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All right! So you are looking to move into Folsom. Folsom California Folsom housing market … Folsom real estate and
you’re not sure how to do it because you realize it’s one of the most competitive
housing markets in Sacramento well today I’m going to give you a little secret tip
to get you that house you always wanted okay right here we’re
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if you like what you hear and you like what you see and we’ll get you some more
of it I promise all right let’s start right now. First of course I do my due
diligence I look on the market chances are they’ve already seen those houses on
Zillow on Redfin or whatnot but they want some more houses so what do I do I
go to the withdrawn than the cancels it happened last year within last year see
what ended up happening last year for the most part is we are in a torched
July August September a lot of places in Folsom specifically we’re being you know
the price was really high interest rates were really kind of creeping up there to
allow these places didn’t get weren’t sold at the price point the owners
wanted to so the owner is actually withdrew or canceled these listings so
these listings are already there and kind of like you know the owners have
already kind of been stung once and they’re really not sure about putting
their house back on the market but these houses are ready to go what I mean by
that is that conversation actually already happened last year
so it’s not really going to be a tough conversation if you go up to these
withdrawals and cancels and say basically look guys I got a client
they’re looking for your home I know you put your house on the market last year
didn’t go too well let me show my client your house and if it works out then it
works out now this is a trick and this is a strategy that I use for my buyers
who are looking to jump into an area like Folsom that’s very an intense
market inventory is low the house prices are still really high I go and check
every single withdrawn cancel that happened within the last year and then I
prepped my hand and I do a little door knocking because nine out of ten times
you can find that house and they’re ready they’re already they’re already in
that conversation to basically sell their house they couldn’t so then
they’re kind of in the situation where they’re things themselves you know what
we tried to sell it last year for six hundred thousand we couldn’t get it and
then if you come at them good offer maybe 590 580 they’ll be more
inclined to accept the offer and that is my secret tip hit the withdraw and hit
the cancels that happened last year don’t do it any more than a year I mean
a lot can happen so I always keep it within a year’s time if you hit that
list do a little door knocking do a little research on the property chances
are you can find that client of yours a house when no one else could
okay guys this is Marc realtor Sacramento California
hopefully this tip helped you and if you’re looking to move into Fulsom give
me a call let’s go for a house tour and if we can’t find what you’re looking for
in the MLS trust me I can find it alright guys until next time if you like
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