АСМР Шепот и РУМ ТУР 🏠 ASMR whisper and ROOM TOUR & HOUSE TOUR 🏰

АСМР Шепот и РУМ ТУР 🏠 ASMR whisper and  ROOM TOUR & HOUSE TOUR 🏰

Hello, everybody, my good ones. This is a promised rum tour. He didn’t turn out the way I imagined him, and not the way you imagined him. But still. Let’s see where I live now. I’m renting out a place I chose a quiet place Where you could use different decorations… and place the entire props What you just saw was the hallway. There are all kinds of scarves, hats, umbrellas, combs… Here, when you come in. Whole racking with triggers Yes-yes-yes Almost all the triggers are stored here. And the cat looks at me like it always does. “What are you doing?” I’ll show you a little closer. Honestly, I’ve been recording several versions of the rum tour. Somewhere I showed you more details but it took so long So if you feel like it, I’ll make some more videos 100 triggers, long, fast. 1000 triggers long and fast version To show the triggers better. Because there are really a lot of them. Anyway, there’s all kinds of stuff stored here… And the computer My dusty computer. Put a plus in the chat room if your computer’s in the dust, too. show that I’m not the only one. This is where the batteries and lighting are stored garlands, lamps, different kinds racks are still standing. let’s call it that. This is where we store things for future videos. For example, the ordered crystals are gradually coming in. They’re very beautiful, and I’d like to make a video with them. Some kind of jewelry, lighting. And here are the postcards envelopes, stickers This is a painting that my viewer gave me a few years ago. and a clothes dryer These are fish from Thailand. Special thanks to the man who sent me the guide on how to make them. There was a shelving of drugs And now you see me. Literally half the photos from the installation are taken in this mirror. My dirty slippers. Scales is the scariest thing. The fireplace that was already used in the video Cat A cat is a must for an interior. Anyway, this place is pretty cool. There are circumstances that in the previous place it became impossible to record AMSR-video. I had to look for a place to shoot I learned something new in my life. And what’s it like when you have more than eight square meters Where you need to put everything All the triggers were stored in that room. Now you’ll see the clothes and you’ll be shocked. You’ll understand why it’s been so hard to do the Cosplay lately. or something It was just hard to find Another rack, which is usually visible on the broadcasts. Anyway, I’m a pig– I don’t know what to call it otherwise. I don’t have the perfect order in things. I sincerely admire the people who can keep order. I’ve got it all sort of chaotically arranged. It’s an Aliexpress box. Chic, delightful. Originally, I just wanted to set things up nicely. To have a good background. There was an album and a photo, there was a castle. I bought it at Leroy Merlin, but I didn’t check it out– it was defective. Both in front and back. And yes, I’m just sounding over the frames I chose Since the recording was done without sound. And where I told you something, it was two hours long. I don’t think it makes any sense There are books, and I still hope to learn foreign languages. Cat toys Although they’re actually scattered all over the place. All over the apartment. Aliexpress cups, very beautiful. but Foxy is allergic to plastic dishes. So the bowls had to be replaced with glass ones. The audience gave this to me, too. long enough Thank you if you’re watching this. I keep it all. Finally, it all stands in relative order now. And I can admire it. Silver Button The gold button is on the fireplace. I wanted to put it here, but it’s too big. The fountain that turned out to be too noisy But I still hope to use it for video. These are things for the record store video. These are parcels for the moderators. I already sent them, by the way, and pretty much everyone got This is my workplace. This is where I spend most of my time I’ve been sitting here all day Now, I can tell you that I would have picked another chair. It was a pretty spontaneous purchase: All streamers have one, and I need one. That’s the Blue Yeti I’m recording right now. Lighting, my diary. which records my plans I want to make a separate video about it, but I don’t know if you’d be interested… My dirty mat. My phones. Glasses that you can’t go anywhere without Keyboard and computer off I originally recorded with sound, and it was very noisy. Sound card and a whole bunch of wires It stretches all the way through the wall to the system unit. To keep the computer sound as quiet as possible on the strip. You can’t damage the walls in the rented housing. So you can only put the system unit as far as possible It’s just different papers. There’s water and a cat lying there. A nice little trap Here’s Foxy. It’s nice and nice to be here, though. for the workspace, the old room seems more comfortable to me. Because when there’s a lot of room, it’s a little uncomfortable On the other hand, there’s a kitchen nearby. I hope we get more stripes. And a lot of space will just let you do it. This is the area for cats: they eat here, and feed is immediately stored here. Somebody asked me what I feed the cats: these are the products But they like ProPlan better. And no, it’s not an advertisement. All it shows here is just the routine of life. Anyway, they love ProPlan. But I try to feed them better. because they have natural ingredients. Someone’s asking for food. Although I’ve already fed this little redheaded flea. But it’s not enough for her– a growing organism. which is why Foxy eats so much. But as soon as I try to take myself off with her. cat goes away And so every time. This is my tablecloth. The chair I usually eat on And the kitchen. There’s nothing special about it. The kettle, the toaster that I don’t use, it’s noticeable by the layer of dust on it. Boiled water, sugar, brewed. Ordinary kitchen and my tea. Unpopulated And here’s a little stash of sweets. Bad and delicious sweets. In general, it wasn’t planned to store so many of them, just the space allows… But when I was a kid, I always had a supply of chocolate… just in case Anyway, I hope to use the kitchen for video and photo shoots… And on sweet topics, and sexy, and cooking videos. 2020, I’m waiting for you. Bread, fruit, vitamins. Kenny’s on the fridge, Foxy’s picture hasn’t been printed yet. But I will, too. And, in fact, the fridge A standard set of food is enough. Soup, yogurt, sausage. Meat, dumplings. Frozen vegetables Undernourished stuffed cabbage Cheese, lemon and snack. I don’t know what it usually looks like, but I’ve got– like this. There’s a separate room for things. for video, cosplay and all that. And I’ve really got a lot of them. And the 2020 target… It’s really to use. I hope this year is more productive. I’ll take care of my medical affairs. And everything will be fine. Anyway, there’s a lot of ideas There’s also some old, homemade… Something from Aliexpress. Okay, pretty much everything. Some cute or sexy options. Anyway, there’s a lot All of which I can’t show you It’s gonna be a long time. But you can roughly imagine As a shopaholic. and an Aliexpress fan Some of these outfits have already been used Anything else that hasn’t been used Sewn angel, demon. That’s from the eliexpress. Elsa, some other costumes. Harry Potter There’s a lot of stuff here, I don’t see the point in voicing everything. Snow Maiden’s costume, by the way, is very wrinkled. You can understand how I’ve been tamping all my stuff. In fact, she studied parcels from Thailand. Little bundles that usually have something huge in them. There are different gaiters, dresses, cosplay suits… Wish me luck and strength to realize it all. so I can please you with a lot of content. Actually, there’s a lot of content to be done And the photo and the video A lot of things So grab my fists. To make next year really productive. But when it’s all on a hanger. even if it is not ideally located You’re feeling a little fun. from what it even is. Because everything in my previous room was so tamped. that you couldn’t remember what’s there and what’s not. Sexy body for a patron Maybe someday. It’s all body, but they’re all different. Some more open, some more closed… Again, thank you, Aliexpress. That white looks very nice, by the way. Just chic. Anyway. You see, there’s a lot So, I hope everything’s gonna be okay. My favorite cardigans Combine a blouse with a deep neckline And a soft, cozy cardigan. I think it makes the image very gentle, pleasant. Feminine décolleté zone and a cozy blouse These are my tops. I love these images. A couple of sweaters, since I’m not their biggest fan. There’s some sweatshirts here, too. And something more classic. Although I used some of them for the Cosplay… Here are the skirts My favorite — black shorts skirt. Most convenient Portoopei But the legs are a little thick. As long as I look like sausage in them. But I hope that next year. when the doctors allow you to play sports because temporarily I’m not allowed to exercise. I think we’re gonna have to go to the doctors again in January. And then I’m gonna start tidying up the body. There’s a stack of my wigs I don’t know how to show it all, it requires a separate huge video. I haven’t dealt with them myself yet. I’d like to open each one up and take a picture to imagine and remember what they look like. In general, I remember there’s even a photo somewhere. But not all of them. Here you see the stockings. There’s some stuff here for the Cosplay. Joysticks, guns, Wolverine claws. finest items from different characters Here is a small collection of shoes. and character boots There’s underwear for photo shoots. Each set is very beautiful. I’m a huge fan of beautiful women’s underwear. I hope I can make all the plans next year. One of the video mats with your favorite character. Swords, wings. Solyanka from all characters There’s underwear, too. The cow, Santa, just beautiful sets. There are swimsuits. I took some of this to Thailand. There’s another one waiting for my next trip to the sea. It’s just underwear sets. Many sealed are new. Someday there will be more pictures in the lingerie, because I really love lingerie. I really like to be different: sweater, blouse, bra, panties… and in jeans I think it’s cool, why not? When, but not now, to rejoice and enjoy? Most of these books were bought for you. For reading on video But because of copyright, unfortunately, many books I can’t read for you… I don’t know what to do with it, because I really like to read… But by law, it’s a copyright violation. I don’t know what to do. There are many horns here. It’s all for Halloween. It’s just some kind of office. Horns, makeup, video decor. That’s where I had to do the reshuffle. the furniture had to be moved to make it more convenient and I moved the simulators here. It’s very funny, it’s comfortable. but not yet There are stairs to the second floor. There’s a calendar and a painting on the stairs. Again, thank you to the subscribers and moderators for this picture I still keep and love This is the room where I paint and where my costume jewellery is kept. In addition to my shopaholism, which cannot be denied. I’m also a collector of literally everything. Look at how many of them Most of this you’ve already seen in different videos on me. Earrings, bracelets, pendants. some of it’s already been used, some of it’s not. This is a chic crown. but we need to fix some crystals on it. It’s just bijouterie. I like earrings in the video and in the photo. I haven’t worn earrings in my life since I was a kid. When I walked around with ponytails, it looked cute, but then the earrings started to get confused in my hair. So I only wear a chain with a cross. Everything else is just a temporary decoration. When you need to look pretty. On video or at some event in your life. I don’t wear them in my daily life. The cat’s after me again. When I go somewhere, they follow me. There’s a steamer on the side the mop that I moved to the second floor There’s a vacuum cleaner in the same room. it’s easier to start cleaning from the second floor. Well, what about cosmetics There’s even more cosmetics There’s a tripod and a portable charger. Since first I was writing down a long version Not like this, with a separate soundtrack. There wasn’t enough charge at the time, so I had to hook up the charge Different cosmetics Something for a makeup. Eyelash Collection A lot of people came a little while ago. Multicolored, shaped for different images. Some glitter, some shadows. Something from the eliexpress. something from NYX It used to be popular, so I used to buy their products A facial massager that I adore. He’s cold, very cheerful in the morning. In the morning, just before the shoot. There’s some ribbons, rubber bands. Anyway, there’s a lot Large collection of elven ears all kinds of or not all, but many. There are translation tattoos There are different glasses. and overhead bangs They’re funny, but they’re very difficult to deal with. They don’t fit into my wigs or my hair. It’s the ears. Although these should lie here. But I’m a little messed up. That’s why they’re lying there. There’s a huge pile of wires And the face… with his help, I’m making a video about skin care and makeup. just the one I use with the camera hole. Accessories for your hair and a video room You have no idea how cool this is. When the tripods are just standing there. It’s an inexpressible feeling. Because in a small room, it was difficult I should’ve put my stuff, my technique, slept and taken it off. Constant stuffiness, technology installation It was very annoying. So some of the tripods have been ruined by constant use Either the tripods are bad, or my hands But it’s awesome here. I want to put another tripod with another background. to make it easier to write down There’s a laptop that records sound and video Sound card I thought he’d be very quiet, but I had to get him out of the room too. That’s why there are so many wires There are microphones, something else. That’s how I actually write down Here’s the bed. Bed, bed. This is my greatest joy. Since I’ve been sleeping on the floor mattress for the last few years… The bed is divine. I have an axe and a training sword by the bed. gets a little uncomfortable at night. over a large space And these are my everyday things. Pajamas, for example. Jeans, T-shirts. My clothes look something like this. there aren’t many There’s a bath There are cat bowls here too. I don’t know if the frame was with them, I’m already confused. They’re eating on the second floor as well. I like to brush my teeth with a different paste every time. This is actually the bathroom. For some reason, most rum tours show the bathroom… The book I try to read, but I always forget… And the bathtub She’s been recruiting for a long time, and some of these things aren’t working. She’s got time to cool down completely while she’s recruiting… I’m for a regular bath. But it’s clean, white. I want a photo shoot in it. There are different masks, shampoos. Huge range of everything And mirrors, I love mirrors. Well, that’s it. Maybe that’s not what you expected. Not what I expected. But it came out the way it did. But, like, I showed all or most of it You can make a few more separate videos To the main channel and the additional channel If there’s a lot of requests in the comments, I’ll take them off. Dresses, wigs, jewelry and other stuff write in comments if you’re interested in any of this. That’s the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for waiting. Of course, it wasn’t planned that way. Among the options were 1,000 triggers in the house, and something else. But I hope that 2020 will be more productive… and we’re gonna make some awesome, magical content. on a large scale Now I need some time to solve my health problems. to solve some problems to please you again. So put on likes, write in comments. I’ll see you in the following videos. Thank you so much for being with me. it is with your support thanks to those who support the patron and the straights. It is thanks to them that the channel is developing Rent, all things. all this thanks to you Next year I’ll try to thank you with a lot of content. in return for your love, your sincerity. to me, it’s a pleasure. Thank you all so much for having you. for watching, barking and commenting on write down what you expect most from me in 2020. more stripes, more video. Cosplay anything else what do you expect the most? I’ll read, watch and take notes. with mandatory points for 2020 Okay, the black screen’s been hanging too long. and I guess I can talk forever. So I’ll see you in the following videos. kissing everyone, hugging everyone. Thank you very much for being you. Thank you for your love. thank you for your kindness Thank you for enjoying my work. to me, it’s an inexpressible feeling that your views are shared by people that they like your work. Thank you, my good ones. Happy new year. I love everybody, I kiss everybody.

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