– Hi, loves, how’s it going? I am going to share with you
my new living room today. Well, not the complete whole
living room just because I still have another side
to finish and complete, but I did finish one
corner of the living room, and I love, love what I did to it. The other side I’m still looking for a
new organizational system, and a new way to organize my stuff. I haven’t found the right cabinet, or anything like that yet,
so that’s gonna come soon. I kind of want to do it that way anyway, so that way I could put more
focus on how I reorganize, but the living room I am loving it. Let’s show you this. All right, so here is the
before of my living room, and as you can see it’s
not that aesthetic, it’s just more practical,
I use it mainly for work. Having plants in the home creates such a lively environment, so I am going to look
for a few more plants to place in my home. I’ve been very much inspired by all these plant
collectors on Pinterest, so I bought a few plants that I thought would make a really nice
addition to my space. I just love the process of
going to a plant nursery, looking out for different kind of plants, and then potting them. It just brings me so much peace and joy. After potting all my plants I’m now taping on some
special hooks for my ceiling. This way I can hang on
some macrame planters. Once that is complete
this is the final result. It is so gorgeous. I love the way the plant
just falls on the hangers, and against my window. Every morning I look
forward to glancing over, and seeing the beautiful
plants just hanging there looking so beautiful and radiant, radiating such wonderful
energy into my space. A while back I had customized a sectional with Interior Define. I selected to have a pink
sectional for my space. This was a really, really great move. I was very nervous of it at
first, and then my friend, Mary, convinced me to go for a pink sectional, so I finally did, and I
really, really am so happy with how this turned out. It actually looked a lot better in person. The material is a lot
better than expected, and the color it’s gorgeous
it’s like a muted color. It’s not too vibrant, it’s not too loud. It goes with everything else in my space that is pretty much gray, black and white. The pink definitely compliments with the green of the plants so well. Altogether I am very happy
with how everything looks. I really feel like it
fits with my personality. I have the simplicity of the
black, white and gray tones, and then the pink adds in a nice, soft feminine feel and touch. The plants bring in this
airy, feel good vibe, and everything just
flows together so nicely it definitely creates a nice,
warm inviting atmosphere. At the same time I still have that simplistic look that I was going for. Make sure to stay tuned for my next video where I will redecorate, and reorganize this space right here. So this side of the room
is not complete yet, but that is going to get
done very soon so stay tuned. Thank you all so much for watching. I love you, and I will
see you next week, chow. (upbeat music)

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