APARTMENT FOR RENT: Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8, Jamaica (NOW AVAILABLE)

APARTMENT FOR RENT: Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8, Jamaica (NOW AVAILABLE)

hi everyone its Paula Roper Bacchas and I am here today at Norbrook in Kingston 8 Jamaica at this two-bedroom one-bathroom rental so we have a very beautiful kitchen which is brand-new beautiful
backsplash let me give you a wide view let me give you a peek into the
cupboards beautiful just beautiful lots of space to accommodate all your needs this is the dining area this unit comes
partially furnished so if you’re interested you could get it partially
furnished or you could get it unfurnished you could get it with your
fridge your microwave this is the living room section so it’s open concept so you
have the living room dining room kitchen in an open concept this is the bathroom beautiful bathroom beautiful shower the gorgeous tile so
they’re going to go to the master so a unique feature of this apartment is that
it has an entrance from the living room area into the bathroom or you also can
enter the bathroom from the master bedroom so this is the master beautiful currently comes with a full
size bed and two side tables a little chair and a little Chest of draws the master bedroom also opens up into the garden area where you have lots of fruit trees
you’re in the heart of Kingston but it doesn’t feel like it you have ackee trees you have banana trees you have lots of flowers the master bedroom also has mesh on the
grills so you can leave the door open and have your mesh on the grills you
have it comes with a ceiling fan and a walk-in closet that trust me this
walking closet is as big as a room so it’s huge it is huge this is all the closet
area okay so you can exit the master back into the
living dining kitchen area we have the bathroom to your right and then we have
our second bedroom comes with a ceiling fan this is a beautiful apartment located in
Kingston 8 in Norbrook if you’d like to schedule your viewing please just give
me a call at 1-876-862-5848 I’m also located on whatsapp so you can give me a call on whatsapp or you can
send me a message you can also email me at [email protected] so
thank you again for watching my video and I will see you next time don’t
forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Paula Sells Jamaica & follow me on Instagram paula_sells_jamaica or on
Facebook @ Paula Sells Jamaica it was great seeing you again and I look
forward to seeing you next time

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  1. Hi – what is the price of this rental? Can you share that information when you post units? Also are there any units for sale in the area?

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