50 thoughts on “5 Stocks To Watch In March 2020 (As The Market Drops)

  1. Had this video scheduled for Monday but I just invested another $5,000 in the market so I will be doing an update on that instead on Monday! Stay tuned!

  2. Great vid bro ! Im packing bags of Bitcoins myself – I have a good feeling about the future of cryptocurrencys !

  3. Anyone putting more money outside the stock market as well? (i.e. gold/siver). I don't believe we are at the bottom yet but obviously I'm no expert.

  4. Ryan your videos have certainly inspired us to make videos on YouTube. We uploaded our first vid like 2 days ago. Thank you and continue producing quality content

  5. Thanks @Ryan Scribner for the advice!! I’m still learning the stock trade at the moment. I remember when you first started your YouTube channel. You’ve grown a lot since then. I’m proud of you. Keep doing great work!

  6. Thank you for the review of the 5 stocks. I have CLX, it was a boring stock, now it shines. It is one of the virus friendly stock to hold.

  7. Heads up: The banks could also really suffer here with the rate cuts forcing them to act in ways they shouldn't be. I don't like trading options but even I have put spreads against a few big banks.
    See you all in a few weeks! 😉

  8. Right now there is not much logic in buying and selling.
    Probably the best thing is to do nothing..it turned out that Virus can do more damage than WW3.
    I would not sell anything and would buy Tech Stocks..

  9. Im out of the market atm except for my one position in Kimberly Clark. I personally stay away from those travel stocks because in my mind, if they cant get their stuff together during a bull market, theyll implode during a bear market. But if i were to jump into something, im not gonna lie, im keeping my eye out for the automakers and oil since theyve been absolutely slaughtered over the last year.

    But run from ExxonMobil. They are a horrible. Stock has been battered for a reason

  10. Airline industry and travel industry could go down even more due the the exponential spreading of the RONA

  11. Good choice I still say wait until next week as I think them airline,cruise,oil and bank will drop even lower

  12. If you have clorox in your portfolio, you are doing pretty well. Upset that I sold a few months ago. ☹️

  13. EPR is a GREEEEEEAT buy right now. They are a REIT that primarily owns the property of amusement parks and Ski Resorts they are down about 25% in the last 20 days

  14. Lots of discounts coming in the “Flush Out!” I’ll be buying stocks during the sell off. Keep emotions in check! 📈🚀🕶

  15. Great video, Ryan!! I think it’s also important that everyone has liquid cash that has months of expenses to avoid further financial issues down the road.

    Great content, it serves as a great motivation to my own personal finance/personal growth channel! Thanks

  16. Great video! I myself bought more carnival & will be investing more once it dips after Q1 Earnings. Also will be buying airline stocks & more tesla if it continues falling. Cheers to everyone!

  17. I wouldn't buy airline stocks even when there's not a crisis that prevents travel. Their long term performance tends to not be so good.

    Oil is a dying industry, I wouldn't invest in it. Plus I think there are ethics to consider as well.

    I would buy stocks of good companies that don't have too much exposure to the negative potential consequences of coronavirus but have still been beaten down. If we assume that there's no financial crisis and recession that develops from this, then the bank stocks are really good value rn.

  18. Ryan…you do realize that your hero Buffett is not buying right now, right? He has a record amount of cash on hand, on the sidelines. Buffett is not practicing what he preaches. Clearly, he feels this is a bloated market; otherwise, he would not be hoarding record cash. American Airlines will need a bailout by the US Government sometime this year. You are crazy for investing in American Airlines. They are barely floating just recently coming out of bankruptcy. The stock will continue to get hammered and will drop to lower single digits after earnings announcement. Based on this purchase, I just can’t take you seriously.

  19. I’m keeping tabs on these two. I don’t have much stocks in the travel industry but now it seems like I may be in for some soon.

  20. I purchased 60 shares earlier today of American Airlines, When CoVid19 disappears, all the postponed vacations are getting Booked.

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