Adrienne Houghton’s Home Entertaining Tips | All Things Adrienne

Adrienne Houghton’s Home Entertaining Tips | All Things Adrienne

– Hey, what’s up everyone, I don’t know about you
but I love entertaining, whether it’s throwing a full on party or having just a few
friends over at the house to hang out, you have to set the scene. That means food, drinks and ambiance, so I’m gonna share some
easy entertaining tips so that everyone feels at home and has a good time. (upbeat music) My first tip is you have to
dress up your appetizers, now your guest are always
gonna arrive hungry so they’re gonna need
something to munch on but guess what, it doesn’t
have to be a culinary masterpiece or expensive to be impressive. So I like to buy store bought appetizers and we’re about to make them look homemade and oh, fancy. I’m gonna start with
store bought guacamole, for my Latinas out there
who can whip this up in two seconds, more power to you, if you don’t have the
time though you guys, no one will know, watch. Just gonna pour this in there, I got like four of them here, dump that into a nice little white bowl or just a pretty bowl
that you have for guac, just like that. Guac ends up going so
fast, everyone likes guac, so get it in there, make
it look like you actually took the time to do this
all by yourself at home. Now that you’ve got your guac in the bowl, it’s time to spice it up. So we’re gonna add all the dressing to it, guys, pomegranate seeds
are on the trend right now, every restaurant I go to it’s so chic when you have pomegranates
in your guac right now, so you’re gonna add a
little bit of that in there, you’re also gonna add to it some cilantro. Again, you have to make
it look like it was made at home, you did this yourself, don’t let anybody convince you you didn’t and if somebody ask did
you do that yourself, yes I did, I did this part, okay, it’s technically not a lie. Now here’s a really
important tip about guac, you definitely want to add
some lemon drizzle on top because not only does it taste amazing but it actually stops your
guac from turning brown, the acid in the lemon
keeps it looking fresh. So just in case you did
this earlier in the day and your guest are arriving later when they arrive they don’t
arrive to brown guacamole. The next step is cojita cheese, this is literally like a Mexican feta, it crumbles and you’re just gonna do pretty much this on top, just like that and when
you’re done with this you wanna make sure that your
presentation looks perfect, so clean up the edges of it. Boom. You could swear I was a chef. Alright, now you’re gonna add your chips and again, to make it look
fly and fancy mix it up, you can actually get
blue corn tortilla chips and regular tortilla chips
and mix them together. I just like the look of
blue corn tortilla chips, it just, again, looks chic and different, looks like restaurant food. It’s exotic people, it’s exotic. Look at this, our store
bought guac now looks like elevated Mexican cuisine. (laughing) Come through fiesta. So now we’re gonna do
pretty much the same thing with this hummus, we’re
gonna take it and actually pour it into here and make
it look like a home made Mediterranean platter. So now that you’ve got
your hummus in the bowl, it’s time to dress it up. So you’re gonna add some olive oil, make sure you drizzle it on top, I like to use a spoon cause
it gets super messy for me, so I’m just gonna drizzle just like that. Oh, I’m fancy with it. (chuckles) Then from there, you’re
gonna add some paprika, just sprinkle that on top, just like that, just a little bit, don’t get crazy, don’t want your guest choking. Just like that and I like
the color that it adds. Then you’re adding a little bit of mint and parsley. Come on you guys, you
know this looks fancy. We’re real fancy over
here at Chateau Houghton. Okay, then you’re gonna
add some chick peas, which really makes this
look like you absolutely made this at home, like guys,
this is what this is in there, I stayed up all night creating
this beautiful platter. Lies. This hummus will have you
convinced that literally I am a culinary artiste,
I’m looking at it, aw it looks so beautiful, especially now that I’ve
added all of my veggies, you can use whatever veggies you like, some tomatoes, some celery, go for it and now you’re gonna add
pita chips on the other side. So that’s my Mediterranean platter, we’ve got our Mexican fiesta over here and that is how we
dressed up our appetizers, they went from looking
sad and store bought to homemade. (upbeat music) So now that we’ve got the
food covered for your guest, now we’ve gotta quench their thirst. So my second tip is a signature cocktail. I don’t wanna be the
bartender at my party, I just wanna be able
to mingle and have fun and talk to my guest so I love the idea of actually getting a drink dispenser, it’s now a cocktail dispenser and actually prepping your
drink before your guest get there and they can serve themselves but it’s still your signature cocktail, you can actually even put a tag on it, name it, this one we’re
calling, It’s About Thyme, we have some cocktails. We’re gonna start by
cutting up some grapefruit, guess what guys, it’s a
grapefruit thyme cocktail, that’s why it’s called, It’s About Thyme, you see what I did there. (chuckles) Alright, so my grapefruits are cut up, now it’s time to actually build the drink. So we’re gonna start by adding ginger beer into here just like this and then we’ll add the
vodka of your choice. Alright, I’m gonna put just
about this much in there, oh gosh, that’s enough. That’s enough of that. And now, we’re actually going
to squeeze our grapefruit into the drink and the coolest thing is, once you’re done squeezing, let it drop, it actually
becomes the decor for the drink and makes it look super pretty. So I’m gonna squeeze away. Make sure you squeeze both directions, that’s the key and you
actually want some of the pulp to also get in the drink
to add even more zest. Over here just squeezing my life away, getting a little arm workout,
little finger workout. Okay, so for those that don’t know, I didn’t know this, you
actually pull thyme down, like this and it comes off just like that and you’re just gonna
sprinkle that in there, just like that. We’re gonna stir this all together, just like that, get the fizz going, pop the lid on, just like that and my signature cocktail
is ready to serve. So you’ve got your grapefruit slices, you’ve got some thyme,
you’ve got mason jars, ice and cute straws
and people can actually now build their own drink. Now it’s time to taste our drink. Cheers. Oh my god, it’s so refreshing. Um, that really is good, just saying. This is mine, thanks. Cheers. (upbeat music) My next tip, after they’ve been fed, they’ve been drinking, trust me, your guest are gonna
wanna know what the WiFi password is, it happens
at my house all the time, we have terrible service here, people wanna start taking
pictures for Instagram, IG story and just how
popping your party is and you don’t wanna
miss out on that hashtag for whatever your party is. So you wanna make sure
that you provide them the WiFi and password but as the host of the party, you’ve got so much going on, you don’t wanna have to
stop and give every single person the password,
so guess what I’ve done for my house, I’ve actually
printed and laminated the WiFi and password. So it says, Home Is Where The
Wi-Fi Connects Automatically and we’ve got the network and password. I actually did this at
my local print shop, if you don’t have time
to actually go and get it laminated like this, I’ve
got another idea for you. I think these are so cute, they’re little easel chalk boards, you actually can use chalk but I figured since my WiFi
and password isn’t gonna change, it looks fancier with a gold pen. I would love to take
credit for this handwriting but I have awful handwriting,
Israel actually did this, he’s got great handwriting,
everyone’s got someone in their life. You can take credit, this
is your work right here. – I get credit. – Yes, you do. – I’m taking the credit, my handwriting. – Yes, that’s his handwriting,
it’s better than mine. (laughing) It’s way better than mine. Everyone has someone in their life though that’s got great
handwriting, find that person and have them do it for you. I actually have 10 of these just laid out around my house, some
are like, by the bar, in the kitchen, you want
one in multiple places. So again, so people don’t harass you and ask you a million times what your WiFi and password is, they’re all set up. (upbeat music) One of the most important things to prep when you’re entertaining is the ambiance, the vibe that you’re
setting when your guest walk in the house and for me, the best thing is candles. When you walk into someones home and there’s candles going,
the lighting gets sexier, the smell is incredible. So, here’s my hack, I
don’t like spending a lot of money on candles, I’m like
frugal Fran over here people but every time people come into my house they’re like, what are your candles, it smells amazing in here. I’ve got candles
everywhere constantly going and most of the time they just assume that I’ve spent like
75 dollars on a candle, I would never, that is so expensive. So I love the idea of
getting an affordable candle, I love Bath and Bodyworks,
one of my favorites, the candles are 24
dollars but most the time you get them for 12 and
sometimes even three for 24. So, I love that they’ve actually made it kinda of simple for
you to remove the label cause sometimes this is the
things that throws you off when you’re looking at
the decor of your house, might not want this to
be these neon colors. So I love that they’ve
made it that you actually can remove the label just like this. And voila, no one knows
where I got my candle from and yes, continue to think
that it was 75 dollars, thank you. Some of them are not as easy to remove, so if you’ve got one like
this that actually has a paper label that’s
kinda hard to get off, you wanna get glass cleaner or like Windex and you’re actually gonna
spray it just like this, all over it, make sure it
gets on there really well, especially in the corners
where it’s gonna lift, lift it as much as you
can that always helps me. You’re actually gonna let
this sit for five minutes and then you’re gonna scrub it off, watch how this works. This candle was six dollars from Michaels and now that it doesn’t have
a label and it’s just clean, it looks like it coulda been bought at a shabby chic boutique. Love that, works like magic. So now that I’ve got all
my candles, label free, I’m now gonna light them
and place them around my house, I love to put
them in the living room, the kitchen, I even like keeping one lit in the bathroom, who knows
what’s gonna happen in there. Keep everywhere smelling fresh, there’s nothing greater
than somebody walking into your home and saying, it
smells amazing in here, I take that as such a compliment. So, now you’ll get a compliment too. (upbeat music) My last tip is create a Polaroid station, I love this because it allows
us to capture the memories and it actually gives your guest something that they can actually go home with. Here’s what you’re gonna need
for you Polaroid station, a Polaroid camera, some
film, you don’t wanna run out early, a gold pen and I just
like to have a scrap book where they actually can
place the Polaroid picture and a little message for the night. They can take one home to go with them and then there’s one
that’s left for you to keep and I actually use the same scrapbook for all my events. I love, love, love that they
send little messages there of what they thought of the night, ya know like, girl, your
homemade guac was bomb, I love the instant
gratification of Polaroids, I actually got this
one at Urban Outfitters and I love it cause I
use it for all my events, I used it for my bridal
shower, for Thanksgiving, every time someone comes
over we’re taking Polaroids and these new ones have
a selfie cam in the front thank you very much. (camera flash) Ow. And just like that you shake
it like a Polaroid picture. We’ve got Scotch tape here so that they can place it in the book and you can set up your Polaroid station anywhere in your house, it
can be in the living room on a little table, wherever you’d like. So you’re gonna shake, shake, shake and tape it just like this or you can actually use
a glue stick as well. Stick that right there,
we’re watching that develop, grab your Sharpie, shake this too, “You’re the best host ever” Yeah you girl, yeah you. “Love, Adrienne” Bam. So those are my five
easy entertaining tips to help you be the
hostess with the mostest but I wanna hear what you guys are doing, let me in on your secrets, leave comments below and
don’t forget to subscribe. See ya next time.

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