A Day In My Real Estate Life

A Day In My Real Estate Life

Hey, what’s up guys? So, today’s video is a
little bit of a different style than normal.
I’m just calling this kind of like a day in life. And we are here in my bedroom/
It’s… Camille has a little weird I got all my junk lying around my wife. Got
back from the bank. Check it out. I just have like a whole pile of cash sitting
on the bed. Whoa, that’s not very secure. So, what I wanted to do is I just wanted to
give you some insight into how it actually looks when I do real estate. I
don’t think it’s all that exciting. The money is really exciting but I don’t
think a lot of people really get what it looks like to be a successful investor.
So, this is going to be just a little bit more off the cuff and hopefully you get
some value out of it. So… Uhm, we are in my bedroom because my
kids are home from school and they totally know how to be loud banshees. I
got 4 kids. I love them to pieces. They’re amazing. But what I’ve got… All I
really need to do real estate these days it’s right here on my phone. I don’t need
a car so I don’t really go anywhere. I’ve set up a system with a team of experts
where I’ll just… I’ll just kind of show you. So if you look over here, I’ve got
one of my partners. So I’ll kind of pull up my partner page actually that’s
filled with sensitive information. But I got a page where I’ve got a list of all
my partners that are out there doing deals with me. And we’re partnered up on
these deals where my part of the partnership… Their part is to bring the
money. My part is to leverage my team of 200 experts to find the very best deals
in the world. And it’s always here in America. But what I’m doing right now is
I’m looking at a property right here. This is one that I’m about to get under
contract with my buddy. My main man Brody. I’m not going to give you Flast name. But
come come zoom in on this let me just kind of kind of show you so you can
understand. I basically tell my team, “Yo, Brody’s ready for a deal.” And then
usually within 24 hours… Sometimes same day, sometimes 2 or 3 days, they
send me about a property. And it always looks like this. So this is a property
floor to Winterhaven on 6020 Live Oak Drive. You can zoom in and say, “Oh, it’s a
very entry level. Like Kris talks about that all the time.” The reason why I’m in
the Florida market is because of this. I can buy this property for a $160,000. It’s a $32,000 down payment but once I
put in my closing cost, my rehab, I’m basically going to be 45 grand on this.
There’s a property it was built in 2005. So, this is actually a pretty new home.
And it’s a pretty home, it’s great. What I like the most though is if you come over
here on the financial breakdown, my monthly rent looks like 1350. But my
monthly principal and interest based on today’s rates is going to be 736. My
taxes are 208, my monthly insurance. So my total payment is going to be 999. So 1.350,
$9.99. This property’s going to be about a $350 month
cash flow. And then this is what I looked at. I say to myself, what is my annualized
cash on cash and what is my cash on cash with appreciation? Well, my total ROI is
boom! $28.49%. Now, just want to tell you
something. If you’re new to real estate, you don’t know what you’re looking at,
that means that every year, this property is projected to grow a 28% from my investment. That is crazy awesome. Like we’re thrilled about this.
Now, my annualized cash on cash… Meaning, the free cash that I’m going to get back is
just under 7%. But look, with raising rents it goes to 8%,
it goes to 10%. And that means that my 10-year ROI is gonna jump up
and be as high as 31%. Now, this is a home that we’re going to buy. And
Florida, we’re going to be exiting Florida based on where we’re at in the timing.
Probably in only 3 years. So there’s going to be a very short buy. But if we’re
doing 28% a year, we’re probably going to do 100% on our money
by the time we actually sell. So, this is one of the properties. Now, if you look
down here. I mean, yeah. Don’t allow your mind to go nuts with all of the
rest of this data. But I’ve got a team… How it starts out as I have a… Have a
research team. And so, my research team… Their job is to basically calm each week
through thousands of properties so that they can find a couple of dozen that
look like this. And then my partners and I we cherry pick and get the very best
ones. This is another one. Check this out. This is another one of my markets. This
guy… This is in Memphis. Now, this homes a little bit stranger. If
you take a look at it, this is definitely a good-looking home but you could
totally tell that it is an older home. So, this is a home that’s 1967. I would not
normally be interested in buying a house from 1967. But I do know on this one,
they’ve got it everything. All the electrical, all the plumbing. Like they
took it down to stud. So for me, it’s effective your built has actually bumped
up to this year, 2018. So on this one, you can see I got a purchase price a 145,000. And they were able to wrap in the rehab on it. Which
means that my total out-of-pocket is 36 grand.
So, it’s actually slower on this one. My rent is going to be strong
in this area. 1,250. Which means that my cash on cash is higher than in Florida.
This is a cash flow market. Back we’re almost 9% our first year and up to
nearly 12% in a 10th year. Even though we won’t make it that far.
With appreciation, we’re looking at just shy a 28% my first year. And growing up
to 32%. Now, I don’t want this to skew any of you because most people and their RO
eyes are doing like maybe 5 or 8 or 10%. But you got to understand we’ve done
thousands of these deals so we have this really dialed in. Now, when I… When I go to
one of my partners and we actually do one of these deals, it’s pretty exciting.
I basically send them an email or a text of this. So when I get it… When I say I
don’t even need my laptop. I just get it here. I send it to them and I text them
and say, “This is a winner. Let’s go.” They’ll text me back and the realtor
will send them over the contract, will nab it. You got to be wicked fast. We got
it under contract, we’re going to finish our due diligence and basically we’re off to
the races. Then the next thing that happens… I just got this email and today.
You can see it right here. I sent this to one of my partners it says, “Dear Paul
Alicia, please be advised that you’re following house is just leased out.” This
is one we just closed on a couple weeks ago. And it tells us some information
about who’s renting it out on our Florida home. I sent it to my partner
says, “Hey, great news. Appreciate the update.”
You know, Paul… You know, he’s a great partner. We’ve already done in 4
projects together, 5 projects together. And on these 3 that we just bought,
we get them leased out and then I come back and say, “Hey, let’s go buy more.” And
so, it’s automated. Like it’s a very, very simple process once you’re all set up. So,
I wanted to shoot this video because I want you to understand that this green
stuff right here, this is actually for a different, different project. Let’s take
my laundering money or something. I shouldn’t say that posted on YouTube. But
no. This is actually… These are actually all this ones. But my… I’m doing a fun
project with this. What I do is I do a money bath with them.
And we basically throw all the money around and we dance and we get crazy. And
everyone thinks that I’m the world’s most wicked partner to do that. But what I’m doing
is I’m not going to let my kids be taught about money and entrepreneurship
from society. Because they’re going to learn all sorts of things that I don’t want
them to know about. Instead, what’s going to happen is I’m actually going to be the
one to teach and educate them. What is money? I’ll do it it’s paper. It’s neutral.
It has no value but the value that you assign it. Anyway… But this is all
byproduct of this whole real estate machine. So what it actually turns out to
is I’ve got such a team that is so empowered that I probably average making
between 10 and 20. Sometimes 30 thousand dollars an hour on the time that I put
in and the money I get back from real estate because I’m using a lot of
leverage. I’ve got my research team, I’ve got my Realtors, I’ve got my property
management teams, I’ve got my closers, I’ve got… You know, for the title
companies, right? I’ve got my ongoing management, my internal staff. I’ve got my
accounting team. Right now I’m just trying to tell you to do one deal and
make all this money. But just know that you can systematize and wrap this thing
up. Seeing it to the point where you’re doing tons of deals. And for me, that’s
when real estate is fun. You know, right now we’re buying homes every single week.
And doesn’t matter whether the markets up or down, we’re crushing it. And I won’t
invite you to do the same. Anyway, I hope that’s helpful. So what you just
witnessed there… Yeah, my real estate takes me literally just minutes a day.
And it’s just sending out some texts and getting something and texting on to the
next person. And you know, what we’re off to the races.
Behind the scenes my team is putting in an average of 342 hours per project. And
that’s a lot. So people are definitely working a lot that makes this
whole thing go around. I’m super grateful for them, they’re amazing brilliant
people. But I just wanted to show you that you can get to a point where you
bring this to a boss status. As in I’m the boss. And as the boss, it doesn’t have
to take a lot of time to make an enormous sum of money. You just got to
start by getting in the game. You got to start by getting you your very first
deal. So that you can actually start this process of building wealth. And if you
want help with that, click the link in the description below and you’ll
actually have an opportunity to with my team that works with my entire
power team to really find out what we can do that can help you the most.
It might be learning how to do my no-money-down real estate that got me
launched and started. Or you may have put some assets aside 401k, IRA. And you might
be ready to actually partner or plug into my system and get access to these
incredible deals. Either way, take some action. Like do something with this
because the longer you’re in the game of real estate, the more it’s gonna benefit
you and the greater financial legacy you can create for yourself. Thanks for
watching today’s video, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you like it, that
you subscribe, ring the bell. And tomorrow morning, we got our next video coming
your way.

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  1. Kris, I want to thank you for everything you’ve showed us. Thank you for uploading every single day and thank you for being how you are. Thank you for uploading a video for almost any scenario there is in real estate. Thank you for opening my eyes and showing me the way to become financially free.

    -You’re Amazing. Please keep going🙏🏻

  2. I’m only 14, my career plans could change, but this since seems like a way better alternative then the way society depicts success.

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  6. Kris that was really cool to see a day in your shoes. I’m gonna be attending the limitless conference this year. I hope to meet you there, pick your brain, and get jumpstarted in the game of Real Estate by the time it’s finished.

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