Buying Property – Bounty Train Upcoming Features [ENG]

Buying Property – Bounty Train Upcoming Features [ENG]

Hello everyone,
I am Yurij Ishchuk from Corbie Games. And in this video I am going to show you how can
you buy property in Bounty Train. We have arrived in New York because we have the information that the City Hall of New York is going to sell a Tools Factory. And we are thinking of taking part in this auction. But first, let’s see what exactly is going
to be sold. The most important things here are the qunatity
of goods factory produces and the price the city wants for this factory. We can see that if we own the factory it will produce us five items of tools per week. And the initial price city wants for this factory is $1650. Let’s check if it worth it. For instance in New York we will be able to
sell Tools for $63 per each. This means that the value of the goods we will get on a weekly basis is $315, in this
case the investment will be recouped in a bit more than 5 weeks. And this is the easiest option, you just arrive
in New York, sell the goods produced by your factory Another option is to take Tools to another
city and sell it there. As of now we’ve visited some citites already so we can compare prices.
Except New York, we have the infromation about the prices in Utica, Portland, Philadelphia and Boston. Apparently the best city to sell Tools is
Boston. So if we manage to sell everything our Tools factory produces there the investment will be recouped
in a bit more than three weeks and after that all sales are our Net profit. Moreover the Tools Factory productivity can
be increased by the agglomeration effect. This means that if you own a Steel Factory in New York or in another
city wich is nearby New York your Tools Factory will produce 50% more items. In this case the inital investment
could be recouped in about 2 weeks. Besides the Tools Factory itself can affect
the other property you own like Tabaco Plantation or Coal Mine which means the production rate of those properties will be increased as well. But let’s go back to our current situation we definitely want this Tools Factory and in order to take part in this auction we need to go to the City Hall
and inform the clerk we want to buy the property. This is how auction looks like, you can see some
other investors want to buy the Factory. This is the beginning price,
this is the bids we can do. We click Start to launch the auction.
Our competitors start bidding let’s make our bid as well. Ok, so we’ve managed to buy the Tools Factory for the price which is a bit higher than the initial price. But I think is this is still a good deal. All the property you own as well as the goods it produces and all the other assets can be viewed in the Assets window
so you can check how many items are produced so far and make a decision whether it is time you to visit the Market and sell everything you have stored there. All right guys, now you the brief information about the way you can
invest money you earned in Bounty Train. Do not forget to Like our facebook page to
not to miss our next video. So you next time and thank for watching!

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  1. i'd like a way to either regain reputation when u are really low or a means to buy/sell items to stores for low rep people (i run around attacking everyone and selling the spoils for fun)

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