Hello friends it’s Allison
so in today’s video i’m going to be sharing 10
really simple a couple of them are a little more complex
ways to make your home more cozy and hyyge so if you’re like what the
heck did she just say huga is a danish word and
it’s basically another way to say cozy but it’s
so much more than that i actually have this
the little book of hygga danish secrets to happy living book that my mom got me
for christmas and i absolutely love it i have it
bookmarked which is some things i wanted to share with you all today
but i just kind of wanted to read an expert of it to kind of give you an idea
of what this video will be focused on because we are going
to talk about 10 tangible ways you can make your home
more cozy but it really is so much more than tangible
items you add to your home it really is kind of creating this happy
place and warm place and welcoming place where
you can really feel at home and other people who come
to your home can also feel at ease and at rest and
rejuvenated so let me read this little introduction
to what hugo really is so huge has been called
everything from the art of creating intimacy
coziness of the soul the absence of annoyance to taking
pleasure from the presence of soothing things and my personal favorite
coco by candlelight cocoa by kittelay like that’s so
magical so hyuga is about an atmosphere and an experience
rather than about things it is about being with the people we love
a feeling of home a feeling that we are safe
that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down
you may be having an endless conversation about the small or big
things in life or just be comfortable in each other’s
silent company or simply just by yourself
enjoying a cup of tea i just adore that so so much if you follow
my channel for a while you know how important
home is to me and just establishing a cozy space
and i really want everyone who comes into my space
and really who encounters me to feel happier and
cozy inside that’s why i’m so in love with that word and i
also am so in love with this whole idea of the huga
culture and just creating that sort of space
so i’m really excited to share these tips and ideas with you all today and i
really hope you enjoy so i made some notes so if i glance down
that is what i’m looking at and like i said i will be
sharing 10 different cozy hacks if you will
but i split them into three different categories because some of them
do kind of relate to each other but they are their separate entities at the same
time so the three categories are light
textiles and life so for light some
really easy easy super simple things you can add to your home
to make it more cozy are candles i feel like this is a no-brainer
if you love candles as much as i do you know they
instantly add an element of soft romantic
light that is just calming and soothing and if you buy scented ones as well it
can also make the room smell better but even unscented candles
are so powerful and can really romanticize and cozy up a
space so easily i have candles sprinkled all
around our little apartment i have them in the bathroom
our bedroom the living room the kitchen they really are
everywhere and i’m constantly lighting them
make sure you are safe with them though make sure you blow them out after you’re
done but kind of once you get in the habit of
lighting candles i feel like you get better about making sure you
blow them out at the end of the night but this is such an easy and simple way
to achieve this huge space and then the next one
are lamps so when you turn on your ceiling lights and just kind of the
lights that are standard in homes and apartments these are just
so bright and they tend to be quite harsh so
i think it is so important and such a simple way to add in some
softer light with lamps and you can also sprinkle these throughout your home
i have most of our lamps in our living room but also in our bedroom
also while we’re talking about lamps i also want to talk about
light bulbs because there are a ton of different
light bulbs if you go down the light bulb aisle at hardware store
there seriously are hundreds of different light bulbs and
lots of them have different tones to them so some have cooler tones and some
have warmer tones personally and a hundred
percent for the more warmer toned yellow toned light bulbs so
make sure you get those warm colored light bulbs
for your lamps okay the next one is not the most
obtainable one this is the most tricky way to add coziness
to your space and that is with a fireplace
so if you didn’t know i live in florida and fireplaces are very rare here unless
it is an older house and achieving this huga element is difficult for us
floridians because like i said it’s just we live in a hot
climate like an air conditioner is what we need not a fireplace but
again those older houses have them because
back in the olden days we didn’t have heaters or anything like that so it was
necessary but nowadays it’s just kind of a thing
of the past but we do have these wonderful faux
fireplaces that you can get at a variety of different stores
and fire just adds such an element of hugo and coziness
i mean even just the crackling sound that comes from a real fireplace can be
very soothing to most people and just the
element of natural wood is also incredibly
cozy so with the faux fireplaces you do kind of
fall short except mine actually it does give off heat
so it is a heater so it does serve another purpose besides just kind of
creating that huge element to my space but i do think
this is a good solve i would be remiss if i didn’t share how
cozy adding a fireplace is to your space even though it’s not an actual real
fireplace it does provide the feeling of
the real deal okay now we’re moving on to our next grouping
of tips and that is textiles so we started with light and now we’re moving
to textiles and some simple ways that you
can really add coziness is with throw blankets so
i have a throw blanket basket behind me i have it draped on my couch i have it
over my bed having blankets is crucial especially if
you have guests coming over you want to make sure everyone
has a blanket they can grab if they’re cold when you want when you have people
come over you want to make sure they are warm
and feel at home and blankets are such a great way to do that
and then the next textile that you can add to cozy up
are rugs so i love rugs i even have a rug
on my carpet in our apartment and i also stuck the rugs of course wherever we
have you know laminate or tile like in the
bathroom and in the kitchen and this helps collect dust but also it
helps you to cozy up those cooler flooring spaces
and add varying different textures all
throughout your home okay the next one is one of my favorite
ones because as humans we do spend a lot of time
sleeping and i think creating a haven
and cloud of a bed is so incredibly important
we all work so hard in our jobs and life is tiring so having a bed that you just
are so excited to crawl in at the end of the night is so
crucial and i’m so excited to be partnering with buffy
to share their story and share their incredible
products so if you haven’t heard of buffy before
they offer everything from comforters to pillows to sheets and all of these
products really come together to turn your bed to a comfy cozy oasis
i personally have the cloud comforter and
there could not be a more perfect name for that comforter because
it truly feels like a cloud and buffy’s products are made from ultra
smooth eucalyptus fiber that feels softer than cotton making them
breathable and cool to the touch to help maintain the ideal sleeping temperature
and feel cozy without overheating so like i said i am a
florida girl and although i do get chilly in the winter i even
have a heated blanket i do also get really warm at night as well
especially in the summer months but buffy is so perfect because due to the
eucalyptus fiber it does help be more breathable
and you don’t get all stuffy and the best thing about eucalyptus fiber
is that it isn’t just softer but it’s also more earth-friendly and it’s
sourced from renewable forests and consumes 10 times less water to grow
and on top of that it’s transformed into ultra smooth fiber
through a waste free production process buffy
really cares about our earth and environment and the proof is in the
pudding all of their products including
comforters pillows and sheets are also cruelty free hypoallergenic
no down feathers or animal products but if you don’t trust me even though i
am the queen of coziness self-proclaimed but still
i would like to think i’m the queen of coziness buffy and their products have
over 17 000 5 star reviews plus an overall
average rating of 4.5 stars so there you go so if you’d like to try
buffy and their product in your own bed for
free before you commit to buying you can they have a free trial free
shipping and free returns every day so all you
have to do is click the link in my description box
and enter the promo code allison and you’ll get
20 off your buffy bedding so again creating
a really comfy bed situation is so crucial to creating an overall
cozy home and that goes the same for like guest
rooms because of course if you ever welcome guests in your home you want to
make sure that they feel as comfy and cozy as you do as well okay
our next little category is life so we add light and then
textiles and now we’re on to life and like i read at the beginning
hugo really is focused on togetherness because
really you know just the feeling of being with your family
and friends provides a element of coziness
that no tangible item could ever so really creating a space that fosters
that community and togetherness is so crucial to
cozy and hygge home so the first little way that you can add some life to your
space is with plants so adding this element of
nature can just bring so much color and energy
i know that sounds kind of silly but you know what i mean
just having a plant that is growing and alive even if it is a faux plant that’s
still fine it still adds that element of nature that is just so beautiful and
inspiring and i adore my plants and they really liven up our space so much
the next one is board games so in my book they even
talk about board games as well and board games have just been such
a incredible way to make friends as an adult so we love to have game
nights with our friends and it really just creates so much laughter
and conversation especially when you are making new friends it’s such a great way
to bond so we keep our games in our
fireplace which is so fitting but really having that thing to do where
you’re not just like looking at a screen staring at a phone watching movies are
great i love watching movies but when you’re playing a game with people
you really can get so much closer okay two more
elements the next one is another one of my
favorites and that is food what is more cozy than fresh
baked goods and this is really igniting your senses because the smell
of fresh baked cookies fresh baked muffins is just
everything and that lingering scent can make others feel
warm and excited having just like fresh baked
banana chocolate chip muffins every morning when i wake up that i can enjoy
with my coffee is such a happy thing and chocolate chip
banana muffins are easily one of my favorite things to bake
and i like to just put them out on display on a cute little tray
especially if i have guests over having food is just
crucial to being a cozy hostess okay last one is something warm to drink
so again i do live in florida so having something
cold to drink can actually be preferred for most people but
i think it’s great to have both and having your
hands wrapped around a cozy mug with something
warm and steamy inside of it is one of my favorite feelings in the whole entire
world and i also have this jar where i keep different tea bags with
different flavors so when i have guests over i love to
offer them some cozy tea i hope these cozy and
huga tips really inspired you to spend time making your space a happy
place for you and others it really does take a little bit of
energy and work to foster that kind of space but it’s so
incredibly worth it because i truly believe it creates
an overall healthier and happy lifestyle and i just want you guys to feel cozy as
well because clearly it makes me happy and i just want you
all to be happy too so thank you for watching i cannot wait
to see you soon stay cozy bye

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  1. Hi Allison! This video is so inspiring, I would love to have that book so I can learn more about Hygge, also can you share the banana muffin recipe please? Thank you so much for this video

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  4. Just so you know, Buffy used to be called Charm Sleep. They ripped off a bunch of influencers and never paid them and just shut down without shipping orders and restarted with a new branding. They’re horrid.

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