100 thoughts on “👣DIY Pedicure Steps at Home👣

  1. This is so relaxing. I would love for you to come to Western, Kentucky. I think i will buy some of your products for my mother. She could really use them. Thanks for your videos. I absolutely love them.

  2. Lori, my boyfriend has 8 SIBLINGS! He has 6 sisters and 1 brother, and he is the 5th child. I can't imagine having more than just the one sister I grew up with!

  3. I watch Dr Lee then I saw your videos . I got hooked right away . I wanted to say Lori you are the sweetest . I wish there were more nail techs Like you . I love your videos

  4. So now I need the Angel Foot File. I need to create a wish list. I have loved everything I have purchased so far! On another note, I love the nail color, is it one of yours?

  5. I'm always watching your videos. I can't believe some people can be so mean and comment negative things about you. You are a sweet lady. 😊

  6. Awesome! Thanks for showing us how to properly cut our toes! What kind of nail clipper do you recommend if you don't have a nipper?

  7. Received your pedicure kit this evening. WOW! What great quality instruments! I am a retired RN and have not seen better instruments in a hospital OR. I tried the nippers quickly on my big toe. Love them. Can’t wait to try and follow your steps and give myself a pedicure. My nails have had trauma. So, they are very thick!!! I love watching your videos. You are very kind and always want to make everyone’s feet look the best they can. I also watch the Toe Bro. He has the same demeanor as you. So very sweet and caring. Blessings and love to both of you. ❤️

  8. I had an appointment with my nail tech and then I smashed my big toe…. it's bad, but anyways I'm living thru this video wishing it was me haha. Seems like she enjoyed this pedicure!

  9. Love watching your work. I have Learnt so much. I would love to attend one of Yr classes but New Zealand is a long way away

  10. This was indeed an easy pedi. Still enjoyable. Bruce shud have his nails painted with dark dahlia topped with grapefruit sparkle on the big toes!!

  11. I WISH there was a pedicurist like you where I live! I used to be a manicurist for 9 years and tried to do the best for my clients. Especially made sure to sanitize. Love some of your tools and products!

  12. Hi Lori! For your classes (for example in Indiana) would I be able to earn CE Credits towards my license renewal? Ps, if you pick me I don't have Instagram. But, I would still love to win a tool and can privately give you some contact info 🙂

  13. In the beginning you mentioned the past couple of months have been stressful, so I wanted to say that I hope everything starts to look up soon!! ♡ best wishes 🙂

  14. This is an AWESOME video. Beautiful feet, the whole pedicure, the best part is the massage and the polishing. THE MASSAGE! Lol Thank you for posting this for us. ❤🥰❤🥰 I will be watching this over and over and yes, your voice is very soothing and relaxing along with that water. Oh and you silence the whole massage and loved that too. Awesome!!!😍😍🤗🤗

  15. I love watching your videos and it’s helped me a lot to take care of my feet and toenails ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hiii! I have dry feet like, really dry feet and sometimes my feet are red but I don't have athlete's foot! No matter how think the oil, lotion or Shea butter nothing helps! I also exfoliate and do not have diabetes!! 😩 do 6ou have any ideas?

  17. I love watching your videos! My daughter watches a lot of them with me. Trying to convince my husband to go to a podiatrist for his foot care at first, and then to a manicurist!

  18. Not only do the pedicure places here in Wyoming use the “cheese grater” they also use the rough like scrubber pumice bricks! Double wammy! Doesn’t seem like things are very regulated here.

  19. I always assumed my "pincer" toenails were due to ingrown toenails and something I'd just have to deal with the rest of my life. I've found out by watching this channel that they aren't and that they can be fixed. Thank you!!

  20. I have a pinched nail(next to big toe) from sitting cross legged so much… I figured toe separator would help but you have so many to choose from, which one would you recommend?

  21. Loved all the laughter in this video! Would really like to see more makeup and hair tutorials!
    (I know it’s a pedi channel, but still-you’re good at those things, too)!

  22. Is that polish color OPI’s My Private Jet? It’s my favorite. They changed the formula of it though. The duo chrome used to be stronger.

  23. I'm an aspiring nail tech and a nail tech friend of mine and me were gushing about how much we love your pedicure videos today; very inspiring and informative 💕

  24. I really wish you were closer. I don't trust people touching my feet but I'd have no problem with you. I might actually enjoy a pedicure.

  25. I have learned so much. I used to have problem with the ingrown nails. Problem now is the skin is so dry on my big toes it’s causing the nail to get dry too. I can’t seem to get the nail to grow out fully and the side wall ‘stuff’ is like it’s just calloused and dry in there. Like the sidewall has no depth.what is that? What to do?
    Adding this because you said ‘what would you like to discuss’.

  26. I’ve never gotten a pedicure before because my feet are ticklish and I. D.o.n.t want to accidentally kick anyone , but after watching this I think I’m going to try to do it my self

  27. Awww…she has pretty toes, feet, and calves. She says her husband is a runner, but I think she must at least be a walker. Nice polish color!

  28. Oh my! The foot massage looked so goooood, I was curling my toes the entire time, imagining it was my feet being massaged. I watched that part 5 times already 😁

  29. I think I'm more into watching you cut & clean the toenails. I do watch the massage a bit to get tips to massage my mom's feet.

  30. I formally invite you ladies to Oregon!!!! I am slightly bias, but it is pretty darned wonderful! I live in a valley 100% surrounded by mountains! Then Lori can come see in person how her teaching has saved my toes. You have made me feel human again with using your Nail Mycosis and giving lessons on how to re-shape my horrible ingrowns. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. I never knew how to take care of my feet.. I hope I'm not to late to bring my feet back to pretty. Love watching your videos.

  32. It’s so hard to find a nail tech that’s really invested in fixing/educating you about any nail or foot problems you may have. Since watching your videos I’ve been taking care of my own nails, and my “post ballerina ” feet haven’t felt better! Thank you!

  33. Ha! Cannot wait to see you paint hubby's nails. lol. I never realized before watching you that you can clean around and under the toenail so much.

  34. How in the world could anyone want to say anything bad about you? I think you are the sweetest! I sure would be on cloud 9 to have you work on my diabetic feet.

  35. Lol I’m on vacation in Grand Cayman and told everyone about your videos and you said French Lick! Baha. Everywhere I go I tell them about the meticulous manicurist lol. My dream in life is to have a pedicure by you lol. I live in Indiana so French lick piqued my interest!

  36. Hello Mrs. Meticulous, I dig into my toes often. As a matter of fact, me and my very close friend would joke about how much we liked it during a college days as a "man's man lol". I have had to use more crude methods to dig out painful corners of the top of my big toe. I have been a fan of yours since November. And I fall asleep to your videos (lol) because of how thorough you are and I love your videos. I love your tools also as I just have nail clippers I buy from CVS. I have never seen you have a pedi or mani. Anyway, I really want to know how to give myself a pedi. Any chance you can post a tutorial in the near future?

  37. How do I get your kit just subscribed. Love your videos, I have very strong nails so are hard to cut what do I Need.

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