👣Short’n Sweet – DIY Pedicure Steps at Home PART ONE👣

👣Short’n Sweet – DIY Pedicure Steps at Home PART ONE👣

100 thoughts on “👣Short’n Sweet – DIY Pedicure Steps at Home PART ONE👣

  1. Your client has pretty feet for sure! I'm a little jealous!!!! Loved the polish she chose!!! And they're right your voice is soothing and you have beautiful hair!!❤👣🌻

  2. I think next time I get a pedicure I will load up one of these videos and show what I want. Lots of money lost when dealing in failures.

  3. I like watching your videos I have purchased few things from you I have pinched toenail I’m wondering what to do for the pinched toenail thank you

  4. Almost gave up on finding a good video to watch while eating. That is, until I saw you had just uploaded one lol. Love your videos!❤️

  5. I just got your pedicure kit. My husband is no longer able to trim his toenails so I'm doing them now. Your nail clippers are amazing! Best ones I have ever owned!

  6. Do you have someone who does the same pedicures feet cleaning in Orlando or Tampa… Please let me know.. Need my feet done.

  7. Love your videos!💕❣️💞
    I wish I could find a manicurist near me in Utah that follows your modalities.
    Maybe you could add a tab to your website for manicurist listings? That would be so helpful!

  8. Nice pedicure . I have watched and have tried to trim my toenails like you. I just can’t get the right angle , or something . 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. I absolutely love this color. I watch your videos every night because after hearing your voice and the sound of the water, I have relaxing dreams. It is so satisfying watching the care you put in your job.

  10. Here I am watching this AGAIN. 😀It is so fun to here you talk and laugh with your client. Your nails are very pretty in this video.

  11. So my husband hates feet, but he loves the techniques I’ve learned from your videos to tend to his feet. I told him that means he loves feet 🤣😂

  12. My mom has hypothyroidism. It slows down her thyroid and because of it, her skin on her body, but her feet and legs especially, is very dry and even flaky. Her Dr just does not seem to care. I’ve told her she needs to seek a second opinion. She is shedding skin constantly! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a good body cream. Or, if anyone reading this comment deals with hypothyroidism and has experienced this symptom and/or has any thoughts on how to better moisturize her skin.

  13. Was so excited to watch but just had eye surgery on my R eye so struggled a little to watch lol would love to know if the polish was from your line and what color was it? Thanks for posting

  14. It's so difficult to do your own pedicure. You're basically bottom side up and working on your own feet from the opposite side. I can hardly get to mine as it's a little painful to bend my knees up to reach them. At 65 I'm not as limber and pliable as I used to be. Wish I could get to you!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pedi videos! Literally fall asleep watching these every night! Lol. Always watch them while I'm doing my own nails!

  16. I let a friend use my phone to watch something on YouTube and she asks me like why is your YouTube filled with just toe nail cleaning videos lol I told her you have to watch them then you will understand 😄

  17. Ah…I’ve see this one before too…I remembered when you mentioned about your husband saying he’d try out the polish colours!

  18. Great video, wish it was longer…need more videos that are longer n have more cleaning that needs to be done…this was way to quick…Tfs…continued blessings…💕💕💕…

  19. How you long should I keep the cuticle remover on before I start trying to clean the toes? I don't want to force the skin, but it seems like only minutes for you.

  20. Love your video's.. The water running in the background is so soothing and relaxing.. I'm so happy I came across your video's. I can't wait for the next one..

  21. You always take such great care of your clients! I wish I could visit you and have some pampering with some good laughs!

  22. I Love that color! Is it one of your?
    Also, I have a very small nail bed on my pinky toe. Is that abnormal? Is there a way I can improve it?

  23. I love it when you find tons of skin buildup instead of ingrown nail. This one wasn’t as satisfying. I’m looking forward to the next video. 😊

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