$2.3 MILLION High-End Chinese Apartment Tour | 參觀中國大陸的高端住宅

$2.3 MILLION High-End Chinese Apartment Tour | 參觀中國大陸的高端住宅

hey what’s up guys, this is Simon from shanghai
again. Just finished my lunch, in the afternoon,
we gonna go check out some high-end apartments buildings in Shanghai, which just went on
sale a couple of days ago. Actually one of my Mom’s friends, she is living
in the same apartment complex. Yesterday, she called us, She said there are
some new apartments available in their apartment complex, so she invited us over. So hopefully I can get some footage from the
inside and outside to show you how an above-average Chinese apartment looks like in Shanghai,
yes, let’s go check them out. This apartment complex is actually quite far
away from the downtown area. It’s about 40 minutes’ drive from East Nanjing
Road, which is the very center of Shanghai. The district is still under developing, there
are not many shops nearby like some other super-popular places, such as Xintiandi, or
Lujiazui. So I will say its location is not that great
compared to other typical high-end apartment complexes. However, nowadays, since land is extremely
limited and expensive in the downtown, a lot of real estate developers will choose to build
their apartments in some rural areas and cooperate with the local governments. So the local government will rebuild the roads
and other public infrastructure, and developers will invest in local housing and shopping
center. After 3-5 years of building roads, apartment
buildings, and shopping malls, etc. , the place will become more developed, which increases
the housing price, which also boasts the local economy. People also like buying those apartments because
they know the apartments’ price will shoot up in the future. It is like a win-win strategy for everyone. I think this model probably have been implemented
almost everywhere in China and it is also one of the reasons that China can develop
so fast. Hey guys, we just get to the apartment complex,
the first impression of the place. Everything looks very nice. you can see the road is very clean, and there
is no broken brick, all the grass and trees are nicely trimmed, so , pretty nice the environment
is very good. hey, guys here is the swimming pool, you can
see it is huge, all the way to there. Here is the B1 lobby, I know we Chinese people
like the color gold, but I feel like it is a little bit overused here. Anyway, it is still way nicer than most average
basements in China. Right now we are at the elevator, it is also
quite different from an average Chinese apartment’s elevator, it is way more spacious and luxurious. As visitors, we don’t have any control to
it. My mom’s friend from upstair can send it down
and pick us up. Here is how my mom’s friend’s apartment looks
like from the inside. She bought the apartment around 2014, which
cost him around 9 million RMBs, but right now, the price has gone up to 14 million RMBs,
which is more than 2 million US dollars. One thing worth noting is that you probably
wouldn’t find her home attractive, it just doesn’t give you a high-end feeling. It is because, in China, many people in my
parents’ generation are used to living a frugal life. Although many of them just like her have moved
into a million dollars apartment, they don’t want to throw their old furniture away. So they end up moving old those old furniture
into their new apartments. After having some tea, she brought us to the
newly developed apartments. Hey guys, right now we are at the lobby of the apartment. let’s get inside, and check out one of the sample apartments Hey guys, we are at the sample apartment This apartment has 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, and 4 independent bathrooms Every bedroom has its own bathroom. Here is the kitchen area, everything looks pretty nice guys. And here is the living area, you’ve got a huge living area. Here is the master bedroom, I am gonna say
it looks even nicer than most 5 stars hotels. and here is the bathroom, you got a shower
and bathtub. Let’s check the rest of the place. Ok, we just finished checking out the apartment. I checked with the staff,
most of the apartments are like 220 square meter size. The average price is around 16 million RMB. It’s quite expensive guys. Seriously, for an average Chinese guy like
me, I am not able to afford it. but, what do you think, do you guys like it? Okay, I think that’s it for today’s video. If you like my video, please hit the thumbs
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love and support, and I will catch you next time, peace.

100 thoughts on “$2.3 MILLION High-End Chinese Apartment Tour | 參觀中國大陸的高端住宅

  1. I must admit the apartments look amazing. But I would question the build quality and the longevity of the structure. My own place in England is solid . Not big but the external walls are nearly half a meter thick and the whole place is oak beam floor structure. It has stood the test of time. It's 200 yrs old. I have door handles older than the entire district lol. This is not a dig at China. I just question the quality of new builds worldwide. And the speed some are created, even with good materials makes me question the actual care taken by the builders.

  2. Great informative video about the current housing economy, you should do a video next on how a typical Chinese person works and makes money (to be able to afford these apartments) as I'm sure most people wouldn't know about the retirement pension system here and etc.

  3. It's look nice when is new, but the lack of maintenance will appear after 3 – 4 year's, or after they sell 80% of apartment's. Every complex is like this in china, what ever is the property managements in the top 10 of china. (Vanke, Gemdale, KWG, Wanda…)

  4. It would have been worth buying the 9MM RMB unit in 2014 that is now worth 14MM (provided "worth" = "can sell it this weekend for that") so the real question is, "is the next 5 year headed up or down?"

  5. Great vid again, Simon. Just wanted to say that i think it would be cool to hear you speak some chinese in your videos and do subtitles for the dialogue. Keep up the awesome work buddy

  6. 这是在闵行吧,比起松江的某些住宅区,这个地理位置还是可以了。Simon以后可以放双语字幕吗,觉得你的遣词造句很好。

  7. it's expensive cause it's in shanghai city, it's the price of shanghai, not the house itself, many houses which is better in designing or outlooking are not that expensive just because it's located in small cities . by the way, the living area looks simple and same from each other. in Chinese, 这小区房子看起来外型好单一,看起来挺丑的!

  8. 其实大陆完全可以放开高档住宅(含别墅)市场,收紧管控刚需经济住宅市场,只不过是贫富状态表面化一点而已,反正土地国有,使用权只有70年,这样还有利于经济永续发展,年轻人也更有动力去努力,而不是因为压力去努力。

  9. 我的感受的是样板房装修虽豪华但很老气,可能中国人就喜欢这种“土豪气”,那个小区的住宅楼也无聊单调,毫无美感,不过小区绿化还不错

  10. Oddly it looks very staged, like a model or sales apartment here. Clearly a "soft China" message. Who would want to portray that message I wonder? And again, except for a few furniture pieces, all Western . Only one authentic Eastern influenced sun hat. EVERYTHING else is copied from the West. There is no China left in China.

  11. rumor has it that the average lifespan of a residential building is about 25 years in china… not sure if it's true but if i were a buyer i'd stay away from chinese real estates.

  12. Built by Chinese builders in 10 years time 2.3 million us pile of rubble, wood and ceramic tiles covering the crumbling building work, looks like the ghost cities highlighted by ADVCHINA.

  13. 七千萬台幣在台北及部份新北市區是買不到這樣住宅的。至多一些華廈等級房子。因為這些區域房價六十六坪起碼新台幣一億以上。而且只是毛胚屋。若要車位加裝潢起碼再二千萬台幣。只是往往很快被人搶購變成完售

  14. biiiig living room, 4 good size bathrooms, but very small kitchen by western standards. Chinese apartments always seem to have have quite small kitchens.

  15. 02:50中文字幕有誤…應該是900萬而非9萬…..9萬也嚇死人了吧~(不過900漲到1400也是很驚人…)

  16. China is expensive! I am not a real estate expert, but in US (say Texas) this apartment would be some $400k, maybe even only $200k. It would be interesting to know the cost breakdown: land / labor / materials.

  17. nice apartments very spacious it's great the older people are frugal and use their old furniture. always save for a rainy day there's a lesson to be learned in that great video

  18. 這個ABC一看就知道是美國之音(反華急先鋒)的僱員。

  19. Real estate in China is expensive because there are not enough other outlets for financial investment. When additional opportunities open up for investment, there will be a downward pressure on housing and China may find itself with a housing crisis similar to what the US faced years ago with homeowners who cannot sell anywhere near the price they bought at. If you can, it is better to invest in productive resources. Something that is used to make things people need.

  20. The housing prices in Shanghai are insane!
    We just bought a condo in Chongqing. Similar size, location, quality and "prestige", but the price was one quarter of the one in the video.
    => Move to Chongqing 🙂

  21. 差就差在這些裝潢好像在看90、80年代電影豪華住宅的感覺,其他是還OK

    台北有比這更小更鳥然後差不多貴的,台北美河市的表示一下 哈

  22. Hi Brave Simon, I have no doubt that when China build an up-scale apartment, they will be as luxury as any high end in NYC, London, Hong Kong. The main problem is how to ensure that all Chinese citizen can have an affordable roof above their head. As China develops this is by far the most basic needs of any Chinese citizen.  Hence the effort to control housing prices by the private developers is prime. China should enforce their public housing scheme that will help a lot just like the way they build their 高铁。I have seen some other beautiful apartments in Shenzhen & Guangzhou but i hate to mention the terrible estate management companies that is handle the day-to-day concerns – they are really hopeless in many situation. Try listening to the Guangzhou local news and you will soon find out the daily problems the middle class is facing. Middle apartments there are not build to last! You can see all those that are built within the last 3-4 years in Huizhou. Many are falling apart ! Serpentza in his YouTube video will tell you about the "Ghost Town" in Southern China. Sad…. but that's the reality. The high end is only affordable to the 1-2% of the rich & investment companies but what about the 90% who needs a real house over their head?

  23. How can a regular Chinese citizen afford a 2 million dollar apartment? No way that is possible. Only the super rich can afford that. Is that apartment mortgaged for 70 years? In the US, my home is a1 story single family home. I have free parking in front of my home. A 2 car private garage. A front and back yard for my pets. Price? $100 per square foot. So your apartment was over $2 million while my single family home is $230K. I think you got burned badly! China has the biggest real estate bubble the world has ever seen!

    普通中國公民如何負擔得起200萬美元的公寓費用?沒辦法。只有超級富人才能負擔得起。那間公寓抵押了70年嗎?在美國,我的家是一棟1層的單戶住宅。我家門前有免費停車場。 2車位私人車庫。我的寵物的前院和後院。價錢?每平方英尺$ 100。因此,您的公寓超過200萬美元,而我的單戶住宅為23萬美元。我認為你被燒死了!中國擁有世界上最大的房地產泡沫!

  24. I feel absolute pity for the Chinese people who have be deceived by the CPC into spending their life savings to buy apartments that will be worthless in 5 years. The CPC takes the money to buy a military and lines their pockets with the rest. 對於受到中共欺騙的中國人民,他們花畢生積蓄購買五年內將毫無價值的公寓,我感到絕對可惜。中國共產黨拿錢來買軍,其餘的都放在口袋裡。

  25. As all Chinese we know mother Meng has moved their house 3 times, because you don't choose your house but choose your neighbor. A friend of mine bought a house, and the district is like the concession in the colony time. It is a single family house with big back yard, and thei neighbors are all western aliens. Of course the district is guard by security, and you don't fell like in Shanghai China. I know Beijing also has this kind If concession district, many movie stars live inside of district.

  26. 沒看到旁邊有商場可以買日常用品及顧三餐的地方,出門應該要開車且定期採購,說真的是住在監獄裡當房奴久了會厭煩…

  27. 全世界都一樣,富豪不斷以各種方式炫富,但就是沒有人炫耀他減了多少難民或貧戶,解決了多少生活在底層民眾的困境。

  28. Shanghai has quite similar prices to some euroean cities. But most of the ordinary people rent apartements, because buying is not possible.

  29. Meh. It's nothing special, but that's how it is there. I've visited plenty of so-called high-end apartment in China, and they're disappointing. I've also stayed at plenty of "five-star hotels" in China, but they're light years away from being five stars. More like three stars, not five stars. Mainland Chinese people just brag about how much money they spent (wasted).

  30. overpriced! "Every Chinese know prices will rise" ??? they may only hope, but prices can NOT rise endlessly. At some point prices become meaningless numbers because very few can afford such high prices. Hence ultimately prices will have to drop. CCP can not perpetually prop up housing market by artificial means. Human nature and free market forces in the end win. KEEP AWAY from such overpriced boxes.

  31. keep the peasants' fridges filled with food and their homes looking nice…. That way they wont rise up and demand freedom and liberty.

  32. 太土了⋯⋯從大廳開始⋯有錢不一定有品味⋯雖然每人品味不同但也是內心審美觀的反射出來

  33. Great video.
    Does purchase come with the basic infrastructure? It used to be when you bought in China, you were only getting the shell. You'd have to install everything yourself including toilets, sinks, counters, cabinets, flooring, etc. Has it changed now?

  34. 房間不大,裝潢很土豪,第一戶人家號稱幾百萬人民幣的房子,陽台居然曬衣服!完全不值得花那麼多錢買一團放在半空中的水泥塊!難怪房產開發商與官員能夠貪污那麼多錢,而且還強拆別人的房子蓋高樓,蓋了拆,拆了蓋,假GDP,油水撈不完。

  35. How many square meters ? They are very spacious… I don't know how it works in China but in my country you never fully own your own apartment is such big apartment complexes, in the sense that the building company or the developer has control over the buildings and the site and has a word to say about expenditures etc. which are generally very high and often amount to a regular rent price.

  36. The park in common area is really nice. The buildings have nice distance to each other. Still it will be nice not living in such high buildings, prefer staying close to the ground.

  37. It looks pretty highend to me! The public areas of the building are lovely, the architecture is quite nice, and the grounds are well kept. The apartment itself is lovely also.

  38. 不吐槽装修了,中国很多很贵得房子都这样,这个泳池,开了一朵大花,,,,整个小区我都完全不能接受。

  39. 啊看装修我真的想撞墙… 我宁愿只粉刷白墙贴木地板也不要这样的装修…
    我小时候住的地方就是很简单的装修,唯独厨卫重新装修了更新了设施… 家具20年已经换一套了看起来还是很2019…

  40. Nice apartment.., but the way these towers stand beside each other…

    Couldn't live in a place like that. I would be depressed pretty soon.

  41. None of my wife’s friends live in that sort of unit and she’s from Shanghai and hers mother and brothers still live there very antiseptic they are

  42. Not to my tastes. It feels very clinical. From a North American viewpoint you can get a much nicer house for that kind of money. And the land is not owned by the unit owners either.

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