Best Real Estate Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads (NON STOP LEADS)

Best Real Estate Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads (NON STOP LEADS)

Speaker 1: Wondering what kind of ads you
should be running on Facebook to generate more leads. Watch this video and I’ll show
you exactly what you need to do in order to post the right ads for.
Speaker 1: Thank you so much for being here. For more tips on how to use technology to
grow your real estate business. And please click on the subscribe button below and hit
the bell to be notified of when I post a new video every Wednesday. So you’ve been researching
Facebook ads and you’re hearing how great they are, but you’re wondering what type of
ads should I be running in order to generate leads. By the end of this video, I’ll share
with you some proven tips and techniques for the best ads to run so that you can start
generating leads. Uh, I’ve been researching Facebook for years. Facebook ads especially,
and because of them, I have consistent amount of leads coming through the door every day
because of Facebook ads. So first off, something I need to explain before we dive into it,
uh, that people often get confused on. Speaker 1: There is a big difference between
boosting a post and running a Facebook ad. Everybody thinks that they post something
on Facebook and then they click that little blue button that says boost and they throw
some money up that they’re doing a Facebook ad. Really that’s not true with that. Uh,
you’re just trying to get that out to more people more. I’ve also seen on it, sometimes
you just throwing your money away with Facebook with an ad. It’s a definitely a different
category. With a Facebook ad, you’re actually picking who you want to see that ad. So rather
than Facebook just throwing it out there for you, you’re actually being a little more defined
and saying, these are the types of people that I want to show this ad to. So with anything
in marketing, you need to have a clear objective of what it is you’re wanting to get out of
this. Speaker 1: So when you first go to start a
Facebook ad, it’s going to ask you exactly that to, it’s taken all the guesswork out
of everything. So it says, do you want more video views? Are you wanting to get lead generation?
Are you wanting a more engagement? What are you wanting out of this ad? You post, you
need to really think about this. Don’t just go into this and pick random things. Cause
again, you’re likely just wasting your money. You really need a good clear picture, like
anything, uh, to know what do I want to accomplish with this ad? What do I want to get out of
it? Then when you can pick that, you can have a lot better chance of getting what you want
out of it and your money is going to be a lot better spent. Have you ever tried posting
a Facebook ad? Speaker 1: Comment below and let me know.
All right, so I know what you’re saying. Get to the good stuff here. We clicked on this
video because we want to know the ads to run on. You’re rambling about other steps. So
here we go. What I do when I run my Facebook ads is the number one. The best one is when
I run a list of homes for somebody. So let’s say you have a very popular neighborhood in
your community and the average price is 500,000 but there’s some homes that are in that popular
neighborhood in between the three to 400,000 so you could create an ad and have that list
as a PDF and Facebook will let you upload that to usually I let mine live in Google
drive, uh, where I can still edit it. And then, uh, anyone with the link can access
at salt. Speaker 1: But that link when I’m putting
the Facebook ad and have those lists of homes between three and 400,000, so when it’s getting
put out to people, they see this ad and it says list of homes in this neighborhood for
this amount. And they go, Oh wow, I love that neighborhood. That’s popular. I didn’t realize
you could get a home in the 300 thousands for that. They’ll click on it, they put in
their name, their phone number, their address, or you can specify what you want in there.
It then goes to you and they get a link to download that list. Paula, everybody’s happy.
They get the list and you’ve now got the lead that you can nurture. Just make sure when
you’re doing this list that there’s a decent amount. You don’t want to run a list and saying,
click here for a list of all these homes and then somebody opens it up and there’s one
house that’s going to be kind of a left out and they’re going to be like, okay, well this
person didn’t really provide me with good information.
Speaker 1: It was click date. You want to make sure you’re giving people good value,
don’t just make it so they’re going to click on it and over exaggerate or lie. You’re not
going to get that lead. They’re going to be torqued at you. So definitely don’t do it
that way. Other ones you can do is a seasonal. So where we are, it gets very cold. Up here
in Canada, the first cold day of the year, you could run an ad saying a list of, uh,
he did drag is in your area and have that. Or, um, if you’re in the Southern U S where
it’s really hot and the first really hot day you could say list of homes with a pool, stuff
like that that really catches people cause they’re like, Oh man, it’s so cold out right
now. I wish it had a garage. And then they see that at list of homes with the grudge.
Speaker 1: There we go. Let’s click on it. Basically anything that’s a pain point for
somebody or is gonna make their life easier. If you’re a really busy city and a, there’s
a popular area of town, maybe you could run ads around saying never drive to work again
or live so close to the sports arena. You could just walk to the game and showcase about
to all the great stuff that’s around it and have lists about that. Because again, if people,
it’ll make their lives easier, they’re willing to pay for it. They want lists like that to
see what kind of homes or apartments, condos, whatever, in that area that is going to make
their life easier. So again, lists are the huge thing. And then the other one thing you
want to remember is when you are advertising to people on here, when you do set up your
Facebook ads, you can watch a video here that I did create and that talks about how to set
up the Facebook ads. Speaker 1: One thing I did not mention in
there that you do want to do is click that box that says a special ad category. When
you are advertising to people about housing, uh, mortgages, anything like that, uh, Facebook
will tell you because of their recent lawsuit, you have to put that you cannot discriminate,
discriminate against certain people when advertising about housing. The great thing with both vote
Facebook though is it’s so dang smart that it, uh, has so much information on everybody.
So much data. Uh, people are actually sometimes scared to go on Facebook because of all the
data collects, but they’re gonna get it anyway. And this is a huge way for you guys to capitalize
with that data. So, even though you checked that special ad category box, they’re still
going to know who the people are more than likely that are going to click that link and
want to download it. Speaker 1: Versus somebody who never clicks
links, they’re probably not even going to show them that ad. So again, this is amazing.
Awesome. Before with the billboards and newspapers, you had to throw it out to everybody and you’re,
you’re just, it’s like you’re just throwing those papers out and hope somebody picks it
up and uh, and runs with it. But this with the ads are so awesome because it’s just so
defined and uh, yeah, run these types of ads and guaranteed you guys are going to get some
leads. So now that you know how to run a, some successful Facebook ads, but maybe you’re
wanting some video content idea to put in front of those people, uh, if so, you’re going
to want to click on the link in my description below and there I have a free guide, uh, with
10 video ideas that have 10 times my social media leads. If you like this video, please
let me know by liking it, subscribing and sharing with anyone else that you might find
this beneficial for. Also, please comment below with your favorite ad that you want
to get started on. Also, don’t forget to check out my prior videos on getting real estate
leads with Facebook ads and 10 real estate lead generation ideas.

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