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– 2018. – 2018. – 2018. – 2018. – 2018, and so we’re gonna… (upbeat music) – What’s goin’ on, guys? Rodrigo here with the
Asheville Real Estate News. Shooting episode number 25 today. Happy 2018 to everybody. Hope everybody rang in the new year in the way that they wanted to, and that everything’s
getting started off well. I just wanna remind
everybody, we’re on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and Spotify, iTunes, et cetera. So we’re definitely trying to
connect with wherever you want to hear or consume this the best. And, for this episode, we’re
doing it a little different. Obviously, no guest today. But we are bringing in a couple of different guests via proxy, and we’re gonna do a little mashup of what are different opinions or different perspectives that people have of what’s gonna happen in the market for 2018 here in the real estate arena for Asheville, Hendersonville area. So, take a listen. Let us know what you
think, do you think… – Hi there. Daniel Castillo with Pacifica Real Estate. My prediction for 2018 is
that we’re gonna see more of the trends that we saw in 2017. Homes were selling within 60 to 70 days. We actually saw pretty consistent basis of new homes coming on the market. And average selling
prices actually went up. We ended out November at $338,000 was the average
price of homes being sold. And, buyers are actually
getting a lot savvier right now. So, as long as your
home is priced correctly within its competition, there’s a good chance
that it’s gonna sell. So, with that said, I think we have a pretty
exciting 2018 ahead of us. And yeah, really looking forward to it. – I think one thing we’re
looking at is, continued growth. I think we’re the new
Denver, the new Seattle. – Okay. – For one thing, because
we’re a lot smaller and a lot less congested, and just a lot of things
are going for Asheville. And, (laughing) I’m not speaking for the Chamber of Commerce, all right? There’s some things about all this growth that I don’t like very
well, but that’s just tough. – Hey everyone. I think the real estate
market in Asheville for 2018 is gonna be great. Looking at the numbers, but
even beyond the numbers, there’s just a lot of movement
going on I’m excited to see. A lot of hotels, a lot of
construction, businesses, restaurants coming up, breweries, a lot of different events that are being hosted here in the city. There’s just a lot of
attention nationwide, I think even internationally. And, it continues to grow, I think it’s slowly, steadily
growing in a healthy rate. People talk about it topping off, but the way it’s been
going, I don’t think so. Not any time soon. And I’m excited to see what kind of growth and what kind of people move here. It seems it’s bringing a lot of families, a lot of young entrepreneurs. Businesses are moving here
’cause of its culture, moderate climate. Seems to be in a sweet spot
in the nation, you know, not too cold in the winters,
not too hot in the summertime. The mountains, the natural beauty, and just seems to have a good,
positive vibe all around. I think that’s attracting a lot of people, like-minded people in the
world we’re living in. It’s great to see that being grown in our town here in Asheville. – If you were gonna have
to make a prediction for 2018 real estate, what would it be? – There’s upset in the market ahead. Not a bit of doubt in my mind. – This year? – You never know, I thought it would come
in 2013 or 14 already. So, it’s a couple years overdo. (laughing) – Can I get a concrete 2018
what continues to be strong, does it level off, or is there a decline? If you had to choose one,
which one would it be? I would say that I wouldn’t buy anything at full price that I couldn’t get out. – Hey, I’m Greg. I’m with Prime Mortgage Lending. In 2018, I strongly believe that
it is a buyer’s market, especially in the western
part of North Carolina. I just looked at yesterday,
a five acre piece, 140 in Clyde. Five acres horse farm. HUD. Buy. – This is Peter Hanley,
Hendersonville Real Estate Services. And I’ve been asked to comment
on the real estate market here in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We like to refer to Hendersonville as Mayberry with amenities. Because we have a lot of amenities. All the beautiful things that
nature brings to the market, hiking, biking, fishing, just beautiful weather. We also have a fantastic main street, that draws a lot of folks
here from out of town, and visitors from all over the country. Shopping, and dining, great restaurants. And entertainment, we
have State Theatre here, Flat Rock Playhouse. It’s a great place to live. We’ve been here 20 years
and would never leave. Our market in 2017 was a banner year. It’s one of the best
we’ve seen in a long time. However, our inventory’s
down a little bit, and prices have come up a little bit. Which is to be expected
because of the demand. But, the local builders are
busy building new construction. And people are still transitioning into retirement and stuff. So, there are homes available. And if you come up and take a look, I’m sure that you will find this a most desirable place to live. Join the club. Bye. – Hi, I’m Ashley. – And I’m Katie. And we are both brokers here
in Asheville, North Carolina with Keller Williams. And we’re here to bring
you our 2018 predictions. If the end of 2017 is any indication of what the year to come looks like, we’re expecting for the market to stay relatively
strong here in Asheville. Well, our inventory is
a little low right now, but we suspect, as we
reach spring and summer, that our volume’s going
to increase drastically. And, we’re predicting for 2018, that prices are gonna
plateau here at Asheville, but we’re still gonna move
quite a bit of volume. We needed a little bit
of a market correction. This year has been quite a struggle, especially for first time home buyers looking for anything under the 300 range. It’s been a bit of a challenge. So, we’re hoping that more and more houses will come on the market
that meet that criteria, so we can continue to help people that are looking to buy their first home. Thank you, and happy 2018! Happy New Year! – Do you think the market’s going up? Do you think the market’s going down? Is it gonna stabilize? Everybody’s interested to know. Personally, I think the market’s gonna
cool down a little bit. I definitely don’t think
it’s gonna be anything crazy but I just, I don’t know,
maybe call me a pessimist, but I think it’s hard to
continue seeing the growth spurts we’ve had over the last five years. At some point in time,
it’s gotta level off. And, I don’t know, personally I thought it
was gonna be last year, and it wasn’t. So, I’m gonna double
dog on that prediction and think it’s this year. So, we’ll see what happens. Thanks for tunin’ in. Don’t forget to follow us on
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. And, let us know what you think. What’s gonna happen to
the market this year? Have a good one. (upbeat music)

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