4️⃣ Design Tips for a Vacation Rental Bedroom

Heidi: Hey guys. I am back today with the ladies from Olive
and Opal Interiors. And they are going to give us some quick design
tips that we need to think about when we are decorating our bedrooms for our vacation rental. Hi ladies, thanks for coming back on. Anna Neal: Hi. Melinda C.: Hi. Good morning. Heidi: And in case they didn’t see your last
video that we did last week, can you give a quick introduction of what Olive and Opal
Interiors does? Anna Neal: Yeah. Thanks, Heidi, for having us back again. My name is Anna Neal, and this is my partner
Melinda Christman. And we are the owners of Olive and Opal Interiors. We do professional home staging, so residential
properties. And then we also do property styling for commercial
properties. Heidi: Awesome. Okay, so we are going to start giving design
tips per room. So stay tuned because we’ve got more videos
coming. And this one is all about the bedroom. What’s your first tip that we should think
about when designing a bedroom for a vacation rental? Melinda C.: Okay. Well our first tip which is pretty crucial
is pick the right bed size. The reason this can be different for different
people is because your target audience might be different and your property might be marketed
a different way. In some cases, if you are really going for
an angle of a romantic getaway for example, you really need to have a king sized bed. And that even still holds true if you have
a small room. Melinda C.: I would sacrifice other pieces
of furniture to have a big king sized bed, and do little tricks to make that work because
that is really important. Now on another sense, say you have a beach
property that’s really large, and you’re planning for big family vacations, then you really
need to pack in both bunk rooms for kids. So a lot of twin bunks or twin overfill bunks. And then also combo of rooms with space for
couples. So you’re thinking a mom, dad, the aunt, uncle,
and then you’ve got the kids’ rooms. So you really have to think about your audience
and what you’re going for to pick for each specific room. Melinda C.: Another genre might be … say
you’re in a cool city area. We have [inaudible 00:02:08]
Anna Neal: [inaudible 00:02:09] Melinda C.: … here in St. Louis. And in that scenario, you’re just trying to
pack people in. You want lots of beds, lots of bunk beds. And it’s a bachelorette party sort of weekend
or week or something like that. It really depends on your audience, but it
really is important. So think about who your audience is, who most
likely will be there. And pick your bed based on that. Heidi: Great tip. I talk a lot about knowing who your ideal
guest is. And if you’re just getting started, and you’re
not sure yet, I will link a video right here that will help you figure out really who your
vacation rental is going to best serve. But that is a great tip. Think about that ideal guest, and then pick
the bed size related to that. So what’s your next tip? Anna Neal: Okay, so our second tip is the
right kind of bedding. You want to be practical, and it may seem
counterintuitive, but we recommend that you use white bedding actually. Heidi: Really? Anna Neal: I know, right? But it can be bleached. You can wash it easily. We would obviously pick something that is
not going to be wrinkled very easily. Something that is durable. Just be practical. You don’t have to get overly fancy. But we definitely would recommend a white
bedding. You can get really easy bedding packs at local
retailers, which we think are really awesome. And you want to get multiples. I’m sure you have so much advice about cleaning
and what to do between rentals. But having multiples for each of your bedrooms
is a great idea as well, so that you’re not scrambling to get things done or if God forbid,
someone does stain something, you’re not [inaudible 00:03:50] last minute to get things in place. Heidi: Great point. Awesome. And what is your next tip for us? Melinda C.: The next tip is be thoughtful
about what furniture you pick. On one end, you want to have just simple,
clean styles. The styles could play in to whatever design
theme. If you watched our last video, we talked a
little bit about leaning into the theme for your actual rentals. So maybe you’re in the mountains, you’re leaning
into a cabin theme. But think about not utilizing too many drawers
for night stands or desk because you’re really just asking for people to leave personal items. And you don’t want to add to your list mailing
back wedding rings or watches or tablets. You really want to minimize that. Melinda C.: They definitely need somewhere
to put things, but they don’t necessarily need drawers. So you could have an open shelf where they
could see what they’ve put there. Another thought is just to … you don’t have
to mix and match, like you don’t have to have matchy matchy stuff. You can mix and match things up. So you can have two nightstands that match,
but another piece of furniture, a console table or something that doesn’t match, but
it’s complimentary. Don’t feel like you have to buy the whole
room. I think that it feels more unique and curated
when you don’t do that actually. Heidi: Okay, yeah. Great point, and I love the tip about less
drawers. We just had that happen to us. One of their sons left a whole drawer full
of clothes, and we had to mail it back. And it’s just an added step that busy vacation
rental home owners don’t need to be thinking about. Minimizing that and making everything out
in the open definitely helps with that. It’s a great tip. What is your last tip for us? Anna Neal: Our last tip and Melinda touched
on it a little bit earlier, but it would be to be conscious of the space in the room. Making sure that your renters have a place
to put their suitcase. So we would recommend maybe a bench or an
X bench or something that you could add to a room that’s not going to take up a lot of
space. But also gives people the availability to
put their things down. We also would suggest that you keep the closet
space open and clean and maybe a shelf in there as well, so that people have places
to put their things and are comfortable in their rooms without feeling overwhelmed by
all their stuff. Melinda C.: And those foldable suitcase luggage
rack things are great too because then you can tuck them away, and people can get them
out if they them and use them. And they don’t take up a lot of space if people
don’t need them. Heidi: Awesome. Well, thank you so much ladies. Those were great tips to think about when
designing for a bedroom. Thank you for coming on. And if you want to connect with the ladies
at Olive and Opal Interiors, be sure to check the links below. You can find out more about them. Follow them on Instagram. They have the most amazing design inspiration
that will be sure to help you out. Thank you again. Anna Neal: Thank you. Melinda C.: Thank you. Heidi: And see you next week. All right. Bye.

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