8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

– [Dylan] The art of
hiding things in plain site is a tough one to master. Today we’ll show you eight
clever places to stash your cash, prized possessions or
even your important data. Got a big decorative
candle just sitting around? Why not turn it into a
classy storage container to stow away your rainy day fund? First, you’ll need to pick out a target. We recommend using a large
3-wick candle like this. You’ll need a one and a half inch spade to bore out the center of the candle. The goal is fit a small container inside. For this demonstration we
used an old medicine bottle. Flip the candle over and line up your spade up with the center. Now slowly drill down into
the candle taking breaks to remove the loose wax. Place the container inside,
add your secret payload and then finally, cap it all off. As an added level of
security, feel free to place the bottom sticker over
the hole and your candle is safe and ready for action. How enlightening. You don’t need fancy candles
in order to hide your goods. In fact, a simple pair of
jeans can be fashioned into a denim deposit box for
your sensitive data. Just flip open your jeans
and cut a small slit across the inner-lining of the waistband using a blade or scissors. Once that’s done, slip your item inside the band for safe keeping. To remove the item, just
push it from the back until it slides right out. If you have a refrigerator
to yourself you might also consider slipping your
items into a beverage bottle. The darker the liquid, the better. Start by pouring out
about half of the bottle into another glass for safe keeping. You will need this later. Get a small container that
will fit inside the bottle, and with some superglue,
attach the two lids together. While you wait for everything
to dry, fill up your container with all that delicious
candy the doctor says you shouldn’t be eating. Reattach the base to the
now, secured lid and begin pouring liquid back into the main bottle. Keep testing the amount liquid as you go. If you overfill, just remove a bit until your hidden container is
concealed by the dark liquid. That’s it, a simple sugary safe for your secret sour patch stash or, whatever else you wanna put in there that starts with the letter S. This next one’s called the Upper Decker. Simply get yourself a Ziploc
bag and some duct tape. Start by tearing off a long
and short piece of tape. Place the small piece
onto the sticky center of the longer strip. Attach both ends over the
Ziploc and insert your grandma’s heirloom flatware collection. Hit your bathroom with a
nice spritz of air freshener, then remove the lid of the tank. Your configuration may vary
from ours but we decided to place the bag along
the back of the reservoir. By peeling off one end of
the tape and sticking it to the back of the toilet,
we were able to get it to stay put without inhibiting
normal toilet functions. Make sure you test everything before adding the lid back on top. When you’re done, you’ve
completed the upper decker and unless there’s a major
backup, no one will be the wiser. Another way to safeguard your items from someone’s grubby grasp,
is something you may have in every room, a floor vent. First, you need a strong
container that can take a beating. We’ll be using this mint tin. You need to put a small hole in the top. Using a drill will make this much easier. Follow it up with another
hole on the side of the tin. Run a ball chain or thick
twine through the holes and make sure you have
enough slack that will allow you to conceal the tin-case
deep inside the air duct. Give it a little hanging test to make sure that there are no weak links. Now remove the air vent
from its resting place and loop the chain or twine
around one of the bottom flaps. Attach the ends together
with a clasp or tie them off and toss your container
into the Sarlacc Pit, where it will find a new
definition of pain and suffering as it’s slowly digested
over a thousand years. Not every hiding place
needs to be disguised. Sometimes the best camouflage
is an uninteresting item that’s lurking in your junk drawer. For example, this Star Wars Dark Empire 2 audiobook on cassette. Just pop open, oh, looks
like somebody’s already using this to hide their coveted
Donald Royal, 1994 Collector’s Choice card, ahh, and
the overpowered Magic: the Gathering Muscle Sliver
from the Tempest set. Wait, what’s this? Hmmm, you’ll find those out for yourself. So, essentially you can see
that any overlooked item can be used to hide away
your various treasures without prying eyes looking twice. Most people don’t know that
you can separate a Sharpie and the process is fairly simple. Just get a pair of pliers,
then squeeze and twist off the end very carefully. The ink contained inside is
covered with a plastic layer that will prevent it from
rubbing off on any items that may come in contact with it. If you want the market
to remain functional then it’s probably best to use
this for money storage. Simply wrap your bills around
the ink dispenser tightly and then snap the top
portion back into the base. It’s almost the perfect fit. The marker should still
function as usual and unless the Sharpie bandit strikes,
your cash will go undisturbed. A similar idea can be applied
to your everyday TV remote. All you need is a tiny
flathead screwdriver to pop open the casing. Just carefully work
your way around the seam until the two pieces begin to pop apart. Once you’re inside, go ahead
and remove the circuit board to find a nice empty space just begging for some secrets to keep. Obviously all remotes
are different so what you can store inside is going to vary. We’ll just stick to cash for this one. Reassemble the remote
and snap it together. It’ll still function as
usual and your belongings will be hidden in plain sight. Just try not to lose
that remote in the couch. That’s all for today as
our sneaky suggestions have come to an end. If you enjoyed this video,
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spot that we missed? Let us know in the comments
and we’ll see you next time.

100 thoughts on “8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

  1. The sharpie would not be safe with me

    I open sharpies often to paint with the ink

    It work well with rubbing alcohol as a cheap "water color " instead of water

  2. when I was a kid I would put my $ in the battery back up for my alarm clock/radio. nice 9 volt area holds plenty of moolah….

  3. Best kind of house to hide valuables in is a hoarders home… cause there’s no one specific place things are haha they’d have a time looking for valuables then…

  4. I put money in a spot at the back of my computer ended up burning 1000 dollars. It caught on fire and my computer was destroyed

  5. throws away the sharpie
    Next Day

    Me: Where's my Sharpie!?
    Person: Oh, I threw it away because it didn't work, why?
    Me: REEEEEEE!!!!

  6. “Mans house burns down after cash hidden inside a tv remote is set ablaze by the remotes electric current”

  7. Let me just, take his sharpie, his jeans, his Gatorade, his toilet, his disc player, his tv, AND remote, and his floor vent. Oh, oh, and candle.

  8. I know I’m a geek, but, play 4:39 at 0.25 speed, and that is a Westinghouse Televisionaire that you see.


  10. My Grandmother was a nutter (and sneaky with it) and taught me all her best tricks. Like “how to hide money from your husband” 😂
    One good place for folded notes is in your curtains, behind the header tape. More often than not, the header tape on ready made curtains isn’t sewn at the end, which gives you a perfect pocket. You could use the hem too but you’d probably have to unpick it a bit and it’s easier to detect.

  11. What You say “the delicious candy the doctor says you shouldn’t be eating”
    What my brain hears “the drugs”
    Hiding things is hard because it’s gotta be in something hidden but easy to remember. Something useful but not commonly used.

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