BELARUS – Apartment in Minsk for $18 – Slow Russian😍

Hello everyone! I’m in Minsk (Belarus) now. And I’ve decided to make a short apartment tour for you, so you can learn some useful vocabulary about apartments. It’s in Russian as usual. You can use English and Russian subtitles. Here we go. We begin with the entrance door. Here we have Marylyn Monroe, Odrey Hepburn I 😀 Our jackets. Shoe rack. Getting into the bedroom. This is a bed. Nightstand. Here is a table. floor lamp. Armchair with a pillow. Curtains. And the window. And this is Minsk. Minsk is a capital of Belarus. We’re moving on. This is the hallway. Сhest of drawersю Here’s bathroom and a toilet. Washing machine. Sink. Toilet. Ballerina. Then we have another room here. Sofa. And a bunk bed/ First storey, second storey. Let’s look what is on the balcony. Oh it’s so nice here! Some ottoman. Bear skin 0_o Awful… Pillows. And the Minsk view again. Minsk is a very beautiful city. We should go to the center. And the kitchen. Roma, what are you doing? I’m watching cartoons. He’s watching cartoons. Cartoons for girls he’s watching for some reason. Well, the kitchen. A table. Chairs. Microwave. Sink. Oven. Kettle. And the fridge. Murmansk magnet for some reason. So, that was a cute apartment. And that was it for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed the lesson. The full text in Russian is in the description box of this video as usual. I hope you know it. So that’s it. Thank you very much for watching. I hope to see you next time. Bye-bye!

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