2020 A NEW ERA BEGINS in Dubai Real Estate

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for you guys I wanted to have a heart-to-heart with you guys and I want
to discuss the ending of an era and the beginning of a brand new era so I see a
lot online in paper all over the newspaper I see people are focusing on
2020 or 2020’s so to speak as a new year that’s rolling about for me it’s not just a new
year to be honest with you for me it’s the start of a new era now maybe there’s
a few of you that’s my generation out there but most other people have not
seen a recession that we saw starting from 2007 to 2008 and I would venture
forth to say that some countries till today even in Europe are still or have
not yet recovered from the recession in Dubai we were blessed we went and got
hit in 2008 and then we came up and from 2012 to almost 2014-15 the market was very
resilient economy really doubled its growth or even if it was single height
digit growth and now we were slowly been tapering off we’re not it into a slow
recession or anything of that sort what I wanted to talk about is that this
entire recession that started in 2007-2008 and lasted almost the entire
teens back so 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 has taken its toll
– I personally think it’s taking its toll struggle jobs are lost there’s a
lot of changes in the economy as we move through it more digitalization E-Commerce it has been you know cannibalizing into the retail
brick-and-mortar kind of store model so a lot of things have changed I
personally believe that 2020 the start of a new decade is a new page being
turned over a new leaf so to speak and I personally think that things are gonna
economically speaking go really well starting from 2021 but I’m not
Nostradamus I call me every day but 2020 is going to be a game-changer sometimes
it’s just very psychological right so when 2017 16 turns into 17 hmm when
17 turned into 18 mmm 18 turned – 19 mmm same old same old in 2019 turns into
2020 you say goodbye to a decade in my personal opinion this decade is going to
be remembered as the twenties were due to the Great Depression at that time and
the decade between 2010 to 2019 is going to be remembered from the GFC the global
financial crisis and how it affected a lot of people a lot of people went
through a lot of trouble in 2020 and depends forth
I personally is going to be a good time economically speaking but I wish
everybody good times on a personal level spiritual level intellectual level look
smile 2020 is coming soon I personally believe it’s a new page new lease of
life things are going to be different talk to you soon hit the subscribe
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