41 Easy Organizing Tricks to Declutter Your Home

41 Easy Organizing Tricks to Declutter Your Home

Get organized and stay organized with ideas all around your house. Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and this is 41 Easy Organizing Tricks to Declutter Your Home 1. Keep a dry erase marker in your laundry room to jot down things you’re prone to forget. At the end of a long day, it can be tempting to just throw all of the washed clothes into the dryer. But maybe a friendly note from an earlier, less tired version of yourself will help you remember not to. 2. Take some time to toss all of your expired beauty and skincare products. You don’t really want to be rubbing bacteria and expired products all over your face. It can cause all kinds of problems from inflammation to rashes and to allergic reactions that can be really severe. 3. Make a big batch of grab-n-go breakfasts on Sunday night. 4. Place a layer of wax paper on upper kitchen cabinets where dust and grease particles gather. Every few months, switch out the paper for a fresh sheet. 5. ~File~ your potatoes and onions in your pantry, so they’re easy to find and grab when you need them. These are just basic wire magazine holders, with zip ties to hold the labels in place. 6. Grab another magazine file to hide your Internet modem and router. Just make sure it’s paper or a thin wood (and not metal), so your signal isn’t interrupted. It’s not the neatest looking from the top down, but from the desk view it sure beats them sitting out cluttering the surface of the desk. 7. If you live in a house with three or more people, give everyone a designated “crap basket.” That way, everyone’s crap doesn’t end up spread all over the house. And if you have stairs, it’s easy to grab a crap basket and bring everything in it up the stairs at once. 8. Revamp your drawer freezer by categorizing everything in deep, narrow bins. You’ll have to find the right ones for your particular dimensions so you don’t lose space, but it makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for! 9. Cover an empty soda can box with contact or wrapping paper, then use it to store your canned foods. Cut a similar hole open in the back of the box, and you can drop newer canned foods back there. That way, you’re always eating the cans that are closer to expiring first. 10. Store game boards in frames, with all of their supplies hooked to the back. Then when your kids (or you!) are ready to play, just play directly on the framed board, and hang it up afterward. No fitting little game pieces into specifically designed organizing slots. You could always take them to get them frame, but if you want to create your own custom frame follow the instruction at Infarrantly Creative. 11. Hang a picture frame on a hinge in your entryway, then stash your keys behind it. Your keys will stay hidden, but also easy to find when you need them. Use two small hinges to install your frame and command hooks to hang your keys. 12. Use a wine rack to hold extra towels in your bathroom, and the bottom rung on the rack to hold your hand towel. You can also use it to display collectibles, like the silver trays. 13. If you have a storage ottoman that seems bottomless and cluttered every time you open it, divide it up with smaller canvas bins. If you live in a colder climate, you could also consider pulling out your cooler weather accessories now, so you can get everything clean and organized before the first freeze. 14. Make your rakes easy to grab when you need to clean up some autumn leaves by nailing old pallets to your garage wall. This can be a trick if you stop by your local hardware or grocery store and ask if they have any pallets they’re planning to throw away. 15. Prep a nutritious “fast food” shelf in your fridge for the nights you won’t have time to cook a full meal. Simply spend an hour putting together a few containers of basics ahead of time, then pull them out through the week. Or just try the easy snacks-to-go bin, so if you’re late for soccer practice you don’t have to go hungry. 16. Remember your favorite recipes by organizing them in a meal-planning bank. This system uses sticky notes to help you remember recipes you loved, and easily build a grocery list whenever you want to make one. 17. Stack individual eyeshadows in a cardboard toilet-paper roll to keep them safe while you travel. Each roll can hold 6 eyeshadows. Just organize, stack, tube, then rubber band. 18. Make re-useable beeswax food wraps for all of your summer sandwiches and picnics. Plastic sucks. A lot. So instead of wrapping your food in that mess, make these super easy DIY beeswax food wraps. Take an hour to make these simple wraps from cotton scraps, and you can quickly cover or wrap up any dish to go. 19. Store your unsightly TV remotes where you’ll always be able to find them later — under the edge of your coffee or side table, using self-adhesive Velcro. Velcro is cheap, and you could easily get them from amazon. 20. Pin tension rods between the studs in your garage to instantly create modular storage. Wait, you don’t have a pile of tension rods accumulated from past apartments? Just me? You can find them at the dollar-store, too. Cut rods 1/4 inch shorter than the space between the members. Screw the female ends of two brackets to the inside of the studs, taking care to ensure that they face each other exactly. Cap the ends of each rod with the male ends of the brackets, then screw the bamboo rods into the brackets in the studs. The rods can be easily removed and slipped through spools of string or wire beforehand for easy dispensing. 21. Store bibs on a removable adhesive hook inside the cabinet where you keep the rest of the baby-feeding supplies. You could also put command hook on the back of the high-chair, or on the wall next to it. 22. Label your food with small dots if someone in your home is allergic to a particular ingredient. For example, all gluten-free foods/leftovers could have a pink dot, all low-sodium foods could have a green one, and all foods without reduced sodium and with gluten could have a red dot. This could also work with boxes, plastic bags, lunchboxes — really whatever. 23. Download the KonMari app and get guidance on everything tidy-related. It helps you stay organized, track progress, and connect with people who won’t make fun of you or put you down. 24. Divide your drawers up with shoeboxes instead of buying drawer organizers. 25. Hang wall planters like these indoors, and use them for stuffed animal storage and display. You still get to see their cute faces, but they don’t have to be scattered all over the room. First, spray paint the plant hangers with your favorite color. Next, attach the hangers into your wall using these hoilow wall anchors. And here is the final result… TA DA! 26. As you write things down on your grocery list, sort them by type for more efficient grocery shopping in-store. Everything in the freezer aisle can be grouped together, everything in the produce section can be grouped together, and so on. That way, you’re not hunting through all the crossed-off items on your list to find just one thing, and you’re less likely to miss something. 27. Make a big batch of freezer-friendly lasagna roll-ups, cook one of the pans, and store the rest for later. These make it easy to have a home-cooked meal on the busiest of weeknights. Get the complete recipe and how to make then at The Pioneer Woman. 28. Put together small chore kits for each room in your home so it’s easy for roommates, teens, or spouses to contribute to cleaning, too. Having the list there means they know everything to do, and having the supplies means they have everything they need to do it. 29. Repurpose a drying rack to take your t-shirt drawer from piles to mild. Learn how blogger Jeanette DIY this at Country Design Style or if you want the east way, just use KonMari method instead. 30. Designate a basket or hamper as “outgrown” or “donate”, so when you decide to give something away, it’s easy. Next time there’s a clothing drive, you won’t look at your closet wondering — you’ll be ready to go. 31. Hang your favorite accessories collection on the back of your closet door. Simply paint white and then attached the thrift store valance hanger to the back of your door to hang your scarf, just like blogger Christy did. 32. Make any hanger a no-slip hanger by wrapping it with the reliable elementary-school craft standby, pipe cleaners. For an easier crafts you could also use hot glue at both side of the hangers. 33. Store bulky items like sweaters in a vertical organizer to free up rod and drawer space. Hang the sweater organizer in the closet, or on a door. Take all your sweaters out, fold them nicely and then roll them to fit into the compartments. If you take the time to roll them then you won’t have to worry about them getting wrinkled! Place each sweater in its own cubbie; this will keep them nice and organized. If you hung up the 13 bulky items stored in the cubbies, they’d take up more rod space than the shoe organizer. 34. Organize your belts using shower curtain rings (and if it works better for your closet, a curtain rod). You can either book the rings directly onto your closet rod or mount a small curtain rod on your wall. The result is a system that’s easy and caters to belts both large and small. 35. Use an app like Stylebook to make it easy to remember everything you have. You can save your favorite outfits and create packing lists with it, too. Get it from the Apple App store for $3.99. 36. Keep toothbrushes separate in a shared drawer with a silverware drawer organizer. 37. Set up shower caddies under your sink to serve as narrow shelves. You can look for ones with a flat bottom that sit nicely, or just hang them from the side of the cabinet with removable adhesive hooks. 38. Mount brackets on the inside of your cabinet doors to take advantage of all your available space. If you try this along with the shower caddy idea, position the baskets on your doors so that you can actually get those doors closed. 39. Store bath toys in a mesh laundry bag, which you can hang to dry on a hook or on your shower knob. Make a game of putting them away — catch all the toys in the net at the end of bath time. 40. Stop letting your straightener’s cord take up more than its fair share of drawer space — slip it inside an empty toilet paper roll. Do a simple cord folding , then just slid the toilet paper roll over the cord! Simple and genius, and you can use it on your curling iron and blow dryer, too. 41. Put a piece of sheet metal in a picture frame so your makeup’s always in reach. Remove the glass and any mattes that are in the frame and insert your metal sheet. Apply magnetic squares to your makeup. Hang your frame, stick your makeup on the metal sheet and enjoy! And… that’s all for now… For more DIY hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our channel.

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  1. The games in frame is just a brilliant idea !! Especially for me, my board game comes from my mum and boxes are so used and damaged…

  2. Great ideas. Thanks. I love the idea with the board games. I bet they will get played more often stored that way. OMG!!! So many favs …. doing a renovation project and many of these will make great finishing touches!!

  3. I like these kind of videos but it's actually rare to have new information once you watch a few of them . But I learned so much from this video! Thank you, I desperately needed the game board tip!!!

  4. Got bored at #19. Apart from throwing away out of date make up (but she only showed nail polish which I don't put on my face anyway) this wasn't decluttering. It mostly showed just different and not very original ways of storing stuff and often involved buying something else.

  5. Hmmmm.  Interesting ideas.  Useful tips.  Clever alternative uses.  I like the cardboard toilet paper roll idea for holding cords.  But this vid made me think – the best way to stay organized and decluttered is to live alone, sell all your s__ t on eBay, and move into a tiny shed type house.  Ditch your television and cable or satellite,  fix one meal at a time, read old books you get for free, and prepare for the end.  It's coming soon.  BTW, I subscribed.

  6. Can you explain how to make the wax paper please ? What was the liquid in a pipette that you use before ironing ? Great ideas, thanks !

  7. Some of these were clever and useful- thanks! But…for some of the others…an hour here and an hour there? WHAT hour?!?

  8. The internet router needs to have the heat vent unobstructed and NOT covered. Otherwise, you will ruin it…or start a fire. Shoving it and the cords into that enclosed magazine organizer is a bad idea.

  9. Don't store your keys within five feet of your entrance. There are new tech gadgets that thieves can use from the outside of your house to activate your keys and copy the signal and just drive away with your car. Don't believe me, google it for yourself.

  10. I'm so with you on not using plastic wrap. Also thanks for the pallet for storing long-handle garden tools. Not so much on using wipes, but I agree, Kon-Mari folding, no other way!

  11. Silver trays in a bathroom is a little odd but also will cause them to tarnish super fast. Also, no onions stored with potatoes…. it’ll cause the potatoes to sprout.

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  13. here's a few ideas on how to declutter
    Allow yourself five minutes every day to de-clutter
    Give away one item every day
    Fill up one trash bag now!
    Make a list of what to do this week.
    Get four boxes and sort everything into trash, give away, keep, or relocate.
    (Reference: Nilah declutter tips website )

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  15. Yes, these are organising tips but not decluttering. Love this one: Cover an empty soda can box with contact or wrapping paper. Wouldn't it be better to just get rid of an empty soda can box?

  16. Declutter you home by buying more junk? An entire 17 seconds into the video we are shown things that you can stack in a tiny space, or placed in a drawer, contained in a plastic non-recyclable ugly dollar store container? At 24 second we have stuff to remind ourselves of things we may forgot ON THE WASHING MACHINE? I visit mine once a week: Mondays to be exact. I guess I can check to see what I did forget. LOL Sorry, BUT, after 25 seconds, I started laughing. Let me look some where where I don't have to buy stuff to "declutter".

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  18. Velcro doesn't last long. Within 5, 6 times of taking the remotes off of it, either velcro becomes so loose that it can't hold remote any longer, or both the hook and loop come off of the table.

  19. This vid is not about is decluttering; it's about organizing and storing your clutter. Most of this stuff is clutter and can be dispensed with. Stuffed animal storage and display? If baby is not playing with/sleeping with it, get rid of it.

  20. Any tips for guys?! My girlfriend and her mom are slobs and we all live in a tiny apartment. Sorry but I can't hang with some of these frufru tips, especially seeing as I'm the one constantly cleaning and organizing!

  21. Kudos for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your opinion. Have you ever tried – Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (should be on google have a look)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for decluttering your home without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate after many years got astronomical success with it.

  22. Excellent Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you thought about – Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for decluttering your home minus the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got cool results with it.

  23. Brilliant organizing and storage ideas. I'm wondering if I can swap out the game boards for my children's poster size artwork that I saved and have stored away in archival boxes.

  24. the only thing is….it is a good idea yet it will cost me more to buy new shoes to get the shoe boxes instead of cheap dividers. havn't bought new shoes in a very long time and they are not just hanging around

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  26. Organising is not de-cluttering, which is about owning less rather than owning the same amount but stowing it efficiently.

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  28. Search Bloody Chicago on YouTube.

    Search Judi Grace StoryCorps.




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