Best Way to Find Off-Market Deals in Real Estate

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and today I’m talking to you about how to get the phone number of a
property owner and this is actually a lot easier to do than people realize and
also there’s ways to do it for free but before I get into that if you like this
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experience so far with finding good deals on the MLS I know that for me the
past three years I’ve been unable to find good enough kills in the MLS to buy
anything back in 2013-14 I bought lots of my houses on the MLS so what we’re
talking about today is how difficult it is to find a good deal just through the
MLS this is really important for military members because a lot of times
we need to invest in locations that were not at right now and that’s hard to do
so how do you find a good deal if you can’t use the MLS if you can’t rely on a
real estate agent to find everything for you you can’t rely on Zillow and Trulia
and those web sites just to go ahead and and find a good deal and then bargain
for it so the problem is the market is so hot and it’s been hot for so long
that you can’t find a good deal anymore my best way to find good deals is by
finding the phone number of the owner and there’s contacting them directly and
you can do this either by texting or by calling and a lot of times I’ll text and
if they don’t answer I’ll follow up with trying to call a few times one of the
things to keep in mind is that there’s ways to do this for free it’s easy to
get somebody’s phone number and a lot of times there’s gonna be apps websites
people search engines lots of locations where it’s going to look like you need
to pay to get the information that you need one of the ones I can think of is
white pages calm you can do a reverse phone number lookup you can look up
somebody by their name you know give you what their name is maybe what properties
they’ve lived at it might give you a partial phone number but it won’t give
you all the information you need and then it’ll take you to another screen
and they’ll try to get you to sign up for some kind of a expensive plan there
you don’t have to do this if you look hard enough there’ll be some place to
get what you need for free so just keep that in mind all right
so let’s get into this okay everybody so I’m gonna let you know how I do this
kind of step by step and walk you through the websites that I use so I
start off with something called net are online and this is a location where you
can pretty much find in every state and every County you can find quickly which
website to go to to look up an address and see who the owner is it’s all in a
database here so it’s very easy to do public records online I’ve never done
this in Texas before so let’s see how easy it is to do in Texas so we need an
address to look up let’s go to Zillow calm and I’m gonna type San Antonio
Texas all right I’m gonna look up to 74 hardcourt Avenue
okay what county is it in oh I don’t know San Antonio Texas in what County X
our County all right so I’m in the Texas Public Record I go to Bexar County I
think it’s gonna be the tax collector usually the way you can look it up is
where you pay taxes so I clicked over there and from this page here property
tax information you you want to get to like a property tax or find some kind of
a search you’re gonna have to poke around in your old website and figure it
out okay I’m here I clicked on property tax search and it brought me to this
page now I’m gonna type in the address and pull up who the owner is
so let me just select here I don’t know the owner but I know the property
address and I put that right here to 74 harcourt Avenue
all right to 74 are ort Avenue I don’t think you have to put
the Avenue I’m gonna hit enter John Lovelace owns it can usually get more
information by clicking over here and there’s like some extra information
there there’s an address right you could looks like he lives at his
house that he owns in some cases they may live in a different location or it
might list an LLC here and I’ll talk about what to do about the LLC in a
second San Antonio Texas just to narrow it down a little there’s a John Lewis is
73 but it doesn’t have the address right that we are looking at so it might not
be the right one good on to the next one here’s a John Lovelace who is 54 and it
has that address so that is the right person you can see we have some phone
numbers here we have some used to live addresses here we have also known as
related to but let’s click on three details and even get more information
look at these phone numbers look how many there are I’ve noticed from using
this that the most recent is at the top and that’s like supposedly what he’s
using now and I think older well I think it lists older ones as you go down so
what you can do with this phone number at least what I do on a Mac computer is
I use the messages app and that allows you to text from your computer and
you’re able to type faster and write more and I’ll just like blast out and
you know I’ll blast out of text to this person that’s something I’ll do before I
call them one more thing to that’s very interesting
before you call you can also send an email check this out it’s got email
addresses that are supposedly linked to John Lovelace know I’ve seen this be hit
and miss but I have hit a few times certainly I’ve sent two addresses it
didn’t exist anymore and even gotten people that aren’t John Lovelace like
the second address here probably isn’t I’ll give that all a shot if you sort of
want to work up to what to calling them straight up calling is certainly the
most effective you might just save yourself time by just dialing up those
numbers and talking to this person and just
talking through it just tell them who you are very matter-of-fact very
friendly you know if they’re upset about it if they’re unhappy fine just say okay
so sorry about that now if they’re happy to talk to you but don’t have any like
they don’t want to sell the house but there’s so they still seem friendly I’ll
usually ask if they know somebody else that might want to sell a house now if
I’ve done a lot of research with and this happens more with multifamily
properties and LLC’s I’ve done a lot of research and realize that this person
owns several properties in my area I’ll actually want to get to know this person
I’ll ask if I could I’ll start talking to them more try to sort of become
friends with them and if I live in the same city as them I might even want to
meet meet up for coffee or lunch or dinner and I’ve done this many many
times I did this twice last week so moving on what if what you looked up
here pulled up the name of an LLC right well let’s just say it was called Vista
homes and actually just making that up because I can guarantee that there there
is an LLC called Vista homes what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna find the
website where you can search information about LLC’s so it’s open up a new window
Texas LLC search is it the first one it might be all right
sure is so this is how you do it in Texas and by the way I’ve never done it
in the state before just homes is the name of the entity search when’s an LLC
in one’s an i NCI said LLC so let’s check that out
well look at that you have the mailing address here for this LLC and you have a
name Kendyl Schober and well hey let’s see if we can pull up Kendall chauffeurs
information especially knowing this address our Fort Worth Texas now this
might be him it pulled up a Kendall shopper give it a shot other things you
can try are Facebook and LinkedIn try these two things if you’re having
trouble getting information about someone’s name and so this is website
said I use to do this stuff and I think it’s pretty helpful and I hope
that it’s gonna work for you as well happy hunting
all right everybody there you have it you’ve seen how I get this information
off the internet how easy it is to get and I think it’s something that
everybody can do to get a much better deal than you can get on the MLS what I
usually do is I’ll send a text first and I’ll explain something about myself
I’ll give like a short paragraph you know hey my name is rich Carrie I’m in
the military you know I’ve owned several houses in the area I’m planning on
retiring here and I’m interested in adding more properties the important
thing that you want to get across quickly in a text or in a phone call
you’re just a regular guy you’re a real person you’re not a scam and you have a
good reason for wanting to invest in this area a lot of times when they get
text like this or phone calls like this they’re really kind of scared like who
is this person you know and if you can appear to be like a regular guy who just
comes out and says what he is and what he needs you’re gonna be a lot better
off then someone that comes off as being salesman II scammy
evasive I found most of my success from just being myself and just saying
directly exactly what I’m looking for now same thing when I call somebody up
it’s actually the same process they answer the phone and I just say like hey
my name is rich Kerry I’m in the military but I’m also a real estate
investor in this area you know I I’m very interested in properties in your
area I like your particular house and I was wondering if you would
entertain the possibility of selling it and then just have a conversation with
them you really want to find out if they are interested in selling it you’d want
to find out why they want to sell it what the circumstances are how
fascinating money and you start working through all the details I’ll get to all
this stuff in later posts and later videos this is
just something to sort of give you an idea how to get started how do you even
know which properties you should do this – there’s a lot of ways to do that in my
particular case I used a website called this source com you’re able to pick your
city pick the area of town and put in a bunch of parameters or the types of
properties you’re looking for and there’s so many different ways of
dividing it up but you can say how many bedrooms you want how many bathrooms you
want what size you want whether or not this person has a
mortgage the age of the house whether or not there’s a pool there’s like a
million ways to filter and you can go to this website and you can buy a list of
properties that you think would be the perfect investment for what you’re
looking for and then you can do the work from there of getting their phone number
and giving them a call so I hope this was helpful today and if you liked it
hit the like button the thumbs up button and make sure that you subscribe this is
Rich on Money, signing out.

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