Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living

– [Narrator] Nearly 100 million Americans have a canine companion at
home and it’s no wonder. Owning a dog has been shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce the risk of asthma
and allergies in kids, and lower stress levels. Now you might think the size of your home should determine the
size of your ideal dog, but that’s not always true. Turns out, tiny dogs, like
the Yorkshire Terrier, tend to have a big set of pipes with an even bigger attitude. – A lot of small dogs, they’re naturally really good alert dogs, they’re good little watch dogs, and they’re going to bark when they hear people
walking down the hall or talking in the lobby passageways. – [Narrator] Not a great
attribute if your neighbors live a few feet away. So what should you look for in an apartment-friendly pooch? – Dogs sleep about 16, 17 hours a day and as long as you can provide a dog with the right amount
of mental and physical stimulation and exercise, even a big dog can be
happy in a small place. – [Narrator] For starters, you want a dog who’s not a big barker, is sociable with new
humans and other dogs, and is comfortable with loud
noises and crowded streets. Mixed breeds can make an
amazing apartment pet, but if you’re looking for purebreds, here are the blue ribbon
winners for apartment living according to the American Kennel Club. First up is the Greyhound. That’s right. They may be the world’s fastest canine but these guys often spend 16 to 18 hours sleeping every day. Just make sure, in addition
to regular exercise, they have the chance to sprint two to three times a week. Next is the Bolonka. You may have never heard of it, but these guys were actually bred to be the ultimate apartment pet. They don’t need hours of daily exercise. In fact, the American Kennel Club suggests a long walk a few times a week in addition to their daily routine. They’re also excellent
at learning new tricks, but they do like to alert their owners of goings-on in the neighborhood so it’s best to teach them
proper barking manners early on. Now if you had your heart set on a Yorkie, you might want to try a Biewer instead. They were bred from Yorkshire Terriers. They’re more mellow and easy going. They enjoy the outdoors, but will also play catch inside and are easy to teach new tricks. Next up is an especially popular breed among city dwellers: the French Bulldog. Despite it’s name, this breed
actually came from England. A short daily walk is typically sufficient to keep them in shape. They also enjoy canine sports, like obedience and agility, but the flat-faced breed often
has difficulty breathing. So make sure your Frenchie
doesn’t overexert itself in hot weather. Last but no least is the
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. That flashy title isn’t a coincidence. These guys were the breed of choice for 17th century British nobility. They’re known for their smarts, they’re easy to train, and readily adapt to new
people and environments. Now it’s important to note that breed doesn’t guarantee anything. – Each individual dog within a breed is going to have its own temperament, its own personality. A good owner spends time with their dog and figures out what makes
their individual dog most happy. – [Narrator] And if your looking for more than just a walk around the block, places like the American Kennel Club offer local activities. – [Gail] One’s called scent work. It’s an event type that just tests a dog’s natural ability to use it’s nose, and we have a whole series
of events and competitions where you’re just training
your dog to find scents that are hidden in different areas. It’s fun to do things with your dog and by spending more time with your dog, your bond increases. – [Narrator] Want more options? Here are some other
apartment-friendly dog breeds that the AKC recommends. (catchy music)

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  1. I have a horrible and completely unnecessary phobia of chihuahuas 😞😢 when I was younger I was ganged up on by like 6 of those devils 😶

  2. french bull dog have many health issues if you are going to buy frenchie make sure you buy pet insurance or have a fund. It cost 1k a night at ER easily, dogs can be just as expensive as human. Spent over 10k saving my dogs in ER.

  3. Frenchies are the small dog breed that tend to end up in our athletic large dog playroom at my daycare. Little Bailey for example is always the toughest and meanest dog in the room 😂😂😂

  4. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel do well in apartments with just a few decent distance walks a dog, twenty minutes three (or more) times a day would give you a great companion!

  5. I live in an apartment and I have a Papillon, they are a great little breed as they can happily live in small spaces. I also live within walking distance of a great park so she easily gets the chance to run around outside regularly.
    This breed is intelligent and alert, so will bark if they hear noises, however they are not generally yappy and are good companion/lap dogs.

  6. Don't buy pure-breed puppies.
    Just go to a shelter or rescue a dog from the street.
    The dogs there are muuuuch smarter and friendlier.

  7. Why am I watching this? I live in a 3 story house with a huge garden…

    Edit: I’m not living by myself I’m a 13 yr old who lives with my parents, brother my Samoyed and golden retriever pups

  8. I have a cavalier King Charles spaniel but a Maltese would be a good dog to have in a apartment they don't shed and there not super hyper

  9. I live in an apartment and have a Husky, a Labrador and recently found a puppy while walking them. I honestly prefer to live in a place without a yard because it forces me to take them for nice long daily walks and to socialize at the park that is nearby.

  10. I wonder if papillon dogs and golden retriever dogs work too. I plan on getting 5 dogs and 1 cat in a condo when I'm a bit older.

  11. Let's confirm:
    Best dogs to live in an apartment.
    Images of greyhound running…on the beach (apartment, beach, apartment, beach, apartment, beach…).

  12. I have a Yorkie and she is vERY vocal when people and/or other dogs are out and about, but quiet when things are calm. She's a very good alert dog. I struggle with anxiety and paranoid thoughts, especially at night, and knowing that my dog is calm reassures me that I'm safe and helps me calm down so I can sleep. She's only good around small dogs around her size and ironically, she's fine with cats, we have a cat and she's fine with him.

  13. Caucasian shepherd, alaboi,Alaskan malamute, Greek moises,Greek shepherd, illyrian shepherd,cane corso, Tibetan mastiff and ofc Turkish kangal are the best dogs breeds for apartments

  14. I live in a house and have a beagle. She is something so quite. But when she is not. OMG she is loud. She goes from quite to loud. There is no in between

  15. I took french bulldog to Long Walk in windsor and he refused to walk when we had to walk back so I had to carry him all the way… the problem is I couldn’t lift him over for one minute. And it was exhausting… day…….. they are definitely indoor dogs

  16. …but always remember that a breed is not a limit. Important is energy level and just don't get a giant dog for ur own convenience.

  17. I Have A Rottweiler-Black Lab , He’s Hyper , Sweet , Barely Barks & Loves to Cuddle . He’s Not Fixed So I Think ThatWhy Hes So Hyper Most Of the time . He gets a lot with Other dogs really well & Were Try To Teach Him not to jump on people. He gets too excited when he sees New people lol .

  18. If you're Indian, I'd recommend Indian dogs. They're medium sized, they don't have too much energy and are very low maintenance – great for apartments. I have one rescue dog and he's the best!
    Also, PRO TIP: if you have a rescue, vets and every pet store will give you discounts.
    Just grab one off the street – perfect companion (on a budget!)

  19. My dog is a Cairn Terrier mix, only 6 lbs, and a very calm girl. She's the perfect dog in the world. I've never trained her, yet she learned to be potty trained extremely easily on her own, doesn't ever rip or bite anything, is extremely sweet and never aggressive, and she loves to cuddle. Idk what I'd do without my baby Bambi❣

  20. Funny that this video recommends a Biewer .. they’re not even recognized by the AKC and inCREDIBLy Expensive and hard to find 🤔🤧

  21. So I live in an apartment and I want to adopt a yorkie. Is it really a bad idea? I mean from my apartment you can’t hear anything because it’s one per floor so can anyone tell me if I can get one?

  22. My ex best friend has a cavalier king charles spaniel and i have a pomeranian. Her dog is a girl and mine is a boy so they are supposed to get along. Her dog hates everyone and everything. Her owners say that she looks depressed, she is a young dog. She tried to attack my dog a few times. My pomeranian is friendly. We have an 8 year old cat and they are best friends. He is very friendly with strangers and kids. He is smart so it wasn’t hard to train him not to bark at the door. He can do numerous tricks. I live in a big city and he goes everywhere with me because he is tiny. Almost everything is pet friendly in Europe. Since the apartment is big he runs around so he gets extra exercise. He loves to cuddle, play, explore and learn. A perfect apartment dog. I am not here to bash other breeds. Pomeranians are portrayed as a bad apartment dogs and some other breeds that aren’t as apartment/big city friendly are recommended. I am speaking from experience.

  23. I’m disappointed that you did not recommend
    Boston Terriers, they are relatively quiet companions.😀
    My Bolonka is very very noisy and always demands
    attention sometimes in the middle of the night🤕

  24. My yorkshire terrier is one of the best dog breeds for families, they dont bark so much . I love my yorkie , best dog !!!💗

  25. I started my own channel after watching this video.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

    Here is the link please support,

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