2018 Year End Real Estate Market Report – Angel Fire, New Mexico

Tara Chisum here, with the Chisum Realty Group,
to talk about the Angel Fire Real Estate Market. It is quite different in this little mountain
town than the rest of the country, so we’re going to dig into the data and see what’s
going on. As always we start with Supply and Demand. Two thousand and eighteen is the third consecutive
year that we have seen a decrease in inventory combined with an increase in demand. Overall two thousand and eighteen saw twenty
two percent more homes sell than the prior year and we are currently sitting with seventeen
percent less homes on the market than this time last year. Additionally, days on market continues to
shrink. The homes sold last year sold at an average
of two hundred and twenty four days. Now as you know, Angel Fire is a very small
market with an incredible variety in the homes. So, I want to break it down for you into three
different price ranges. First up under five hundred thousand. This price range saw a fourteen percent increase
in home sales and is currently sitting at a six and a half month supply of inventory,
which for a vacation home market is considered a seller’s market. Now the five hundred to one million dollar
price range is in a buyer’s market due to the eighteen month supply of inventory, but
this price range saw a one hundred percent increase in home sales ‘18 over ‘17. Lastly, the one million dollar price range
didn’t see much change. Still fairly idle. It’s quite normal for this luxury price
point to be slower than the rest of the market. If you are planning to buy or sell in two
thousand and eighteen, who you work with matters. Now more than ever it is important that you
partner with an experienced team like ours who can help you navigate the market and arm
you with valid data so that you can make the best financial decision. Thanks for joining us. If you want to see the full market report,
go to chisumgroup.com and we will see you next time.

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