– Today we’re going to count down and reveal the top seven tactics used by property education
scammers to pinch your money, hosted by me, Shaf Rasul,
and Freddie the Furu. Three, two, one, go. (upbeat music) Welcome to “Top of the Conbuster’s.” Ever heard of a Furu? Nope? Well, before we get into our con countdown I need quickly explain
to you what a Furu is. Once you know, you’ll
want to steer well clear! You know what a guru is, right? Someone who is a teacher,
an influential expert. A Furu is simply a fake
guru, a contrepreneur. And believe me, you definitely don’t want to get mixed up with a property Furu. They will try their very
best to convince you that they are genuine, but
they’ll take your money from you as sure as the earth goes around the sun. They’ll ask you to buy their courses or invest in them and their schemes, and sadly you’re likely
to lose all your money and have nothing to show for it. But don’t worry. Today’s “Top of the
Conbuster’s” will help you avoid these charlatans
and keep your money safe. Welcome to “Top of the Conbuster’s,” and our deception countdown begins with Par For The Course, which jumps
in straight at number seven. (exciting music) Par For The Course. A property Furu will
first ask you to sign up for a free course or
seminar in a plush hotel where they will spill their secrets in a life changing workshop. They’ll promise you the earth,
so listen to your instinct. If what they are offering seems too good to be true, then it will be. They’ll make all sorts
of outlandish claims to get you to that hotel. Take a step back and ask yourself if what they are saying
really does add up. Here’s a question for you. Why would they pay a small fortune to book a conference
suite in a fancy hotel and then spend thousands
of pounds in advertising to get you to attend a free course to teach you how to get rich quickly? That really doesn’t add
up as a business model. If they really wanted to help you and as many other people
as possible for free, surely they could just post
their content on the internet. A little bit of Par For
The Course, eh, good stuff. Cunningly sneaking in at number six, we have Credit Where Credit is Due Credit Where Credit is Due. Let’s imagine you’ve fallen
for the free course scam, and you’re sitting in that hotel function suite or conference room. That’s you, now in a sales funnel. They’ll bombard you with images and info of people that they say
once sat in your seat. They’ll tell you they are
practical millionaires now. All utter nonsense, of course. They’ll ask you to phone
your credit card company and get you to negotiate
a new credit limit. They’ll say it’s a test of
your negotiating skills. It’s not. It’s simply a cunning ploy to make sure you have the means to pay
for the additional courses that they will try to
get you to sign up for. They’ll try to convince you by saying you can’t possibly learn
everything you need to know in the space of time the
free course is being run for. With a little bit of trickery and a slight bit of disinformation, number five is Insecure
Unit, check it out. Insecure Unit. A Furu will play on your
fears and insecurities. They know that because of the very fact that you’re sitting in front
of them for your free course, means you want to improve things. As you know, I’m all for self-improvement, but not when it’s just one big con. They will tell you everything
that you want to hear because they know you’ve invested your time, money and emotions
in attending the course. They’ll makes you feel stupid
for not believing in yourself. They will reinforce the same messages. “Take chances!” “Stop listening to the
little voice in your head.” Some people will eventually succumb and pay thousands of
pounds for the courses. They are shamelessly manipulative, so please keep your wits about you. Right, in at number four, taking advantage of a few whoppers and a
bit of misinformation is Lies, Lies and More Lies, check it out. Lies, Lies And More Lies One of the biggest fibs a
property Furu will tell you is that anyone can do it. I’ve done in excess of 500 million worth of property transactions during my career and all I can say, if it really
is as easy as the Furu says, why hasn’t everyone had
that level of success? I’ll tell you why, because it’s not. Blood, sweat, tears has
got me to where I am, not luck or a few below-market-value deals from motivated sellers. I know several dozen
property multi-millionaires and a billionaire, and not one has attended a course
or worked with a Furu. What does that tell you? Right, that’s us into the top three now, and with a little bit of bluffing, Cashing In just jumps straight
in there at number three. Cashing In. Now listen up, because this is
a really cynical thing to do. Furus know folk are more likely
to believe they are genuine if their course is expensive, so they will vastly inflate the price. The higher the price, the more customers will think they’re getting value. After all, no one would charge a fortune for a course that was a con, would they? Sadly, we know they would. With a bit of coercion, The Hard Sell jumps straight in at number two. The Hard Sell. So you went on the free course and got seduced into the masterclass that you’ve several thousand pounds for. You’ve completed the course
and have a certificate from the Furu Property Academy for attending the master class. They’ve supposedly furnished you with all the skills,
knowledge and confidence you need to be successful
in the world of property. But instead of finding your
own deals, they’ll offer you deals that they’ve
already sourced for you. The next part of their con has just began. Not only have you paid a king’s ransom for a qualification that
isn’t recognised by anyone, but they’ve used their masterclass to work out what to sell you. My best advice here
would be to turn around and run away as fast as you can! And ladies and gentlemen in at number one, and it seems to have been
there for ever and no doubt will be top of the duplicity
charts for a while, give me a big round of
applause for Do Your Research. (audience cheers and claps) Do Your Research. Of course, the best way to spot a Furu is to do as much research as you can. If there is a course you’re interested in, do your homework and
make sure it’s reputable. Google and search the press for your potential course
provider’s background. Have they run a similar
course with a different name? Check out as many reviews as possible. Don’t simply check out the reviews on the provider’s own website. I think they may well have employed a bit of artistic licence
in creating the reviews. Instead, check out
independent reviews sites. But be aware that good
reviews might be fake. It is really easy to buy fake reviews. Another sneaky tactic
you need to watch out for when you’re checking reviews is, some people who attend the
Furu’s free crash course are encouraged to write a
review so they can enter a draw to win a free place on a paid course. If a lot of five-star reviews
appear on the same day, the chances are its people entering to win a space on a paid course. Finally, post on one of
the many property forums and discussion groups on the internet, asking about the Furu and the course. If you can recommend any
forums or discussion groups, please do post them in the comments below. Here’s your takeaway from this video. If a Furu really has the secrets to making millions in property, why are they flogging courses? The answer is some of them
certainly do make millions, but it’s by selling courses,
not by doing property. My Seven Hacks has given you an insight into the techniques a Furu
will use to try to lure you in. For more peace of mind, check out my next video on property scams. And don’t worry, I’ll never ask
you to sign up for a course, pay for membership or hand over any money! Nope, all I want you to do is to subscribe and hit the notification
bell for my YouTube channel and I’ll do everything I
can to help you succeed. Before you go, there’s a
couple of property videos that I think you’ll enjoy. I’ve left a link for them
at the end of this video. Here’s a trailer for my
“Get Real Estate” series, which goes live at the end of this month. Check it out if you really want to learn about property
and avoid the Furu trap. (suspenseful music) The Sun newspaper quoted me as saying, “I bought a property at nine
a.m. for 3.3 million pounds “and sold it by 11 a.m. for 5.5 million. “That was a two million pounds
profit before lunchtime.” If you want to replicate
my success, listen up. Today I’m going to reveal
the type of property that I invest in, and some
of my property strategies. Three, two, one, go. (upbeat music)

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