100 thoughts on “102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

  1. Nice video! i strongly recommend proxydocker because it provides an added layer of internet security and privacy.

  2. Awesome tips! But I'm so overwhelmed. My brain injury has left me without my old self, without my creativity… this was triggering for me and my CPTSD is going again, to my surprise… I did not expect it. I was trying to find something to cheer up me before I have to go clean out an old spoiled fridge that failed with rotted meat in it. : FML. This really is a great video with awesome tips, I just regret that I'm so injured and will never be myself again, I used to be so handy and have so many great ideas. To anyone with ears to hear, please, avoid CPTSD like the plague, no matter it's cause, and cherish your youth, not letting ANYONE EVER take the "real you" away, no matter what. Blessings to you all for a safe 2018. May God keep us all safe, clothed, sheltered and fed.

  3. Am I the only one that noticed that several of these ideas would be unnecessary if only they would clear out the clutter?? I watched this b/c I live in a tiny house & always interested in getting more storage ideas. But, 20 pairs of shoes, 50 lipsticks, or 10 water bottles isn't an option. Finding new or multiple uses for what we already have on hand seems like the best tips to me; like the Kleenex box used for plastic (or trash?) bags. Love that idea. Now, where can I hang that……….?

  4. The car idea is not wise at all. Thieves love to break into cars and steal things. Doesn't have to expensive items either.

  5. Become a minimalist dump 90% of your stuff YOU DONT USE/NEED IT ANYWAY!!!!! and ya done πŸ™‚ best desition of my life …..

  6. I didn't know it was so common to buy frozen fries. What my family and I always did was chop up 1 or 2 nicely sized russet potatoes per person, fry then for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, then set them on a paper towel and salt them. Still haven't had better fries than home made ones.

  7. Putting hot curling irons into a paper or plastic magazine holder is pretty much a fire waiting to happen………….. Not the brightest thing to be telling people to do imo.

  8. tile under all your sinks. Much easier to clean when something spills. If you have a water leak there will little or no damage.

  9. Okay the whole tolietry storage thing isn't gonna work for shorter people like me, I am only 5ft tall, maybe do a video on organizing for shorter people as well

  10. I bought a disc organizer to put my larger eyeshadow palettes (the one's with around 40 colors) in when I organized my vanity. Also I used smaller fish bowls for a decorative, and ventilated brush holder.

  11. why are parents doing laundry for their kids? I taught my two boys to do their own laundry since they were 8 years old.

  12. HI, some interesting ideas, but you idea 72 and 91 there is a big problem. There are 3 types of plastic readily used- PVC, PP and PET. Only two are safe for food or consumerables. That is PP and PET. Idea 72, is to put your dog and cat food into a drawer type unit that is routinely used for paper supplies and such. This is NOT SAFE FOR FOOD OR FOOD ITEMS. PVC is not safe for food, and those types of units are routinely made with PVC plastic. With that said, you could put in t plastic bag first, but the off gassing will probably go through. YOUR DOGS AND CATS CAN BECOME SICK LIKELY. It can be actually toxic. Number 91, talks about putting foods into plastic containers, the packaged foods are fine, but the onions, or potatoes, do not put in plastic that is PVC. I just thought you might want to know this.

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  14. "I thought I threw that water bottle out two years ago, but nope, here it is, just flyin' in my face…"

  15. Retired Verteran moving into a townhome soon. I love you channel and your idea! Bless you! πŸ β˜ΊοΈπŸ™

  16. Thanks for the great description!!! 😎

  17. Ok seriously, why would you sacrifice an ENTIRE closet full of space just to hang up a shelf that holds 3 measly things?! That has got to be the most nonsensical thing I've EVER seen in my life! I'm seriously in hell, aren't I?? πŸ˜¬πŸ€”πŸ˜§πŸ˜΅πŸ˜±

  18. How annoying is it that the white words are on an off white background.. Impossible to read when on a light background. For deaf people it mast be a turn off

  19. Thank you so much dearest sweetiesπŸ’
    You're such an inspiration πŸ™πŸ˜‡
    Stay Blessings always πŸ•‰πŸ’–

  20. 80% of the items displayed in each β€œorganization tip” are clutter. If you get rid of them, the remaining 20% would not require any DIY to store. The reason why people surround themselves with over abundance of β€œthings” (i.e. clutter) is because their hearts and minds are empty. Fill your hearts with love and your minds with knowledge, and all that clutter will never enter your home.

  21. 103: tie up the annoying presenter with extra large cable ties and with a handy duct tape you can smother her smug, squeaky voice and store her cadaver in an old chest freezer for peace and convenience!

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  24. So, if you want to organize you must collect and keep a bunch of odd and unnecessary items to aid in decluttering sounds like a lot of work? Hey, I got one. "Label my junk drawer"…oh wait….atatch an envelope that reads "Junk Drawer" in fancy bright lettering using a permanent red marker on the outside of the drawer, place a list inside for handy recall of everything you have in that drawer! No more looking through that mess!

  25. Make sure all your friends are convinced you've completely lost your mind with this super de-cluttering kick you're on. Exchange a usual box for unwanted garbage.Take out all the Kleenexes from the new decorative floral box and place them in a washed, clean, dry used "Starbuck's" or other showy expensive brand coffee to go cup, wait for more guest to throw random used coffee to go cups about your home, or collect those in your car's floor from the past week in carpool days for re use. hahaha.

  26. What we'll need check list :
    —A large spacious brand newly built home.
    —No children.
    —No spouse.
    —No pets.
    —No visitors.
    —Steady flow of income.
    —No obligations elsewhere.
    —Boredom and Timelessness mixed with
    —Extreme case of nuerotic compulsive personality disorder.

  27. Who use plastic bags? I have sturdy recycling bags that I roll together and store in my car. I haven't bought a bag for 10 years. In Spain they didn't know what my bag was and thought I was weird πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

  28. You had to have taken some of these photos from other sources. They are not all of the same house. That’s infringement.

  29. Just wondering, the name is 'Jansen' or "Jansens' but the accent is (let's call it… a very strong kind of) American.
    I can't detect anything Dutch in this video. Is that true?

  30. 8:25 that's IKEA. I recognise the flowerpots and hanging-system. That's an IKEA showroom.
    Also, nobody would decorate their walls with a bright-coloured red (and dirty after use) broom.
    This is illogical use of space.

  31. A piece of dark chocolate is like an assigned place for my stuff….oooh now I get it! I have been so nonsensical! Now I'm logical!

  32. Per veterinarians that I tech for, keep your dog and/or cat food in their original bag. The food stays fresh for a longer period of time.

  33. If you get white labels & use a hole puncher to cut out a load of small circles. The using your nail polish colour the top in and place on the top of nail polish bottle so you can see the colour when looking down at them

  34. Very good tips.Thank you.I'll try some.Keep doing good work.I especially like the slim floating shelves,soda can tab,used on hangers & the underbed,pull-out, sliding drawer.

  35. the dumbest tip I keep hearing it that if you havent used something for a long time then get rid of it because you're unlikely to ever use it. In my experience there have been many times that was not the case. I had a pair of shoes that were outdated and were too big for me but 10 years later they were back in style and I had grown into them. The same happened with my jeans. The best advice is to get rid of clothes ad they show signs of wear because often buying a new one is more cost affectiive than washing the old one. The only exception is if you going to do dirty work that you need old clothes for. Keep those in a bin in the back of the closet, basement or garage. You dont need to hang them.

  36. Or simply educate your self on minimalism and dedicating more quality time for your self without cluttering your house.

  37. Heres my tips:
    1. If you're not using it throw it away.
    2. Eliminate extra bullshit. You dont need 10 pens. 1 or 2 is plenty.
    3. Keep your countertops empty.
    4. Use a wicker basket to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc and keep the inside of your shower free of any products. An empty shower is cleaned much faster than a stocked one.
    5. Keep nothing on your floor. Not even inside your closets. Empty floors vacuum faster than ones with shit all over the place.
    6. Teach your kids to pick up after themselves.
    7. Use silicone covers on your stove burners so you dont have to scrub off grease.
    8. Clean your washer and dryer.
    9. Hire someone to deep clean for you weekly.
    10. If you take off clothing put it into hamper now.
    11. Have all 1 color of towels. Towels take up the most room in laundry and you dont want to worry about doing colors or whites. Pick one and go with it so you can wash many at the same time and without having to sort.

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