Apartment Tour in Lviv, Ukraine

Apartment Tour in Lviv, Ukraine

Well hello! And welcome to our apartment in Lviv (Львів). It is our last day here and we’ve kind of
tidied up the apartment so we thought we would give you guys a little tour and show you what
you can expect from an apartment here in Lviv, Ukraine. So this is our I guess foyer area. Yeah. What do you call this? Yeah, this is the entrance. The room. This is the entrance and over here we have
all of our stuff. Our luggage. We’re ready to go. Our shoes. There is lots of storage for like your coats
and stuff. Yeah. So it has been nice. And over here I’ll show you guys the door
quickly. So here is the door and just up here there
is more storage space. I’m here. Hello. Hi! And I guess the first thing you come across
is the bathroom so we may as well show you to get that out of the way. Yeah, we’ll take you in. Come on in. All of our wet towels. Haha. That is a little nasty. We just showered. Um, so yeah we’ve got like a tub, a nice big
sink. Toilet. Now this is the bane of my existence though. These showers. Oh my gosh yeah. Handheld showers. How do you shampoo like how does that work? The thing the thing that was most annoying
about it was that not only did it not have like a rest up here but I found that even
with the rest down here the water pressure was so strong that sometimes like it would
the actual thing would be flying off and it would spray everywhere. It was really annoying. Yeah. So the shower was not our favorite feature
of this place. The washer sure was. The washer was awesome. Actually the rest of the apartment was really
really cool. It is just the shower sucked. Yeah. Yeah. So I tried not to wash my hair too too often. Yeah. But let’s continue. Lights off in there. So then we come into the living area and this
is the reason that I wanted to book this apartment because it has got like this big space. Yeah, it has been awesome. Massive couch, a sofa so I felt like Sam and
I could have some breathing room and like yep so you know. Exactly, here is the sofa. This is where you were working. This was my workspace. Right here. Do do do. Dun dun dun. And then over here Sam set up shop over here. I claimed the couch and that little stand. And if you wanted to have like a little Netflix
session just stretch out you know watching a few shows. Yeah, it was so nice. So nice. We actually chilled out a lot here. Yeah, it was just so nice. It was like cozy. It is really cozy and the apartment was beautifully
decorated. Like there is paintings, there is lots of
you know just all over the place there was quite a bit of thought put into the decoration
of the place. Just briefly showing you guys this. Yeah, and the next is the bedroom. The bedroom. Oh, and they had sliding doors. Where did you go? Not that we ever use them because I thought
it would get really stuffy if we closed the doors. Yeah nice big bed. Yeah, the bed was a decent size. Floral theme going on here. And what is behind the curtain? A closet. A walk in closet. The first I’ve seen in Europe. Yeah. Tada. Yeah, we didn’t even use this. Yeah, oh my gosh I didn’t seriously didn’t
come in here. I didn’t realize. It is basically storage with like extra pillows. We could have been hanging up our clothes
in here. What were we thinking? We didn’t unpack everything. Totally didn’t unpack. Sprawled around the suitcase. Oh my gosh there is so much more space than
I realized. Yeah. That is nuts. Alright, so the last thing to show I guess
is the kitchen. Mosey on over there. The kitchen. Mosey on over there. Come on in. So we had a little dining table for three. You worked out here a little bit didn’t you? Yeah, sometimes. This was my other office. Your second office. A change of scenery I’d mosey on to the kitchen. Yeah. And yeah, I mean pretty standard. Some counter space, big sink and a stove that
I may be used like three or four times. Haha. We were just boiling Ukrainian dumplings. The Varenyky (Вареники) right? And maybe some tomato sauce on top. Tomato sauce. That was about it. Oh, and we did have a balcony. We did. We haven’t shown you that. Okay, let’s go out. Let’s go out to the balcony. So it might be a little bit bright. Yeah, it is. That is okay. Tada. I’ll show you guys out here. So this was also nice. It is quite a bit more spacious than you think. So yeah, we it was a few times I came out
here just to get some fresh air and to also get a just have a little snack out here. Snacking by yourself? I was snacking by myself when I was being
anti-social. Were you having chocolate bars? Were you secret chocolate bars? Maybe that is where I snuck in some treats. May or may not have done that. Maybe that happened. We don’t know. Haha. Uh, but yeah I’m going to let Sam talk about
the price for the airbnb. Yeah, I’ll wrap it up on the couch. You are the price man. I’m Mister price man. Mister price point. So price point for this airbnb? So to wrap this up so the standard regular
price was $28 US dollars a night. Yeah and we got obviously a discount because
we stayed longer. Um, yeah so that was an incredible price. And this was just a lovely apartment. What was cool about this particular apartment
compared to the one in Kiev (Київ) is that this is actually a newer building. Our host told us that it was only built just
a few years ago. Mmmhmm. And we were quite far away from the city centre. Yeah, it was like a 30 minute walk. Yeah, we had basically two reasons for that
decision. The first being that we had so much work to
catch up on. And the second being that we kind of wanted
to be a little bit removed from the city center so that we weren’t tempted to be spending
too too much time going to restaurants. We just had a lot of work to do. Yeah, and so those were the two main reasons
but it was very much a neighborhood here. And I have to say accommodations in this city
are super super affordable. Yeah. Like when we were browsing on airbnb I think
I saw places starting at like $15 bucks a night. Yeah, for like your own apartment which is
crazy. Yeah, for like let’s say between $15 and under
$40 dollars you can find excellent value. In fact, if you were on the higher end of
that scale you’d probably be getting something really nice. Luxurious. Really central. Exactly. So yeah, it was a really comfortable stay
here. We had a great time and we just loved the
city of Lviv (Львів). We had a great time in Ukraine (Україна). We felt it was like such an underrated country
and we just came here and we were blown away. We had such good food, we had great travel
experiences. We found it just great for catching up on
work. We had like amazing internet both in Kyiv
(Київ) and in Lviv (Львів). Like super fast internet. So for like considering we’re digital nomads
at the moment that was absolutely wonderful. And yeah we just had a great time we would
highly recommend you come here and uh that is it. That is basically it for our time in Ukraine
(Україна). We’re sad to be leaving and we do hope to
return again someday soon. Alright, tata. Tata.

29 thoughts on “Apartment Tour in Lviv, Ukraine

  1. Always interesting to see the places you stay at! Nice sized apartment. Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy Travels! Best Regards from Maxi and Maro.

  2. Nice video. Most of Eastern Europe AirBnb flats are like that and there are even lower priced ones if one has the time to go through them all, the most important thing is to know the area you want to stay at for food, cafes, tour, sights etc. Ukriane is amazing everytime I visit and very underrated.

  3. Most of Americans have no clue of a bubble bath only shower when must of ukrainians prefer bathtub bubble bath tub which is healthier better for your skin and lot more relaxation
    how simple is that?!!😂

  4. A really nice appartment! The furniture looks like IKEA… Sweet little kitchen. Very romantic … The curtains are so pretty

  5. 1:05 answer: like normal people: you wet your hair, use both hands to add shampoo in your hair and after a minute you rinse it so long that it's shampoo free.
    I always sit down in a bath tub when I'm in central, eastern or western Europe and have a shower like that in a hotel. (Northern Europe have real Oras shovers)

  6. Very bad English, and it is NOT "the Ukraine". There are no articles in any of the Slavic languages and Ukraine is its own country with its own history, language, and culture. It is NOT a province of Russia or Turkey. Why must you say "like" so many times? Dopobachina.

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