$5.75 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT in New York City: Apartment Tour

$5.75 MILLION LUXURY APARTMENT in New York City: Apartment Tour

so I was out and about in New York City
I had just finished all of my shoots for the day and I texted my friend Chase
who’s a real estate agent in New York and asked him what he was up to and he
said he was showing an apartment in Tribeca. 44 LAIGHT Street, I don’t
know if it’s pronounced late or light. so he told me to come over and look at it because it
turns out it’s a five million dollar apartment! and I sat here and I said
there’s no way I can go see a five million dollar apartment unless you are
also coming to see said five million dollar apartment! so I’m bringing you
with me! we’re going to check it out! let’s do it! for those of you who don’t know New York
City that well, Tribeca is a neighborhood on the lower part of Manhattan on the
West side. it’s actually called Tribeca and it’s often spelled with the T B and
C capitalized because it’s an abbreviation for the Triangle Below
Canal Street. And it’s sort of a triangle but it’s actually more of a trapezoid.
today, Tribeca is mostly known for its quaint cobblestone streets, cute boutique
shops, industrial buildings that have been converted into residences and lofts
and also for being home to artists, celebrities and entrepreneurs. we made it
into the luxury rental. I found Chase! how are you guys? this is chase so… he’s just
the cutest, but he works for Ryan Serhant, so he’s kind of always out and
about looking at million dollars listings! no pun intended. and today he
told me he would show me around this one. so where are we Chase? 44 Laight Street
Street apartment 1b. and somebody lives here right now? they do. and they’re
selling it? they are. as you guys will see this place is just filled with art so
I’m a little confused how the owner is gonna sell it — are they selling all the
art? the art will not be including the purchase price which is 5.75 million. but it can be included in the price — if we raise the
price! all right so Chase is gonna take me on a little tour. so when you walk in —
sixty foot wide living room. Wow! when you first walk inside this three-bedroom
two-and-a-half-bathroom condo, you’re immediately struck by its size. the 58
foot long open-concept living room and kitchen feel even bigger because of the
12-foot high lofted ceilings and this has got to be one of the most creative and
artistic spaces that I’ve ever been in. inside it’s all wooden beams, exposed
brick, ducts and pipes, and a total mixture of textures and styles from all
different time periods. the apartment is 4,000 square feet, 12-foot
ceilings throughout which is pretty mega! and what I like to point out is these windows here.
so the truth is when you look out this window it’s not like most New York City
apartments where you just see another building. I can now see probably like
three layers of street until there’s another building. so now we walk straight
into the kitchen. let’s check out the kitchen! the kitchen has a massive island in the middle with four stools.
there’s exposed brick and walls made of reclaimed wood. it’s an open kitchen which is amazing for entertaining, having your friends over for drinks, and just chilling,
kicking back. and a glass see-through fridge! So if you live here you have to be super clean cause you’ll see all of it! so this kitchen has one of
those metallic things with the knives hanging on it. this is like an industrial
sink, as if you work in a restaurant. so everything you see they built out, so
they bought this space as raw space and it’s taken four years to develop and build this which is
amazing! oh I see pet food. they have two cats. so yeah this kitchen looks almost like a
restaurant kitchen because it just has all of the amenities that would be in a
restaurant kitchen. so what’s super cool here is they built up this platform that
raises above the living space to kind of divide it. on a raised platform with
metal grating, sits the billiards room. it’s a room solely dedicated to the game
of pool. I was looking at the floor plan before and I noticed that there was a
billiards room and I was like “what’s a billiards room?” and then I realized it’s a pool table! but you have
to say, it looks like a piece of art. it really does. I love it, I can’t play pool! I also love
these floors. they’re a little loud to walk on, but very industrial! and as you
continue along a custom-built catwalk you’ll find the media room. it’s fully
enclosed in glass giving you a full view of the entire space and I also found one
of the owner’s two cats lounging in here! we just got into this room and the rest
of the audio of the whole world disappeared. dead silent. which is what we
love in New York. and what’s cool is if you pan around you see the rest of the
apartment, you’re kind of floating over your apartment. and now we’re heading out
of this all glass room. yeah, down the second set of stairs, and
now we’re in like a faux living room area — an extension of your living room. there are so many seating areas you have a choice which is nice to have in New York!
what are these walls? massive closets. eight feet of closet space. lots of stuff.
so now we’re going into the master bedroom. how many bedrooms are there here?
there are three. the master bedroom has a giant walk-in closet that I sadly didn’t
get to see, but I did see a heated floor that spans the length of the room. to the
left when you walk in are double sinks and an enclosed bathroom. and to the
right is the bedroom where I found the other cat! hey Mango! the bedroom was
amazing. there are so many details and interesting pieces. and to the right is the second half of
the bathroom beneath a skylight. there’s a two-person walk-in shower with a
porthole to let in some fresh air. whoa what does this do? this opens up and you can let a breeze in! whoa!!! oh my gosh this is like a fashion show. who needs a blowdryer when you have that? amazing.
that was so cool and then this tub on the other side of
the shower is pretty much the depth of the entire wall. it’s just sort of tucked
in there with a whole bunch of pictures lined up behind it so you can bathe
while you look at the people you love! exactly. and if you look up you get to
see blue sky. whoa oh yeah! there’s a whole skylight here. on to the second
bedroom, it’s a little boy’s room at the moment. brilliantly decorated with so
much life and color. and it’s connected to the guest bedroom
by a jack-and-jill bathroom. there’s another beautiful shower in there, and of
course another tub. well the shower has those pumps as if
you’re at a spa. the guest bedroom is another beauty, and has some very cool
art hanging directly over the bed. it’s really cool, really interesting, says a
lot. there are hidden gems all around this apartment. there’s a punching bag,
a wooden motorcycle, life-sized campbell soup cans, and a million-in-one skulls.
the owner told me that skulls are good luck. funny story:
I’m in the apartment I’m hanging out and the owner Jackie comes in and we start
chatting and she’s telling me about her art collection, and as it turns out, her
sister-in-law is my neighbor from the house I grew up in! literally the house
next door! we have so much to gossip about! “I’m Cassidy’s aunt!” She is the sweetest woman and the owners are art
collectors obviously. and they also own an antique shop in New York City called
mantiques modern. this Loft is currently on the market for five million seven
hundred and fifty thousand dollars, but that number is always changing and
buyers can choose to add in any of the art if they want to keep it for
themselves. there’s a washer/dryer, a garage parking space,
pets are obviously allowed, and the list of amenities goes on and on.
so overall, Chase, I’d say this place is very comfortable I could definitely get
down with this is my home. I’m just gonna need about five million dollars. yeah, so
what would be the down payment on this if you were gonna buy it and maybe take out
a mortgage? down payment is about 20% still a lot… can you talk about what it’s like
to be a real estate agent. sure let’s see it’s enjoyable, as long you like the people
you work with it’s a lot of fun. always running around. what is it like working
with Ryan? I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and leader. that’s true. and what about the
fact that you get to look at all these million-dollar apartments every day – do
you kind of feel like you now want to live in something like this? what I love is
you get to see how other people live! so if I see a really cool stylistic idea
I’m gonna steal it and put it in my apartment. and I see how people live so
it’s really nice it gives you inspo, gives you insight. lots of inspo! love it! I’m
inspired by being with you. I’m inside by being with you! Ugh, come here! I love him so much! Well we will definitely be doing more of these tours
because Chase is local to New York and I’m local to New York, so anytime I’m not
doing anything, I’m just gonna contact him and ask him if I could take a tour
of his cool spots, and I will keep showing them to you because what good is
me seeing a 5 million…? I think maybe we put you to work next time and you actually show the
apartment. yeah let me know if you guys want to see me trying to do Chase’s job!
if you sell it you get the commission! what’s commission? it depends on the
property, this is a total of six percent. six percent of five million dollars
equals — this much money! so I’ll try to do that. yeah. we’ll put you up to the test!
great thanks Chase! any questions? you’re good? I feel great! Ready to buy it? I’m ready, let’s make the sale — WOO!!! what a shoot, what an apartment. I hope you
thought it was as cool as I did in there. comment below and let me know if you
want me to work with Chase to show you some other luxury apartments in
Manhattan. as I hear he has a 50 million dollar apartment that’s currently on the
market! and you did not mishear me, I said 5-0 million.
give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and we’ll see you next time! love you!

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