100 thoughts on “Can Alison Brie Land The “Alison Brie-Type” She-Hulk Role?

  1. She is 4 foot tall & weight's 4 stone & talks like your next door neighbours virgin daughter. It will have to be another CGI feast film to make her fit.

  2. Years ago I saw Ricardo Montalban on the Kirk Douglas show. He talked about the 5 stages of every actors career, 1. Who is Ricardo Montalban? 2. Get me Ricardo Montalban. 3. Get me a young Ricardo Montalban. 4. Get me a Ricardo Montalban type. 5 Who is Ricardo Montalban?

  3. @01:19–01:38 – She seemed rather careful with what she is saying in regards to the casting of She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters which is rather interesting.

  4. Even if she's not gonna be She-Hulk, she should be in comic book movies. She has the perfect structure and personality.

  5. So I don’t put much stock into fan casting but… when a show host brings it up it then gives it some time I feel like there is some truth now to the casting.

  6. Alison is a brunette sarah michelle gellar… i wish her all the best! Ps i dont mind seeing alison kick some ass!

  7. Yeasssssss, we got abed in the winter soldier, Dean in civil war, troy in homecoming, shirley and chan in endgame , jeff in sam raimi spiderman 2, yes put annie in the MCU

  8. I don’t understand why people think they going to have a someone physically portraying She-Hulk. They should be casting for Jennifer Walters which Alison Brie would do a good job with. She-Hulk is going to be CGI.

  9. Can I also just say, Will Forte sells himself short?
    I first heard of him when he voiced Rad in Moonbeam City. And he just perfectly captured this character that's like a "villain woobie" / anti-villain that you feel bad for and want to succeed over the heroes 😂 and I know most of us really want more characters like that!! Like Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. But yeah, I just now started watching Last Man on Earth too – Will Forte is great at being a lovable dork and hey, I think he's cute ❤

  10. Marvel has a strict NDA stance, even if it's just the preliminary conversations!….jeez!😳…..that's why she clammed up!…dont want to mess it up!

    "First rules of Marvel Club- is you dont talk about Marvel Club!"

  11. Alison Brie is so gorgeous and beautiful women and in this show is is just mind-blowing I like her so much. And what about she-Hulk Alison would be great as she-Hulk I mean she was sometimes pretty bad ass in Community so why not try?.

  12. Everyone claims disney doesnt do black people then gay people. Her age has nothing to do whether she should be shehulk. 9

  13. OH GOD NO NOT HERE!!!!! She legit almost spilled the beans that she talked to them marvel like a gang once u in u dont speak on shit and she almost did.

  14. She is a 37 year old female that is starting to age, I am 40 it happens. No big deal. But they want someone that can play the role for the next 10 years or more potentially.

  15. Okay, I’m into it now, no one else will do, she’s gotta play She-Hulk and I will accept no substitutions. Lmfao.

  16. I don't see it,hopefully they put her in the gym,get her a little toned add a prosthetic brow; subtle, not too low browish ,and leave the rest to CGI hopefully it turns out Ok

  17. I think that would appropriate. I mean, She-Hulk is supposed to have the biggest breasts in the Marvel Universe and Annie’s Boobs were a thing in the Community days so….

  18. Last man on earth was genius. If I ever get rich I'd ask him to make a movie finale, just to see how Tandy was doing

  19. Out of all the people who were on the show Community, Her and Joel McHale are the only people that have not popped up in the MCU yet.

  20. Id love to see her as she hulk. meek and adorable she slams fist through table. and says "OOpsie" and sounds like that? lol that's she hulk at her finest. Disney cast this woman!

  21. a she-hulk needs to be huge and have huge muscles, how is a tiny girl like her 1.55-1.6m tall be a she-hulk? seeing someone that small and thin lifting a tank is not very fitting.

  22. tbh they just need to make a hulk show… Maybe have a she-hulk as a supporting actor.
    This politically correct shit is getting kind of annoying. Just give the people what they want and stop trying to please the minority.

  23. I think Disney just needs to get her she's pretty cool she's a likable person and that would counter the mean writer

  24. first of all she needs to get her voice straight if she's doing jennifer walters who is the living embodiment of strong wamen, she literally fights for rights mutant or human, female or male rights (no, not you captain marvel)
    2nd she isn't tall enough because jen walters is tall and is even taller as she-hulk but I can get past that
    3rd we've only seen her as the soft emotional type female (albeit strong willed)

    I'd love to see her as she-hulk but I'm having difficulty seeing her act the part

  25. If they are looking for someone to play She-Hulk, someone better find Gabi Garcia, the Brazilian MMA fighter. Too bad Chyna (Joanie Laurer) is no longer around.

  26. I love Allison brie but that's bad casting. Angie Harmon also said she wanted to be she hulk which is ideal imo

  27. I don't think Alison Brie actually gives a shit about Marvel. Let's be honest here, the Russo Brothers have managed to get half of her old Community cast into Marvel productions, so if she were legitimately interested in this role, Marvel wouldn't have to put out a casting call for an "Alison Brie-type." The Russos would just procure Alison Brie for them. Her hemming and hawing at 1:33 is probably because she's trying not to bad mouth the franchise after the shit people gave Hollywood legend Martin Scorsese for his opinions on the franchise. The people of the internet tried to publicly shame one of the greatest film directors of all time because of his thoughts on trivial superhero movies, and she's just the star of a Netflix television series that isn't even their biggest hit. She knows that coming right out and saying publicly that she's not interested would only create more trouble for her than it's worth.

  28. Okay, i think the cast of Community should be in any other way available be part of the Marvel franchise…

  29. Well she was on Community and the Russo's love using their previous actors. Guessing that's who the calls were made to!! I really hope it happens

  30. They need an athletic tall girl to play she-hulk. I think a younger Angie Harmon type is what they should look for.

  31. Alison Brie wants so much behind her that shes not afraid of whats in front of her especially looks left, looks right these flavorless, unremarkable Marvel movies.

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