Building Real Estate Wealth For My Kids

Building Real Estate Wealth For My Kids

Everyone is driven to invest in real
estate for different reasons. At some point, you get to a place in your
life where you haven’t built the wealth that you want or it’s not going as fast
as you want. And then you start producing these little responsibilities called
children. And these children becoming a parent changes. Something you you want
something for them. You want a beautiful life for them. And at some point, we
usually mature to a point where we want to benefit posterity. We want to generate
something for the next generation. Whether it’s wisdom, whether it’s wealth.
Today, I’m joined by a beautiful man from Canada who has a beautiful dream of
doing real estate for his kids. We’re going to be talking about that and talking
about his journey and what he can do to really build wealth legacy for the next
generation. Paul, dude. Thank you for being here
brother. -That’s my pleasure. -Listen. If my voice sounds a little hoarse… If his
voice sounds hoarse, we just got done with the super intense 4-day event. How was it, by the
way? -Life-changing. -How so? -I just learned so
much about myself and what I’m capable of. I thought I was an open book. I just
know that there’s just so much more to me now that I’m I’m so happy to
discover. -Good, dude. I’m happy for you. That’s beautiful. Now, I wasn’t I was in
your introduction to real estate. The reality is your mother already had some
interest in that, right? -Correct. -So, what was it like having a mother who kind of
turned you on to this whole concept? -It’s actually really exciting. Because
she is my biggest fan. And she is my biggest role model. I look up to her. It’s
it’s pretty amazing to have such a good role model and how hard she’s
worked. And what she’s accomplished. She’s from Macedonia. Which is former
Yugoslavia. And to come here as an immigrant and to just create such wealth
and such success is inspiring. -You know, I really resonate that. My father is German
as you know. And he moved to this country because he wanted this American Dream
thing. They didn’t have the Germany dream the same way we got to here. So, he moved
here for the same reason. And you know, when I was talking with you, you’re
talking about generational wealth. Well, look at the pattern. Your mom moved here.
She’s been building wealth. She’s getting you involved and now you want the same
thing for your kids. -That’s right. -And that’s really I think the way real
estate is designed to be is… US tax code for example. Even though you’re from
Canada is really written around the idea of passing on wealth to real estate. And
having all sorts of tax loopholes. So, that you can pass it on successfully
without overburdening them with tax complications and things like that. So,
this idea of real estate… Obviously, we’re now getting started. How did you meet me?
-Well, I discovered you on YouTube. I was actually watching a lot of Robert
Kiyosaki. And your videos came up. And what really
gravitated me toward you was I felt that we had similar energy. You
have a passionate side and I just like. I just seen myself in that. So, it was like
a mirroring effect. And I we have marathons all the time. Kris Krohn
marathons. -Wow. -It’s awesome. Yeah. -That’s great. So, glad that you did. And then reach out
for a company and now we’re partners. Making deals happen. Right now, we’re
buying a property in Florida together as partners. -I’m excited. -Yeah. You know.. Paul
had a chance to come here and meet my acquisitions team and really learn in
depth where are our markets, why aren’t we there, what are we doing. And these
in the process of buying one. What was it like for you to be here at the event and
meet Tyler and the team and learn more about Florida why we’re there is the
hottest pocket right now in all of America. What did you learn there? Did it
give you confidence? -Well, at first getting started, I really needed the
authenticity to meet people from your team and yourself. Once I did, there was
no stop. My confidence went through the roof. And the just meeting you,
feeling the energy has just been so great. Meeting the team that shares a
similar energy. Going through the process has been very, very simple. Very simple.
-But you’ve also bought real estate before, right? -Correct. -So, if all the
real estate, you bought in the past, why are you choosing to do some of that with
me now? What do you see as the advantages? -The advantage that I see…. It seems
like could be a lot easier of a process plus you have the system in place. I
don’t have to follow through the pitfalls that I’ve been falling into.
-Have you done some of that in the past? -Yes. -What have been the hardest parts for you
about real estate up to this point? -Finding the right area. -Yep.
-You know, finding a good property manager. Those are big challenges. -Huge. -Yeah.
-Yeah. And the reality is is that when you’re doing real estate in bulk and
you’re doing such a high volume, you can really own relationships at a
whole new level, right? I mean in Florida for example. Property management should
be 10%. But because of her volume, it’s 6%.
-Yeah. -That’s pretty crazy. -That is crazy. -Yeah. And so, we just… That’s
something that comes when you’re… When you’re really working in volume. Well,
listen. Obviously your motivation is your children. So, you had mentioned a
specific goal that you have for them. You want to do enough real estate now to
benefit them. Can you explain that a little bit more?
-Well, I have 4 kids. 2 older ones. But these this one is specifically
for the younger ones which is William and Ethan. And my big desire, my dream is
to retire them basically at 26. Teach them the business of real estate like my
mom has taught me. And have them retire at 26. Yeah. And for them to whatever
they want to in life. Just take on the world and not have the pressure of
finances. -Wow, I love that. You know, it’s amazing. You know, I have 4 children.
And that’s something that’s really important to me is what can I teach them,
what can I pass on to give them as much of an advantage in life as possible? And
so, that really resonates with me. I had a chance to meet a man from Italy who was
a billionaire and he’s been passing on… He is the sixth generation recipient of
the wealth that was created in the family. Like 150 years earlier. -Wow. -And
you know, it’s interesting I was asking him… You know, some questions about how he
was building wealth and passing it on. And he said, “You know, children can only
take on so many things for parents. So, you had to be really picky about what
you pass on.” And he shared a couple things. One of the things was, “There is no
fear in our DNA.” It was like this mantra that just said, “Don’t be afraid of
anything.” I was really impressed. But the other
thing he said was “Allow your children to learn from the Masters.” Like people… Get
proximity to people who know what they’re doing. That’s certainly something
that you’re doing here. -Yes. .-And I really feel like that’s the best thing I
can pass on to my children is giving him access to the people that that have done
extraordinary things. And so look there life doesn’t have to be dedicated to the
hardship of figuring money out. But rather who are you beyond money? What can
you do with your life beyond money? That that’s a huge motivation for me to say,
‘”Hey, let’s do something. Let’s change the stars for generations to have more
fulfilling opportunities.” Than “Okay. Going to slug it and figure out how to get this
money game.” Because some people never figure out the money game. -That’s true.
-Yeah. -Yeah. -So, final thought on that. Do you feel like you have a game plan now
on how you’re going to be able to produce that wealth for your 2 younger
ones? -Oh, yeah. I have a clear vision and everything is
in place. -Yeah. -For those of you that don’t have a
clear vision. You feel like you’re missing something. There is a link below
where you can learn about a couple of things. One, you can learn about my free
book which cover the shipping it’s yours for free. Or you can learn about the
event that Paul just attended that he referred to as life-changing. Have a
chance to click the link, find it out. Come discover for yourself. If someone
were to actually come to that event or read that book, do you think it would be
as life-changing for them? -I don’t see how it couldn’t be. It really is super
inspiring. Seeing other people that are more introverted coming out the way they
did. And be feeling so comfortable was inspiring. -It was amazing. -It really was. -I
love it. I can’t call it a typical real estate event because it’s not just
technical training. It’s the real estate between your ears and the psychological
training. -So true. So true. -Well, Paul. Listen. Thank you for inspiring
others. And listen, you know your reasons for why you want to build wealth you
need to tap into the right team the right system. I’ve got all sorts of free
resources. You can click around below and learn about. So, you can figure out how to
create a game plan and a vision for your future and your family so that you can
take care of them and make that your destiny. Thank you so much for watching.
Paul, thank you so much for being here. -My pleasure. -Listen. Smash that like
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tomorrow’s video. Take care.

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  1. I wish i could do this some day… Right now my life won't allow me the space to wiggle free enough to explore anything but i don't want my child to end up like me and one day i want to do something like this to show her there are other things a person can do

  2. You can start investing on real estate in a vey young age. I just want to ask if there is a point in life where in it will be too late to try/do it.

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