Alex Guthrie and Injoy Fountain Do An Incredible Job Taking Us “Home” – The Voice Battles 2019

Alex Guthrie and Injoy Fountain Do An Incredible Job Taking Us “Home” – The Voice Battles 2019

100 thoughts on “Alex Guthrie and Injoy Fountain Do An Incredible Job Taking Us “Home” – The Voice Battles 2019

  1. Well To be completely honest with all of you guys When Alex Guthrie & Injoy Fountain sang ''Home'' By Marc Broussard during The battle rounds of The Voice Tonight Wow I thought they both did such A great & Amazing Job But I think He won This battle So, Congratulations To Him But at the same time I wish somebody would of press The button & Steal Injoy. Because, I think She deserves A second chance!!!

  2. Lots of OVERWEIGHT contestants this season. The FATTIES are dominating this year. They should call it The Voice: the season of Pillsbury Doughboy!

  3. I prefer Alex cause he seemed more natural while Injoy seemed more like she tries too hard. And that Kool-aid man outfit didnt do her any favors

  4. I think they cut the result out so I would not smash my phone 😂
    I don't like anything after blinds because good people are ROBBED

  5. Alex was really good here … I wasn’t expecting some of the runs he did. On another day he might have won. Injoy killed it. I really liked Gwen giving Alex a bit of good feedback, I feel like she thought he wasn’t getting enough

  6. Miss Injoy always enjoying herself on stage… Alex hit it wth those low notes… I'm over here making stank faces… Each&every contestant is special in their own way… Loved&enjoyed this 👏❤💯

  7. This is actually just an equal battle. Injoy's voice is "louder" than Alex but if you listen closely, Alex's vocals are actually really really good, and those low notes, my gosh, so flawless.

  8. I am a little confused Injoy was destroying him he was really good but I couldn’t focus on him at all next to her he lacked prescience and his voice was sounding weak but this is only in comparison to who he was up against not how I think his performance is in general

  9. Dude is good. But this battle won Injoy. It’s not fare for Kelly to overlook that. Injoy came out of her comfort and killed it.

  10. Disappointed that Injoy didn't win. She has star power. I wish her well and hope through this exposure she gets more and better opportunities. The Voice has always been about the coaches! Not the talent. The singers that make it through are "extras"! They rarely support the winners anyway. Blake is the exception.

  11. Alex could have some really special moments with the right songs. He should not be belting, or doing 'the blues'. His voice is warm, lively and flexible. Something soulful, but folk soulful, not blues.

  12. Can't even finish watching the video after knowing Injoy gets eliminated. Injoy clearly killed it through talent and performance. KELLY WHY?!

  13. Stop saying she got “robbed”. There’s no denying she is a powerhouse. With that said, jelly herself and the rest of the Judges all have powerhouses on their teams. Alex is unique, a male with that kind of range is something you gotta hold on too. His lower notes were BUTTER, and his transition into those high runs were INCREDIBLE. He has something that needs to be cherished.

  14. Alex won because of what he did @1:33, that was breathtaking, and unforgatable. They were both good, and Injoy should have been stolen.

  15. Kelly made the right decision! There have been way too many voices exactly like Injoy's on The Voice and it's time to show other talented artists. There aren't many voices similar to Alex and he deserves to show off his talent just as much as any one else on the show. Alex is very similar to Allen Stone… another underrated soulful voice with a killer range. This dude can definitely make it to the finale and is by far, my favorite already. An amazing audition and now an even better battle round! Nobody was robbed from him moving on to the next round because both contestants were equal.

  16. Honestly Injoy got robbed. SOMEONE should sign her. Plus she was on rent. She should of won this round honestly. I feel like alex will not be memorable. Let's be honest. INJOY WAS THE STAR OF THIS PERFORMANCE. Kelly got this wrong and I think she knows she made a mistake. I get that she saw something in Alex but I THINK she chose Alex expecting the other judges to steal Injoy but that obviously didn't work. Kelly should of picked Injoy becuase she was the better performer. She nailed it AND behind the scenes she was nervous to do that song because she never did it but yeah clearly she won this and we all can agree to this. I love Kelly but she got this wrong.

  17. Is it possible that Blake and John use reverse physiology to get Kelly to choose the one they don't want to steal so they can jump on the one they really want.
    Just saying….

  18. Aight this one I can't figure out. Alex is good but it just seems like he was straining himself in order to keep up with Injoy. This ain't right. Injoy definitely would have been fun to see progress in the show

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