APARTMENT ORGANIZATION HACKS – keeping it clean & tidy ✨ Vlog #3

APARTMENT ORGANIZATION HACKS – keeping it clean & tidy ✨ Vlog #3

[Music] dear diary I have so much to tell you you won’t believe what happened to me today [Music] good morning guys if you’re all doing well today this Monday and I’ve been already quite busy today it is super super super cold outside today in DC everyone was complaining about it so at least I know that I’m not the only homey person at this point everyone just wants to stay in their home and hibernate which I totally understand if [Music] there’s one thing in life that keeps on astonishing me it is how fast a clean and organized studio apartments can get messy I always get the question how I get my apartment to look very clean and organized every day well let me tell you guys it doesn’t look extremely organized I need everyday I have to keep up with it the life hack that I use for that and funny facts my grandmother actually taught me this trivia Bubka she always told me two things first of all everything in your apartment needs to have a home this can be your pants your jewelry your book bag your laptop your utensils anything needs to have a dedicated home if it doesn’t have its own home it’s gonna be everywhere and you’ll never be able to find it and the second thing she always taught me was to clean up immediately after you made a mess it’s so tempting to just grab something that you’re using and not put it back immediately and I learned the very hard way that that takes way longer to clean up after if you let everything accumulate and not put it back in its home if this sounds daunting I totally understand it sound very daunting to me at first when it didn’t use this technique but what I want to tell you is that even though it may seem as if it’s gonna take a long time it doesn’t have to so what I like to do is put my iPhone or computer or whatever on a timer for usually about 10 to 20 minutes it depends on how much time I have if only have ten minutes that’s fine I’ll just clean for ten minutes and if I have you know a bit longer I’ll do it for 20 minutes so what I’m going to do right now is not set a timer that’s a very anti climax of this video I’m actually going to get some cleaning products cuz I actually run out so I’m gonna go through rite aid first and then I’m gonna set the timer and clean so let’s go okay guys it’s time to go I’ve got money cleaning stuff back and if I type my hair up you know it’s business I also changed into jeans because I realized stud I didn’t have any tides because all my toys I wasn’t always [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay guys I came back from doing some shopping and if you’re gonna show you what I got because otherwise you feel like you’ll ask questions about it and I just want to show you what I use I’m too short for this camera okay yeah that looks better first thing I needed was new dish soap I never had this sentence before but it looked kind of cute it’s from method and it’s in the sea mineral sense when I do they smell it oh it smells good it’s like your typical kind of fresh cleaning sense next up I got some dish soap how do you call this dish tablets for in your dishwasher oh my god my mind just blanked from cascade these are just pretty cheap and they work well then I never had this before these are Windex trick free shine original glass and surface wipes I have this thing that really annoys me and that is when I see any type of streak on like mirrors or glass so when I try these out because recently the products that I’ve been using really you know kept streaking all of my mirrors and like that so I want to try this this is my go-to baby I love using this this is the lysyl disinfectant spray it’s amazing it cleans everything it disinfects everything I love it I got a new hand soap from mrs. Meyers in the scent lavender I feel like this brand has a lot of nice sense but this one was the only one that they had together with verbena but I wanted love nerd does it look cuter [Music] and last but not least I got two panties these are shared in a new color then we’re going to pair probably today otherwise my legs will freeze to death I got two because everyone knows the first Barrett usually already rips when you’re just trying to put it on so I always get two because I know how panties play you know they play you can’t trust them so always get two you don’t want to know how often I had like an important event and then my panties I don’t mean panties oh my god we say panty in the Netherlands but if he’s translated to English then it’s like panties I don’t know tights only got their cult tights okay well my brain is not working so I’m not gonna use it and just clean for a minute because I don’t know what’s going on as you can see timer is set for 20 minutes that’s time to press start start cleaning yay okay I’m going to start with my closet because there’s like a pile of clothes that I need to sort out from trying out different outfits and also doing my laundry so that’s the first thing I’m going to [Music] [Music] okay closet is done I’m now going to move to my bed and make my bed real quick [Music] okay guys bet it’s done I’m still have time I’m doing pretty well right now I’m going to tackle the bathroom because after showering and doing my skincare routine everything I always splash water everywhere so I kind of need to clean everything Bailey and also the toilet I like to clean that Bailey too so let’s move over [Music] timer is finished so the timer is finished and I’m actually done with cleaning everything so that is to show you that you don’t need a lot of time to clean if you just keep up with it cleaning every day for 10 to 20 minutes it’s way better than spending your whole Sunday only on cleaning so what I’m going to do right now is quickly make myself a coffee because I’m craving it and then I’m going to vacuum clean and then I’m done with cleaning and then it’s actually time to tackle all my other tasks because I don’t know if you can see it I have a lot of boxes and a lot of boxes means that I have a lot of collaborations coming up I have to plan everything to see what days I’m going to dedicate to particular collab and to particular brands so yeah I’ve quite a bit coming up I have to go through all the deadlines and see when everything has to be done and you know what day I’m going to spend time on it so yeah but first coffee even though my cup says perfectly imperfect there’s nothing more perfect in my opinion than a latte oh my god so good [Music] my apartment is looking all neat and organized and it feels so good to be in here right now I love it I am very happy with the progress MHD right now it’s time for some planning I’m going to use my desk planner in order to plan out today and possibly also some other days in advance I’m not sure if I’m going to make a whole weekly schedule or just for a couple days because I have a couple of long term clap deadlines that I also need to schedule out so I’m going to do that right now I’m feeling so productive organized on this Monday so definitely a great start of the week [Music] guys this is so cute I just got a package from my mom and my grandmother they sent it over to me and um my grandmother actually made this little pig because she always makes me a little stuffed animal for the Chinese New Year and this year it’s the year of the pig so she made me this very cute pig honestly she’s so talented and then she also sent me my favorite chocolate this is a lianca and i love this chocolate it’s really sweet it’s like very sweet milk chocolate but it’s honestly the best I miss her a lot I honestly wish that I just could go to Russia but currently I’m not able to travel due to my visa so spicy Baba Buchi Babu’s show yeah yeah CBI a bizarro [Music] okay guys as you can tell it’s already quite a bit later than the last time I’ve logged and that is because I was a little bit stressed out because of my collaboration deadline but fortunately enough I finished it yay really happy about that and I couldn’t you want to show me outfits because I thought it was really cute I’m wearing this check blazer from Zara and the funny thing is the skirt is actually notes from Sarah it’s from H&M but it matches the print perfectly so random and then this turtleneck sweater it’s a cashmere turtleneck sweater and it’s one of my all-time favorite pieces because it is so comfy it’s from Uniqlo and I think it was like $60 yeah I think I paid $60 for it which for a cashmere sweater is so so good so I would HIGHLY highly recommend this turtleneck if you’re still looking for one and then the stars of the show pun intended are these really cute hair pins I got from Kirsten s hair one of my favorite hair bands ever my necklaces are from estrogen mio as well as that’s it so if you want to know where all my earrings are from definitely check out yesterday’s vlog because I talked about that very extensively there so right now I’m actually going to change is something a little bit more comfy because I’m going to my boyfriend’s place and we’re not really gonna do anything I thought who would maybe go out for dinner but he’s really tired which I totally understand because he did some traveling so we’re probably gonna cook at his place so I’m gonna wear something that’s still cute but a little bit more comfortable um so I’m gonna change right now and then you have another outfit of the day two in one day so this is what I’m wearing to be a little bit more comfortable I’m still wearing the same accessories and the same turtleneck and instead for my bottoms I added these flared pants from Topshop they honestly feel like leggings are so comfortable and then I added some suck booties from Sasha shoes and my Chloe back and I’m going to wear it is very warm code from Topshop as well to keep me hot and toasty so yeah that is the look now I’m going to come [Music] [Music]

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  1. Hey lovelies! I really hope you enjoyed the third daily vlog on my Youtube channel. After weekly vlogging for over a year (the DC Diaries), I decided to switch things up and start (or rather go back) to daily vlogging again. I will be uploading another 4 videos in a row, so wish me luck!

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    Have you ever heard of app Forest? its cute timer where you plant trees for the time you wanna do something and you don't want to be disturb, maybe it can be handy for your little tasks that you keep on track

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  11. If the windex wipes dont work, just use vinegar and newspaper, its what I used for the mirrors in the hairdressing salon I worked at when I was younger and have sworn by it since.

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