Best Brent Rivera Instagram Videos – Funny Vines 2018 – Great Vines

Best Brent Rivera Instagram Videos – Funny Vines 2018 – Great Vines

Hey Lindsay last night was so fun. We should do that again Wait what? I don’t know. I’ve never seen before in my life. How does he know your name’s lucky guess thanks, man No really bad Brit. What’s your problem? I guess I took it too far. Yeah, you think Yo, Mason can I play some music sure go for it, bro. Yes? You watch me I can’t breathe Dan Simon do you wanna build a snowman? Or ride our bikes around all say that every soul I know some Good thing I brought my speaker Hey Hey, did you splash me with water like what you splashed me listen. I have a point man lately Twin what twin So I think we just need some time off alright Now you stop what what? Just started working out Lindsay I got you flowers. I think Hey new guard : We’re gonna do this or not yes, she’s coming this way Wow Brad so this is the reason why you broke up with me. Well it looks like you moved on pretty quick, too This is my brother James Live it was like today’s the most awkward thing ever Oh, what’s up, Brad Hey? Oh, this is my new friend mark What’s up? Well? This is my new friend? Jared oh, it’s been bit we’re like best friends. That’s right Hey check out Ben’s new whip oh that’s cute see how Mark’s new whip Hey girls, I’m Fred this is Jerry Ben know he cares Do you guys want to go on the date or something new ones we already have crammed with us. Sorry guys go Let’s go Jerry Hey, what’s up guys? You know what I’m gonna go home and watch the game of Thrones you watch Game of Thrones Tim. Let’s go watch it together. Yeah Hey, dude, this is one of my favorite songs Oh look what you made me do look what you made me do look what you just made To sync to every soft body like a Backroad chatted with my load is off the sweaty knees weak arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already where the sky meets the sea and they come Dancing to this one press it has no lyrics Hey, man you took a picture of us, please yeah, man, I got you are you Is not consistent penis Similarly your mixes I got to a race car All right Mason who’s it gonna? Be me or her dude? I don’t know man. She’s my girlfriend come on, babe. Let’s go okay Put you my boy Funny Yeah, yeah If you’re gross dude your girlfriend’s with another guy Roy serious, I know she’s shooting Cigarette she on him with this guy. This is my brother really bad Great what’s your problem? Montre see an iPod touch. You know hey when you’re talking to on the phone over there. Huh that was my grandma It was our grandma Do your Co fights with another guy throw? Would you stop trying to make me look bad? They’re kissing? Crazy, we are through Come on Gracie Hey It’s not unusual It’s not a queues you up to be loved by everyone Marcus, bro It’s not a fuse you up to be low Start unusual to have fun with anyone I Got a run, but it was great seeing you Jimmy It’s it’s Brett stay classy Jimbo all right It’s been a long day Who do I spy with my little eye Jessica oh just like there it is Jessica. Hey Jessica coming no that in my direction I Don’t wait you hey Jessica And I am so in love with this shape and every time I think you I get and you ever For you you’re just water touch, I’m getting sick of this everybody that you do this Wait Jessica Come on dang it No Rancho oh He’s sleeping Brett wait God wait what mom it’s Saturday you have things to do around the house, honey You have to wash the dishes clean your room and do your laundry more but to be honest today, I don’t feel like doing anything Right is nothing I’m coming over there dragging you out of your bed by your hair is it? Apology accepted Brent hurry up and get dressed What was that honey oh, I’m up I Hate that guy wait Mason yeah, I hate him dude I hate that guy – no way did we just become best friends yes Look it’s Derek. I’ve always hated that guy oh Man I hate that guy wait you hate Derek – yeah that guy’s a jerk Dude go talk to it, okay, I will Bret I have to get something off my chest. I really really like your friend Hey guys check this out Guys guys guys check this out I can bottle it look at this

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    Man I hate mason man I hate mason woah best friends

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  5. Every time I’m depressed and I watch brands in like season Ben’s video I’m just so happy I’m so happy that they’re in this world so they can make me laugh thank you

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