but nevertheless the guys are working diligently to work that out the second team that are here is the guys that are doing the stairs here to access the pool so we still need to put concrete here so the guys are doing all the framing and everything that we need to put the concrete there to complete everything on the structure of the house because those steps are the main part of this work the same crew that does them and also on the inside we have guys doing plumbing we have the guys doing sorry about that we’ll have the guys doing the electrical and we have them also doing the a/c so a lot of work doing here right now being done here right now so this house gets the same pace that we have there in Lighthouse Point and also we have we have a part of this there I don’t know which there is that but we have a lot of thing going on here and I want to take this chance to show look how much of a yard we’re going to have here the house is all the way back there those treats it’s all the way in the front and everything here is going to be the driveway and the front yard of this house of course here we’re going to have another entrance where you want to go this way you park your car there so they already finish this to clean most of the house right here we have we have the guys doing on this side new yellow wall here remember is the wall from the original house the knowledge almost everything very nice to see progress in this house this house is very small very good ceiling heights from this side we are going to be able to assess the outdoor kitchen the arrearage would pass the pool and of course the docks that we are going to build right and on this side we still don’t have this toka yet because they start on the other one and this is our beautiful house here in Hollywood Florida that is already on the market for two point nine minutes we are waterfront just a few Lots from the Intracoastal from here you can access the ocean no problem because we don’t have any fixed bridges this house a very nice fella [Applause] we’ll have five bedrooms six baths with one half bathroom and a large space for you to live here in South Lawn when we hear the word Miami or South Florida just one thing come to our mind living waterfront it can be on the ocean it can be on the Intracoastal or in a little canal the people wants waterfront here in South Florida well the truth is Bill stays supply and a man game as anything else when we talk about appropriate which of things appreciate the most in this scenario number of people that want to buy that which is demand and how many property you can offer when we talk more virtually everyone wants to live on the water but most of the people cannot afford it for one simple reason we don’t have enough supply to everyone it was the demand overcomes the supply the prices go up and since the coastline of any part of the world is substantially less than anything in country of course waterfront properties are more expensive than anything else edge that a destination like Miami which is a cosmopolitan city we have a lot of people wanted to come here a lot of foreigners live in their country to live South Florida choose Miami to be their home that makes very hard to buy anything on the water with a nice view with a nice property or under a million dollars and to control the amount of people that live in certain areas often the cities and the municipalities in the county they put regulations to limit the number of units that you can build or the density that you can use city like Bay Harbor for instance kill dog doesn’t allow you to build a building with more than seven stories hearings in Sunny Isles you can do that you can have white high-rises but as you increase the number of units that you can actually build under one parcel of land the parcel of land becomes much more expensive one parcel of land here in Sunny Isles can go for a quarter of a billion dollar billion with a B and of course the more expensive the land is the more expensive will be the property that you build on top of it but there are some areas that are not yet so glamorous so well discovered by people and with so new properties but still you can find very nice homes for under a million dollars as I was doing this research for someone in Brazil that wants to live here in Miami but they cannot live anywhere else that doesn’t have a very nice water view like this I found out there are some points here in Miami that you can find very well-maintained or even fully renovated townhomes that you can buy for $600,000 and more and that’s not trashy thing that you’re going to buy and put a lot of money to renovate this is very well maintained look just one second this is like this is what a Monday afternoon looks like here in Miami back to our subject as I’ve been telling you for several and several videos and podcasts and articles on my blog mostly in Portuguese on that side there’s a lot of supply right now here in Miami when we talk about townhouses and condos and that of course helps the prices to go down and as we get to the lower season which is right where we are until November December and January this is a great opportunity to buy those properties that are waterfront and under $1,000,000 because the sellers they just want to get out of there their properties they made the investments years ago they already have a lot of money on that and they just want to cash out to do something else and that’s when it’s a perfect moment for you to buy your dream home your dream sound home having a view just like this one so in the description of this video I put a link where you can find the most recent listings for waterfront properties here in Miami under a million dollars there’s only two homes that I miss it there but if you want something more specific you can contact me and maybe I will find you your dream home [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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