2 Chainz Takes You Inside a $100M Senior Home

♪♪ Hey, how you doing?
Good to see you again. What’s going on, 2 Chainz?
All right. So the name of this
episode is called “The Most Expensivest
Retirement,” right? And so this is
the most upscale, luxurious retirement homes that I’ve ever seen
and never heard about. Basically, I would like
for you to explain to me and some of our viewers
the extravagant amen-titties that you offer here
at The Palace. Well, as you know,
we’ve been around 30 years. This is one of our
newest communities right in downtown
Coral Gables, 10 minutes away
from Coconut Grove. We have Miracle Mile
right behind us. We have a restaurant,
a theater, a cafe/bar. Fine dining, I saw
you have a gym, a pool. The building itself
cost $100 million to build. Damn. The marble, it’s from Italy.
It’s custom carpet. I see a lot of art.
I see the Versace plates. Yup.
I saw something about
knitting class. A lot of socialization, that’s why people move in.
We have a lot of parties. We have happy hour in this room
right here every day. We even have activities
for dogs like Yappy Hour, and exercises
in the pool. Yappy Hour?
Yeah. Come on.
What is Yappy Hour about? Yappy hour.
I have a dog, you know. Our residents are not
only important to us, but their other loved ones,
like their pets, yeah. They come downstairs, and it’s
a way for us to gather all the other pets
of the community. Yeah.
We got treats,
you know, toys, things like that
for them, yeah. So somebody can bring their… And all of this is
inclusive, everything? Yes.
That’s cool. ♪♪ So what’s one of your vetting
requirements on getting in here? Is it just you just got
to have the money, or what is the process? We’re full.
We have a wait list currently. -A waiting list?
-We do have a waiting list, yup. Yup, we have a lot
of residents right now. We’re about 250 residents. In this building?
In this building. One of which is this gentleman
behind me, Norman. Mr. Norman,
come on over here. ♪♪ Is that a 2017
or 2018 model? I hurt myself on a boogie
board in Mexico. Oh, being fancy. [ Screams ] I’m 2 Chainz.
Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you as well. Now, could you tell me a little
something about the things that you enjoy here
at The Palace? Well, that’s easy. It’s great management,
great facilities. Got you.
And I’m here
with my daughter. Her name is Cleopatra. She’s a basset hound. Ah!
[ Laughs ] A basset.
So that’s cool. I understand that, once you get
in a particular point in life, it’s just about the people
and the social atmosphere. No, in my particular case, that plus I’m still
active in business. Yeah?
I really am. I’m the chairman
of a foundation. ♪♪ [ Machine parts whir ] ♪♪ But one thing I’m doing now,
which is really good, I’m photographing the women,
elderly women. Yeah. I have to look you up,
okay? Google me.
Yes, yes, yes. ♪♪ Who we got pulling up here?
Hey, sugar. Hey, this is Pearl. -Hey, Miss Pearl.
-Come on in, Pearl. How you doing, darling? Good to see you. ♪♪ It’s good to see you, too
Miss Pearl. That’s a firm handshake
you got there, Miss Pearl. [ Crunching, creaking ] Oh, I was a golfer,
so I know. Oh, you know
how to squeeze. Yeah, how to swing
and dance. And you still got it,
looks like. Ooh!
Oh, watch it now! ♪ Get, get, get swag ♪ ♪ Get swag ♪ ♪ Get, get, get swag ♪ ♪ Get swag ♪ ♪ Get, get, get swag ♪ ♪ The way that I do it
these bitches, they pay me ♪ ♪ All I be doing
is keeping it… ♪ What you been doing today? Oh, I took a few people
shopping. It looks like you know how
to put this ensemble together. Do you have a stylist,
or do you do this yourself? I do it myself.
Really? Stop it, Miss Pearl.
That’s just nice. I used to be a singer. I was a coloratura soprano, and now I’m
a [deep voice] baritone. Ah, well, you do a little bit
of everything. Looks like he does
a lot of business. You play sports,
and you sing. This is a cool place
to hang out. Everything is super,
and so is he right here. Yeah, he looks
like a charmer. [ Ting! ]
Oh, yes, he is. [ Ting! ]
[ Laughter ] -Yeah.
-He is. Yes, it’s nice to come
down at happy hour. They have very good
entertainment, makes you feel lively. They give you
hors d’oeuvres, and they give you
whatever you want to drink, and my favorite drink
is hot water. Hot water?
I heard a lot about this. Is that what has you
looking so young? What is it?
What has you so vibrant? Is it the hot water? The hot water,
I’m not anything else but hot water,
and I just… You mean, like, tea hot
or, like, what kind of hot do you
mean, like…? Hot-hot.
You drink hot-hot. Scorching hot.
Hot-hot? Of course, then I have to
burn my tongue a little bit. Why do you do that?
I’m just kidding. Oh, Lord have mercy. Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you. And have a wonderful
evening, all of you. -All right.
-Thank you, Pearl. Take care. You going to…
Don’t hurt nobody. Is that it, man? ♪♪ [ Elevator dings ] My grandfather was
in a retirement home, and it was nothing like this,
so I can see you guys really care about
what you’re doing here.
Definitely. This is “The Most
Expensivest Retirement.” When you feel like don’t nobody
care about you, come up here. True.

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