Apartment sa japan

Apartment sa japan

Yes Hello Guys. Welcome to My Video Let’s have a look In Our Apartment this is actually 2DK only not 2LDK(sorry) meaning it has 2 Rooms, Dining Area and a Kitchen. “D” means Dining Area and “K” for Kitchen So that is how a typical layout of an apartment here in Japan So if you heard that 2DK Japanese apartment or houses normally have a foyer when you enter the house you have a space to put your shoes or slippers like this before you enter in Our apartment we have a space to place our washing machine inside the house unlike those other apartments, they have their laundry area on the balcony so they need to put the washing machine outside their apartments and do the laundry outside. and then, Our Toilet and Bathroom are both separated so come let’s have a look just turning the lights ON, this is the switch. we have ordinary bowl (without washlet) but there is something unique about it when you use the flush. it has a faucet connected to it, in which you can use to wash your hands. and window OK, now… here’s our bathroom so here that is our bathroom but it has no bathtub unlike the other apartments maybe because it is only 35,000 yen per month (or maybe because it is a very old apartment) 35,000 yen per month for the apartment rental only + the Utilities like Electricity, Water and Gas bills. It is very cheap actually, because other apartments here with the same layout, ranging from 70,000 yen per month + the utilities. we have here, a small refrigirator a microwave let’s see what’s inside our ref. nothing especial 🙂 we have eggs and on the freezer. we have sausage, ice and Chicken So that’s the part of our apartment Dining Area and Kitchen Now let’s go to the rooms. let’s check this one room here, anyway here’s the doors for each rooms. first, Chamie’s room(our Daughter) just turning the lights ON. OK, I just want to show you her room looks like. She has her stuffed toys. Her bed her decors 🙂 her mixed stuffs 🙂 and her Class Picture here in Japan (She just joined the 5th-Grade without the Japanese Language skills at all, But God gave us strength, now she’s doing great at her 6th-grade level) Her Teacher sent a postcard to her. During their vacation. a little bit messy, because she just woke up. 🙂 here’s her closet a window here a good view outside her window and inside her closet not so organized at all 🙂 OK, now let’s go to our room Me and My Wife’s room Chamie’s room and our room have an access here That is how the Japanese apartments or houses looks like it has an access to each rooms as you notice, it has no locks on it. only sliding wooden doors without locking system. Our room is the “Tatami room” here’s how a Tatami room looks like A room with a Tatami flooring these 2 rooms can be use as a 1 room only, just leave the door open or just remove the sliding door. or use it separately by closing this door. so this room, we used it as our Master’s bedroom, (Even though it is very small and has no bed 🙂 that is our futon bed where we sleep. Then we have our closet here our closet looks like. mixed stuff inside. here in our room our master’s bedroom 🙂 we have access to the balcony They are laughing at me why are you laughing?? actually this is my first time to do a video blog like this. or this is my first time to show something like this. That’s why they make fun on me. just part of experience and just to share with you guys the things we are doing here, or what is our apartment looks like and the monthly rental we have here. I also have here, My work place. in our room so at least i can do my work and daily task at home a little bit messy because my wife is doing her work. and then here are some of my stuff then the light’s switch here are hightech. 🙂 here how it looks like we use remote to turn the lights ON and OFF you can also bring the remote anywhere put it besides your bed it is very convenient and hightech Here’s our terrace and our access. In here we have a small balcony. some plants of my wife. 🙂 in front of us are a small road and our allotted parking space. which is free and that is one of the good thing in our apartment. because the parking space here in Japan is very costly. we rented a good apartment because of that free parking space for only 35,000 yen per month so here’s our view in our terrace road actually it is not the main road if you go straight there, that is the main road they just use this as a shortcut that’s why a lot of vehicles came to pass here. and also we use this space to let our laundry to dry after washing. So Ok… That is our Apartment So, Thank you for watching the video till end. Then Please Subscribe guys. so you will be informed if I upload a new video. I hope you enjoyed the video and get some information on it even though my video blog is not that good enough for now. but on my next video, I will make it more informative so your time will not be wasted on watching my videos. 🙂 so OK Bye and See you on my next videos. please Subscribe 🙂

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  1. Good job,the way how you talk is the way how you express yourself and who you are and i will say that you are a good person with a good soul your place is better than any plot in this country living here in japan for 30 years i know better keep it up your a nice and a loving father and husband,keep on praying Love your family and Great God Will Alwys Protect your family,and i love your shy and sweet daughter and wife and be patient alwys,Gambatte neh!!!

  2. The way you talk reflects that you have a good soul.You family is also very cute. The way ther are shy facing camera make this video most beautiful.
    Love from India

  3. Well, that's a good price,in US that will be $ 600.00 per month but it has big washer and dryer inside or it could be out side sharing w/some tenants.but we could make of minimum of $800.00 per week.

  4. Hello Brother, I am an Indian man from a small city. I am liking your video very much. It's an excellent piece of information to know the people & their culture there. We Indians always love Japanese people. It's like a tradition here. Anyway, thank you Brother and God bless you all!

  5. I LOVE your video. Thank you for sharing. I especially love your place. IT is very cute and clean. I can tell you and your family's nature. A house is just a structure but the people in it makes it what we call a "HOME". It exudes warmth. Your house is full of warmth and love. I am thinking of visiting Japan…after I save up. God Bless you and your family.

  6. Ok naman kuya ganyan talaga pag first time kagaya ko go Lang Ng go kuya…check My vlog to kuya and please subscribe Ka po din sa Kin.Tnks

  7. Mas mura apt mo dyan kesa sa Singapore isang common room lang yan na inuupahan ng isang tao, share share ang mga pinoy sa isang buong bahay

  8. Dear mr….thank you for sharing…it gives me an idea hows life in japan..its small n compact…give an idea how to organise our stuff in that kind of size…tq again

  9. It was nice to see a glimpse of how people live in Japan. The faucet on top of the European closet is new to me. You have space in your balcony to create a small vegetable garden. Wishes from Kerala, India.

  10. Mas mura pala jan compared dito sa Dubai. 70k Yen is room lang dito, medyo malayo sa Downtown. Advantage lang is super laki rooms.

  11. Magkanuhan po ang buwanan ng isang machinist min to avg with or wo ot? Plus utility expenses po?

    Bawal po bang tumambay sa labas kasi wala po akong nkkitang tumatambay jan, peaceful po kasi ang sarap magmuni.

  12. Interesting video I've always wondered how other people live & their living arrangements! We're on the other side of the world from each other yet living the same! Thanks for sharing your video 💚

  13. Congratulations for such a nice vlog.your simplicity is magnetic…you have got another fan…liking your channel…keep it up

  14. Very natural pag kasabi nya, walang yabang unlike sa iba kng napanuod. May natutunan din naman ang nakapanood ng video.
    What i like jan sa japan culture ay parang minimalist ang lifestyle, at organize n tidy ang bahay. They're very particular with cleanliness. I have japanese friends too and believe ako sa work ethics nila.
    Keep it up kabayan! God bless you and ur family n to all our kabayans there.

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