44 centre Grand Bend Ontario | HOME/COTTAGE for sale | Prime Real Estate Brokerage

44 centre Grand Bend Ontario | HOME/COTTAGE  for sale  |  Prime Real Estate Brokerage

(upbeat music) – So I’m gonna quit my job
and just retire at the beach. I think you’re gonna feel the same way by the time we’re done this video. Justin Konikow from Prime Real Estate. I’m at Centre Street in Grand Bend. This property is one of the
most historic in the area. It is honestly right at
the heart of Grand Bend, just on the north side of the main strip. Walking distance to the beach. I can actually see another project that one of my clients is
doing just down the street that’s right next to the path. And then pretty much walking
distance up to Timmy’s and all the other restaurants
and everything that you see. So Grand Bend is going through a massive resurgence right now. There’s a ton of new home development. A lot of the older properties
are getting bought up and then renovated to a very high caliber and a lot of people like you and I are coming back to the area
and buying these properties and making them upward scale rentals, year-round living, or part-time cottages. The interesting thing about that is, the biggest mistake people can
make in real estate investing is thinking oh well, I missed that upswing so I’m not gonna bother investing and then they miss another upswing. Think about Muskoka. If I told you you could
buy property 15 years ago for pennies on the
dollar, you would do it. But if you missed that first opportunity and then say 5 years in
had that opportunity again and missed it, you would’ve
missed the largest upswing to happen in the Muskokas. Think about Grand Bend the same way. If you’ve been following
us for a number of years, we’ve been saying that this
is happening and coming. In the last two years
we’ve seen bigger jumps in this marketplace than we’ve ever seen. And we’ve been working this
local market for a long time. So, definitely not an opportunity
you’re gonna want to miss. As you can see from the outside, one of the most pristine
properties in this area. Beautiful frontage, corner lot. You have an upper and a lower unit. Completely separate or
they can be combined depending on what you want. I can’t waste any more time I
have to show you the inside. (upbeat music) So without me even having to say it, I know you can just feel that this place has oodles of charm, character, pride of ownership and
upgrades throughout. If you’re looking in
this area of Grand Bend, you’re gonna see there’s
a variety of product that you can buy. Some of them are maybe no more than a shed that’s been upgraded with an HVAC. Others are full blown
year-round homes that are nice, but don’t have that character. This can be anything you want it to be. As I mentioned outside,
it’s currently set up as two completely separate units. Two kitchens, everything you could need, all you’d have to do is put in a staircase if you want to make it one large home, maybe a dual family living situation, something along those lines. But, as I mentioned, the
person that lived here is a staple in Grand Bend. Has tons of pride in this property and is well known by the community as being one of the most
loving, caring guys. Doesn’t want to leave, but life changes, and there’s some opportunities elsewhere that benefit you to have
this amazing opportunity. (upbeat music) So form and function. One of the best properties
I’ve seen in this area. You’ll feel that the second
you walk up that front deck by the waterfall to the
wrap-around deck with a hot tub. Rear entrance off the kitchen’s
perfect for barbecuing. As you can see, kitchen
is incredibly upgraded. Granite counter tops, gas range. Tucked around the corner is your laundry. So think of that convenience factor when you’re going in and out. (upbeat music) So I absolutely love digging
into the history of Grand Bend. My wife’s family is like fifth
generation from this area and talking to people in the past about how Grand Bend in the 50s and 60s was that family-friendly place that everybody would just come
to and spend their summers. Maybe have a cottage, maybe live here and then go back to the
city, wherever they were and then it transitioned
into the 90s to the 2000s where a lot of our generation came and it became kind of that party town. And you can open up a T-shirt shop and make a couple hundred grand a year and it’s very easy to do business. And then it went through
a bit of a transition where markets and demands
changed and shifted. People grew up, opened
businesses, started families. Maybe they’re not partying as much. And I think what we’re
seeing in Grand Bend now is that shift. People are into healthy food. They’re into being outdoors and exploring and everything else. So Grand Bend is adapting to that. You see some local businesses that are pouring their
hearts into this city. You see Midori’s just killing it. If you go on their social media you’ll see the type of
stuff that they’re doing. Aunt Gussies has rebranded
to The Lake Hound. Same great owners, they just started doing some wild vegan food. Great, great stuff and live music. So they’re incorporating
into who they’re becoming and tying into the community. You got places like the Iron
Bar and the Colonial Soul. There are some big things
happening in this area. More than I can possibly say on this video without boring you. But give me a call, I’d love
to give you some insights, give you a personal tour. You’re gonna want to see
this property right away if you have any interest in buying it. At this price point with
things happening in Grand Bend, I can’t imagine it’ll be
on the market for long. I appreciate your time
and attention as always and thank you. (upbeat music)

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