Build Water Slide and Stone Swimming Pool Underground

Build Water Slide and Stone Swimming Pool Underground

Build Water Slide and Stone Swimming Pool Underground

100 thoughts on “Build Water Slide and Stone Swimming Pool Underground

  1. There's no end to all the channels named.. primitive survival, primitive tools, primitive Secret, primitive evolution, ancient primitive world… holy shit! I can't find a favorite.

  2. I’m wondering if they make the bulk of the progress between cuts with more sophisticated tools… I mean, they have cameras, so why wouldn’t they have something like a store-bought shovel? And who’s changing all the camera angles throughout his work flow?

  3. Alright you crashed down in a airplane and are stranded what do you do? Simple build a water park and a whole city

  4. This young man must work in the Ministry of Architecture and Infrastructure. Without alcohol, drugs and women – very boring in the jungle. Come to Ukraine – you will build cities for us.
    Nice man/ Respect bro!

  5. I wouldn't want to be him after landing on the rocks in the pool so many times.
    The pool is lovely but it is too shallow for a slide and too small in diameter for teens and adults.
    It is perfect for toddlers and adolescents but needs several inches of sand to soften the landing.
    I absolutely love the ladder and steps.
    The steps and platform without the ladder would make a lovely picnic area to relax next to a waterfall fish pond.
    Could even put the pipes through the platform near the top and let the water tumble down over rocks into the water for the waterfall.

  6. Vem aqui em casa fazer um desse que eu te amo Aí tu vem a Rua Benjamin Constant direto aí tu vai ver uma Última Casa Morada Aí tu vem aqui tá te amo beijo fala teu nome manda um áudio tá que eu não sei ler❤😘🥰😻

  7. For all the people that think it’s fake that he is the only one working. U THINK HE WANTS U TO WATCH LIKE A 8 HOUR VIDEO?!! Or would u rather watch cuts than watching the whole vid? I hope u said yes🙄

  8. This guy is the best he spent like all of his life building and entertaining us when he probably is in pain cos of all this take a break my guy before u do u back in and get injured but if u don’t gg u are very good at what you do 🙂keep going and I love this guy my g

  9. I thought those birds sounds from 10:57 to 11:48 were real, until I heard them in almost every single video…

  10. Quick!!!!🕘

    the bed 🛏 is lava 🔥🔥🔥challenge!!!

    Where you too lazy to get out of 🛏

    If you got up like❤️, if you didn’t get like❤️

  11. in a couple of years archeologist will find his place and start to wander what kind of people lived here ^^

    awesome btw _ Huge fan

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