1600 KM TEST RUN. 20-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser. ASPW StoryTIME.

1600 KM TEST RUN. 20-year-old Toyota Land Cruiser. ASPW StoryTIME.

this is going to be fun electrical
Nicholson I need to sort out stuff so I lived down there in the valley
it’s September 2019 I’m in the small town of Mossel Bay on South Africa’s
southern coast so I’m pretty chuffed this morning I feel good about this
decision and this choice I’m here to collect the Land Cruiser 105 that I’ve
purchased blind over the internet but I know you know those of you that have
been watching the channel will know that Paul you bear and I have been doing
forensic work on this vehicle to establish its history and what will be
needed to turn it into an overland but before that happens I must now drive it
from here to Cape Town and after our work is completed Cape Town to Pretoria
another 1,600 kilometres it’s going to be a tough trip because firstly no cup
holders of any kind hmm at this very moment I don’t know how this story is
going to play out there will surely be quite a bit of nostalgia but depending
on how this new vehicle behaves the story could easily take a completely
different unexpected turn actually I’m hoping it doesn’t
I’m Andrew st. Pierre White join me as I share my passion for four-wheel
drive trucks and traveling to the remotest parts of the world the driver
will take me about four and a half hours very mountainous roads and I know this
part of the country very very well because I’m gonna be passing through the
town that I lived for about 11 years this isn’t the first time that I have
driven a newly acquired 105 series Land Cruiser to my home the first time was in
2005 when I decided to buy myself a 4.5 Land Cruiser my friends and other 4y4
enthusiastic said Wow lovely vehicle but what about the fuel consumption the plan
was to get the notoriously thirsty 4.5 six-cylinder petrol engine to use less
fuel I tried everything possible to this end and I can confidently say that I
failed it is such a thirsty vehicle that I am assaulted after just one and a half
years because I realized that nothing I could do would be enough to turn this
into a proper Overlander it just used too much fuel now the route to Cape Town
is taking me past a place called swellin dam I have some lovely memories
of swelling down and I’ll stop off on the way a couple of
places swelling down is one of them I’ll stop off and the other one is Helderberg
I lived in the Helderberg and it’ll be I’m wondering how it’s gonna feel
arriving in the town where I used to live the second time was in 2008 this
time a 4.2 diesel just like the one I’m driving now will be at 8 2006 model this
vehicle however had a very happy ending it remains one of my all-time favorite
four-wheel drive wagons the water is remarkably clean so it’s time to do some
housekeeping and top up our jerrycans I used it for several years including
what I still regard as my most ambitious and probably most successful expedition
of all you see the Okavango River is unique it never finds the sea but
instead this vast Delta in 2010 to find the source of the Okavango River that 13
part TV series is on YouTube and left above the rolling hills of swell and damn I
have a lovely memory of this place not the airfield is there and I can’t get in
it because the gates are all locked but I spent a time here in 2012 with my
brother nephew and my father and I have such lovely memories of flying
particularly with my dad and I brought my motor glider here and I remember that
afternoon we went rigid soaring up and down those hills
I was absolutely magnificent the flight from our base in Cape Town would have
been probably I my guess is 40 minutes or so flying time and we spent the
weekend here and the reason why we came here to do that is that I wanted an area
where there would be free airspace I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic
control and things like that we could just come and land and just fly it will
soar it will and do what I love doing and that a Fly Buys I love doing flybys
when you cost control their space even advisory airspace flybys no you can’t do
them we have to take in consideration our the
aircraft and of course here with no other airplanes with very few other
airplanes flying it was very easy and very safe to to do flybys so that was a
lovely lovely memory I have of this particular place well back on the road
approaching at the town where I once lived so I lived down there in the
valley and it were times when I would I would go gliding and literally within
view of my own house I used to come out enough weekends I used to come and soar
on these hills and I’d see there’s these guys jumping off and I would be soaring
up and down the ridge like this and I would see these guys jump over here and
I used to think to myself I’d much rather be in my glider than in one of
those he’s doing well this good lift westerly sea westerly winds they come
off they bounce off Table Mountain they come down in through this valley and
they come up this hill and they actually do this all the way for several hundred
kilometres to have it untied them off of all the
things in South Africa I missed the most it is my old Flying Tigers of
Stellenbosch flying up wonderful wonderful community spirit
here always busy lots of activity lots of interesting airplane and in fact my
hangar over there now is being blocked by a mirage f1 on earth did they land it
on this short runway well they did anyway that’s my old flying club for you
from here it’s a short drive to cape town ten days have passed during which
the three of us have rebuilt the Land Cruiser that process is now complete and
I’m ready to drive it up to Pretoria for its to have accessories fitted turning
it into an over Lander the rebuild process was filmed in detail and those
videos are still to come right here on 4 by Overland but now I’ve
been on road for an hour things say everything seems to be good
the riders much better the gearbox is making a bit of a sir I can hear a wine
or something serious but it’s there so it’s a vague wine the whole vehicle
actually felts new I mean the steering is feels more solid there even though
the steering I thought was really good it’s even yeah it felt the vehicle feels
tighter Neela agent is pulling really really well much better much much better
than it was everything is good so what I’m going to do I’m going to try and
reach a town called Beaufort West and I’d like to tell you the story a little
bit about how many times I have actually driven this particular Road from Cape
Town to Johannesburg and was Johannesburg back to Cape Town I have
done it I have encountered it must be 30 times it could be as many as 40 and
often when I was doing this a drive it was to collect a new four-wheel drive
for my own use this is not unlike that it’s not so much collecting but
delivering because that the vehicle will actually be most I will actually store
it up northern part of the country it’s closer to the places that I like to
visit and so I am anything not collecting it but delivering it since of
what I used to do often on this particular road is then like now I know
particularly feel very safe and I haven’t done a lot of filming because of
it so I wanted to find a little road that goes off the main tits and that’s
now there in one that’s the main road that runs all the way from Cape Town
right the way up to the northern tip of South Africa so it’s a main arterial
route and there’s a lot of traffic on it almost all of the time and so I’ll take
a little side road like I’ve done now and I love doing this at about this time
of day the Sun is just going to just going down and I’ll come and just stand
and listen to the traffic and and just enjoy
enjoy a moment alone this area is called the kuru the greater kuru and I know
this area very very well now you see that hill right over there that
overlooks the town of Beaufort Western I’m going to spend the night there
tonight and I remember very clearly a trip to Beaufort West and it probably
was my guess is 1998 I think I was in the film industry and I was killed given
a call by producer that I used to edit films for and she knew I’d written a
book about for drive etcetera etc and they needed to get a an Isuzu Frontier
which was an SUV based on the Suzu pickup on the top of the highest peak
over there and they were shooting a TV commercial and they needed somebody to
drive it up there so it started with a helicopter ride which I took with the
producer and the director in the helicopter
the next day I pointed I said okay I conquered because they wanted me on that
thing but I think couldn’t get them onto that when I could get one very close and
I said no but that one yes and so we took a fix and came back down and the
next day drove the vehicle and I have three guys from the advertising agency
with me to help pack rocks and we managed to get it up there and it was a
great review of the vehicle because I mean it was the wit with it these were
the first two in the country first two built so I was you know I had um it was
great having that and I remember we had parked it on the UH on the edge and we
got out of the car yes yes whew amazing view and it had
taken us a good four for five hours of rock packing hmm very pleased with
ourselves helicopter comes up I’m gonna get it
the guy gets up lands the guy gets out of the helicopter this film director he
gets out of that helicopter he looks at the car
he says that’s not the right position I said it’s taken four hours it’s parked
it’s not positioned I mean water water what a twat where would you like it sir
sir where would you like it sir so where over there fine you know we had to move
at 12 feet anyway it was a great company was a great commercial mm-hmm actually
wasn’t it such a great commercial that is good because I drove the car there
that’s why it’s a nice memory high over 90 last night and a place that I come to
very very regularly because it’s always clean it’s not expensive and it’s right
on the roots called wagon wheels is just outside Beauford West doesn’t look very
impressive but actually I was $60 for the best room in the house so I don’t
think that’s bad so now we’ll be going to kolesberg now
kolesberg is kind of the halfway point not exactly halfway but it’s pretty
close halfway point between Cape Town
Johannesburg and Carlsberg is quite significant to me I have noticed this
morning that the timing belt warning light has illuminated also that we’ve
crossed the threshold all the three hundred thousand kilometers nothing to
worry about it’s an automatic thing that little
light comes on every 150,000 kilometers I always used to get up at this time
just before sunrise and hit the road at first light and such the light
absolutely beautiful on the open road really really used to love this this
road and to be honest I had a bit of a rant yesterday because I was finding
driving it not as much fun because well I don’t know most of my imagination but
the drivers here have got even worse than they were
South African drivers are must be ranked as one of the worst in the world
generally speaking they have absolutely no regard for the speed limit and
especially no regard for solid white lines already three times I have been
overtaken by vehicles travelling very fast around blind bends and drops and
hills and and without words out there they have no patience at all they will
not stay behind a truck anyway having got that out of my system
I didn’t run you the whole thing because it was it was really was a random –
probably unnecessary but you know sometimes one has to vent one’s
frustrations with things and those are the hills there that’s the
hill that I am that I drove up just right there there is the airport I’m not
going to go in the airport itself means absolutely nothing to me apart from the
story that’s worth telling about a flight I took over this piece of
airspace on the way to kolesberg which is where I’m going now along the road
there are hundreds of windmills like this the very very first time that I can
remember driving this route while collecting a new vehicle was in 1997 I
bought myself a Range Rover classic it was the final production run of Range
Rover classics and I parked it here and I’m pretty sure it was this particular
windmill and I’m naturally not sure but difficult to discern and establish
exactly which one it was but it was in this area and filmed the the windmill as
it was spinning in the sunlight and I remember parking the Range Rover near it
and filming the blade spinning and I used that windmill I had a thing about
windmills and I used the image of that windmill spinning
in the payoff for my television show I’ve always absolutely loved windmills
so many occasions when driving this route I would come through kolesberg and
stop at this place here the reason being is because the kids make windmills now
some years ago the windmill that they would they were driven off they weren’t
allowed to make windmills and I’m very very pleased to see that they’re back
now socially whether that was a good or bad thing to to send them on their way I
don’t know but the fact is that the little windmills are still here hello
how are you I like those little windmills I like
this one it’s very nice and how much is this one thirty okay hold that hold that
one oh these are all rather nice oh okay all right okay hold your hold them up
this Yona yeah that’s okay so come come come come here
okay okay I’m going to take this one so this one’s for you you you come stand
here stand there so you hold on that one take that one let me see and you see
this one this one I’m gonna take this one take 1 2 3 30 30 30 yeah okay so 90
so I’m I can give you 100 but you’ll have to share it yes is that okay yes if
I give you one so if I give you 100 for three there’s no fighting we can share
it’s gonna be okay okay okay my take over so I’m going to give
you that all right that’s for those three okay don’t take more I can’t act
more I’d like to take more I’m going to take three the small ones
okay all right all right that’s one it’s nice a little bit I like
this thank you everyone all right thank you everybody so I have always had a
I’ve always had a just love these sort of things these are much smaller and I
still have one at home in Australia that I actually it’s in my display of things
and I just think they’re so charming so that’s actually very very glad to see
that they’re still here anyway there you go well I saw boys little boys running
straight into the shop and I wonder what they’re gonna go and buy out there have
a nice day I’m trying to find the road I’m doing it purely by memory there is
an airfield and not only have I been to the airfield several time to actually
film some reviews here the Mercedes GLE on davargan 300 G professional so I
decided to do instead of driving off-road it’s actually drive on road
this is 1,400 kilometers of very dreary dull boring road from Johannesburg all
the way to Cape Town let’s see if this interesting vehicle
can make this otherwise dull trip entertaining fun sounds lame now it was
a torrid not that one there it is I see it now of course now I
remember is the other side of the Orange River so we’re going to cross the Orange
River now which is one of South Africa’s major rivers don’t heaven have a visit but before
that I found the windmill where I parked my Range Rover in 1999 no I parked my
Range Rover there I’ve been thinking about it I worked it out that it was not
1997 as I think I said it was 1999 because I remember very clearly two
years after that I didn’t keep that vehicle very long I got my first G Wagon
and also had to do a trip all the way from Johannesburg back to my home in
Cape Town and that was another ferry trip I took you’ll never guess what’s
happened it’s locked itself with the keys inside I’ve got a serious problem then what do I have no tools I have to break a window and then have
any choice I did actually I’ve heard it actually
it’s a Fault in the system and I’ve heard it once lock itself but it was
trying to unlock itself or something was making noise and I’ve closed the door
and it’s locked itself and I keys it in the ignition you can see them there I
don’t have spare keys I’m gonna have to break this window here this quarter
panel to break it I’m just trying to think of an alternative I don’t have
wire weather would be any good laughs everywhere and do a bit of a
cleanup in here right is there anything I’ve got in the car is some insulation
tape electrical installation tape and I think I might have some cardboard
somewhere but normally I would be very well-equipped to handle such a thing now
not so when I do have basic kit I don’t have my Leatherman here this is a gerber
multi-tool it’s about a quarter of as useful as a Leatherman is that gonna stay with with a hundred
kilometer now women all right let’s go they’ve all locked normally they unlock
so something is shorting out and I actually think it’s the system here
having having trouble with the system here can I see yeah it’s clear so now because of that I have no
security in the vehicle at all in in Johannesburg so I can’t go anywhere I
can’t do anything and that is I’ll now steal your car it’s
a great big red flag I must go through my heart Ives and see
what I can lose this off so familiar to me and just like it was in 2012 the
airfield is abandoned but the airfield is not always this
quiet area my speed would be average speed is probably close to 150
sixteen dots so I just idle the propeller so you can hear me and where
the head looks good but I think the Weatherhead is also going to be a little
bit too turbulent clouds and feeling their depth of feeling the effect of
thermal so see you and I’m on the ground my idea was to fly from Cape Town to
Johannesburg and I this would be my halfway stopping off point it would take
me about four hours to get here and I thought well let me do it in two stages
and I was over Beauford west where I had parked that vehicle for that commercial
and I was looking at my fuel and I realized that in fact I was using a
little more fuel than I had calculated and that I would arrive here with empty
tanks or close to empty tanks and that’s not viable flying it’s just not
acceptable to take a risk like that so I decided that well I should land at
Beaufort West and refuel but the runway there is full of tiny little stones
really and they damaged the propeller so that would be the cost so my alternative
was shut the engine down and glide now it wasn’t a great gliding day but it
wasn’t a terrible guiding day it was what they call marginal in other words
could you marginal to staff and I thought to myself I would only need to
glide a hundred kilometres and then I could motor to motor the rest of the way
on a reduced throttle and I would arrive here with 45 or so minutes worth of fuel
left in the airplane which is what I would want to do and so I thought ok let
me let me do that and if I fail I did have enough sunlight and I had enough
enough of a weather window to be able to actually return to Beaufort West if
needed and I glided all the way except for the last five kilometres I was
coming over the hills and I remember I could see this I can see all the planes
lined up here I started descending and I reached the
Orange River and I realized you not gonna you’re just gonna be short the
flight took me six and a half hours and it was the longest ride I ever had
in that particular airplane I came here in parked it here and and kind of just
you know with all the people around flying everything was just wonderful to
to see everybody with one or two people that actually remembered from my old
gliding days and then I filled up the tanks of the airplane and it was exactly
half empty I was my calculation had been bang on but what a great day gliding
that was was fantastic the other time I came here and had a blast and in fact
footage I shot during my visit in my glider is when I reviewed the
mercedes-benz GLE under wagon but today I’m here to drive one of my
favorite four-wheel drives her obliging Center is completely deserted the dozens
of German pilots that flock here every year have all gone back to their rainy
skies and I’m here to get a feel for one of their least common four-wheel-drive
station wagons nice memories really really good memories now I’ve got to
decide which route I take to Johannesburg I could take the long route
at the country route or I could take the direct route and you know something I’m
gonna take the long route hey I’ve got the time and B this road from here I
mean you can you could have hurt you could hear how busy it was when I was
fixing the window how much traffic and I don’t feel like getting into that that
that traffic I’d rather just do a leisurely literally run we’ve driven up
here and we’ve taken this road here and we’re opposite the Arab Dam we’re there
so I’m going to go the back roads and where I will be tonight I don’t know so
I’m suggesting we go up along here and then actually go down there and then up
here and then next to lassoo – and we go all the way up this road here there’s
this very very pretty country but it means getting to Johannesburg probably
midday tomorrow which is good by me Sunday midday Joburg traffic won’t be
bad so that’s what I’m going to go this is extremely mountainous so we’ll be
bypassing the zoo – and yes I have the keys in my pocket I decided after all to take the gravel
road to our 90 kilometers long to a town called Pippin are and it’s through
beautiful country I love this country tall yellow
grazing land really gorgeous this town is called ferrysburg and I know this
area extremely well my in-laws actually ran a BMB in a town called clowns which
is about 20 minute drive and I would kind of go to class tonight but I’m
actually very tired I’ve been on the road for close to 11 hours and I’m just
feeling that time to time to find a bed and something to eat seventy dollars for
this have been reflecting while driving on
the fact that I now have a vehicle in Africa that’s mine and I think I’m I’m
not as excited about as that as I thought I might be and I and I think
it’s because I’ve found the drive in the last few days mm-hmm
not that much fun I was nice reminiscing nice remembering stuff that was that was
good but I don’t feel as I think what I’m gonna do with this vehicle is and
I’m not going to keep it in South Africa and I will pack it up in Pretoria until
next June that’s June 2020 then I will do a major trip with the vehicle but I’m
gonna Park it in Namibia in Windhoek the capital R then I can fly Perth Joburg
win took and B with my vehicle I’m now tomorrow going to leave for Johannesburg
and I’m going to conclude this video here now it’s a bit noisy and I can
smell diesel fumes and I think I might just going to get something to eat not
far past Johannesburg is Pretoria where I’ll be fitting a range of equipment
turning this into a tour including a tent kitchen and awning all right here
you go stay for that all three of these products are brand new to the world
market and I’ve decided not to go with a traditional draw system I hope you’ve
enjoyed the video and thanks for watching
if you’re not already a subscriber what have you got to lose and press that
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next time it’s quite a noisy town

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  39. I thought this show was about cars not your boring life. Stick to cars dude otherwise it's an ugly show. I watched it for a while and now i just want to shoot myself.

  40. 15:41 Now that is scary feeling not knowing how fast the incoming vehicle is coming at you. I have slowed down considerably in those situations and wouldn’t overtake.

  41. @ 22:35 you indicated that the car locked itself … May I ask how did you solve this problem? I have the same car having the same problem. Even when the key is in my pocket the car suddenly locks itself. I appreciate any help how to solve this problem.

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